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2019 Lakeland GP


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2018 Lakeland Bikes Road Race League


Two large groups went out on the fast course from Lisnaskea to Carrybridge, Derrylin and back to Lisnaskea in what was the penultimate round of the Lakeland Bikes Road Race League.

Both came together after Derrylin but a group of 4, containing eventual winner, Mark McGirr managed to get away and hold the main bunch off to the finish. Ciaran Donnelly finished 2nd followed by Lee Somerville.

Thanks as always to our sponsors and marshals for making the event possible.

  1. Mark McGirr
  2. Ciaran Donnelly
  3. Lee Somerville
  4. David Casserly
  5. Kyle Fisher
  6. Ollie Kelly
  7. Declan O’Brien
  8. Michael Pickles
  9. Seamus McGovern
  10. Stephen Daly
  11. Conor Sprice
  12. Michael McCaffrey
  13. Cormac McLoughlin
  14. Enda Farrell
  15. Gary Owens
  16. Niall Murphy
  17. Ronan Campbell
  18. Eddie Molloy
  19. Nigel Foster
  20. Marcus Newman
  21. Martin Connolly
  22. William Dunlop
  23. Danny Browne
  24. Kenny Boylan
  25. Raymond Smith
  26. Paul Mulkin
  27. Make Veitch
  28. Tommy Downie
  29. Dane Dunlop

DNF Aaron Little



2018 Donnelly Volkswagen Time Trial League




Photo credit: Eustace Tierney

After a win in the first 3 rounds and a 2nd place in the 4th round, not even a blow out in the final 10-mile TT could prevent Mark McGirr from winning the Donnelly Volkswagen Time Trial League. Conor Sprice and Kieran McGrory, last year’s 1st and second were joint runners up.

Aoibheann Bartley was the female winner, finishing in 12th position overall and Kenny Donnell was the top visitor a few spots behind in 14th.

Well done to all who took part in the league. Times seem to have improved considerably since last year which shows the talent which currently exists within the club.

Thanks as always to our sponsor and to all who marshalled throughout the year.


2018 Donnelly Volkswagen Time Trial League – Round 5



Photo credit: Eustace Tierney

Kyle Fisher made it a win two nights in a row by following up his Interclub victory with a first place in the final round of the Donnelly Volkswagen Time Trial League. Kyle completed the 10 miles from Maguiresbridge to Tempo and back in 24.15. Conor Sprice was 2nd in 24.38 and Nigel Foster and Kenny Boylan drew for 3rd in 25.42.

Well done to all who took part and thanks to our sponsor and marshals for making the event possible.

  1. Kyle Fisher 24.15
  2. Conor Sprice 24.38
  3. Nigel Foster 25.42
  4. Kenny Boylan 25.42
  5. Danny Browne 25.56
  6. Lee Somerville 25.59
  7. Paul Carron 27.03
  8. Niall Murphy 27.14
  9. Paul McMulkin 27.37
  10. Tommy Downie 28.06
  11. Aoibheann Bartley 28.40
  12. Mark McGirr DNF


2018 Sign Design Hill Climb League Results



Conor Sprice was the winner of the Sign Design Hill Climb League, having won 3 out of the 5 races. Kieran McGrory was 2nd, having consistently been in the top 3 throughout the league and Niall Murphy got stronger with every race to finish 3rd.

Congratulations to Conor, who has retained the title from last year. Well done also to everybody who participated. Times between first and last in each round were particularly close in comparison with other years.

Thanks, as always to our sponsors and marshals who made the league possible.



2018 Sign Design  Hill Climb League – Round 5


Niall Murphy wound up the Sign Design Hill Climb League with a great win up Marlbank tonight. The 5 riders who completed the tough climb all finished within 27 seconds of each other, showing the high standard that currently exists in the club. Well done to all.

Thanks as always goes out to our sponsors and marshals who make the event possible.

  1. Niall Murphy 11.04
  2. Conor Sprice 11.06
  3. Mark McGirr 11.06
  4. Kenny Boylan 11.23
  5. Ronan Campbell 11.31



2018 Lakeland Bikes Road Race League – Round 9


With poor weather conditions and a last-minute shortening of the course due to road chippings on Murley, round 9 of the Lakeland Bikes Road Race League was going to be eventful if nothing else.

15 riders signed on so there was 2 small but quality groups on the road. Group 1 set off with the aim of reaching the climb without getting caught.

With 2 ½ minutes to chase down, scratch had a lot of work to do so the pace was relentless from the start. This caused a break about ½ way out the Fintona road. Mark McGirr, Aaron Wiley and Angus Fyffe got away and caught group 1.

Angus Fyffe was fastest up the climb to claim 1st, with Aaron Wiley in 2nd and Niall Murphy 3rd.

Thanks to all the marshals who turned out. It’s great to have the extra help on such a difficult evening.

  1. Angus Fyffe
  2. Aaron Wiley
  3. Niall Murphy
  4. Mark McGirr
  5. Aaron Little
  6. Mark Veitch
  7. Kenny Boylan
  8. Raymond Kerr
  9. Stephen Daly
  10. Kieran McGrory
  11. Lee Somerville
  12. Paul Carron
  13. Martin Connolly
  14. Ronan Campbell

DNF Michael McCaffrey



2018 Donnelly Volkswagen Time Trial League – Round 4


Well done to all who took part in Round 4 of the Donnelly Volkswagen Time Trian League last night. Some very fast times were achieved on the 10-mile course from Butlersbridge to Belturbet and back.

Paul Keogh was quickest with 21.32, followed by Mark McGirr in 22.38 and Kieran McGrory a further 7 seconds back.

Thanks to all who marshalled and also to Raymond and Aoibheann who put on tea and sandwiches after.

  1. Paul Keogh             21.32
  2. Mark McGirr             22.38
  3. Kieran McGrory 22.45
  4. Ronan Fitzpatrick 23.00
  5. Val Gough             23.09
  6. Mark Quigley             23.15
  7. Fergal McDermott 23.25
  8. Nigel Foster             23.49
  9. Kenny Boylan             23.55
  10. Colin McGibney 24.59
  11. Seamus Mallon 25.03
  12. Michael McCaffrey 25.49
  13. Paul McMulkin 25.51
  14. Aiden McAllier 26.04
  15. Jamie McMahon 26.29
  16. Aoibheann Bartley 26.35
  17. Tommy Downie 26.58
  18. Dane Dunlop             27.07
  19. Paul Scott             27.13
  20. Julian Dunlop             27.23
  21. Mickey Farry             27.44


2018 Lakeland Bikes Road Race League – Round 8








































































Round 8 of the Lakeland Bikes Road Race League took place in conjunction with the Lady of The Lake festival in Irvinestown. Large numbers turned out and made for some very exciting racing on a fast 4 lap course.

The three groups came together on the final lap with Dale Johnston getting the win ahead of Angus Fyffe and Caolem McCarter.

In the women’s category, Selina Sweeny was first, with Margaret Irwin in second and Aoibheann Bartley in third.

Well done to all who took part and a special thanks goes out to our marshals, to the police for their assistance and to our sponsors.


  1. Dale Johnston
  2. Angus Fyffe
  3. Caolem McCarter
  4. Ivan Reid
  5. Conrad Kettyles
  6. Nigel Connolly
  7. Kyle Fisher
  8. Stephen Daly
  9. Seamus McGovern
  10. Lee Somerville
  11. Malcolm McCann
  12. Niall Murphy
  13. Mark Veitch
  14. Willie Dunlop
  15. Shane McGovern
  16. Mickey O’Kane
  17. Danny Browne
  18. Ronan Campbell
  19. Kieran McGrory
  20. Michael Pickles
  21. Mark McGirr
  22. Nigel Foster
  23. Raymond Kerr
  24. Paul McMulkin
  25. Marcus Newman
  26. Barry McKenna
  27. Martin Conway
  28. Kenny Boylan
  29. Adrian Kelly
  30. Eddie Molloy


  1. Selina Sweeny
  2. Margaret Irwin
  3. Aoibheann Bartley





Ronan Campbell produced Lakelands best result at the Strabane & Lifford Cycle Club Grand Prix with a 2nd place in the A4 category. Paul McMulkin, Chris Kelly, Lee Somerville, Danny Browne and Paul Carron also had good rides, finishing in the bunch.

Mark McGirr went for the bunch sprint in the A3 section but faded just before the line and finished in 10th place with Kyle Fisher coming past to get 9th. Both lads have earned some A3 points for their efforts. In the same race Coner Sprice had a strong ride and finished in the group.

Well done to all and thanks to SLCC for putting on a great race on an enjoyable course.

2018 Sign Design Hill Climb League


Conor Sprice won his 4th straight race in the Sign Design Hill Climb League, clocking an impressive 10.53 up the Lough Navar climb last night. Kieran Mcgrory was 2nd in 11.15, followed by Paul Carron in 11.19.

Well done to all riders who took part on another hot evening and thanks to all marshals and sponsors.

  1. Conor Sprice             10.53
  2. Kieran McGrory 11.15
  3. Paul Carron 11.19
  4. Niall Murphy 11.28
  5. Martin McBride 12.00
  6. Mark McGirr 12.14
  7. Chris Kelly 12.32
  8. Lee Somerville 12.49


2018 Lakeland Bikes Road Race League


Round 7 of the Lakeland Bikes Road Race League took place in extremely hot weather and on one of the toughest circuits on the Lakeland calendar, the Glenshaever loop.

As usual, the groups got strung out on the long climb but came together on the downhill section past Lough Navar. Conor Sprice, Lee Somerville and Niall Murphy all made attempts to get away on the run into the finish but it was Mark McGirr who crossed the line first, beating Lee and Conor in a sprint finish.

  1. Mark McGirr
  2. Lee Somerville
  3. Conor Sprice
  4. Ronan Campbell
  5. Raymond Kerr
  6. Darren Tapp
  7. Mark Veitch
  8. Michael Pickels
  9. Niall Murphy
  10. Barry McKenna
  11. Kieran McGrory
  12. Danny Browne
  13. Paul McMulkin
  14. Martin McBride
  15. Kenny Boylan
  16. Aoibheann Bartley



2018 Sign Design Hill Climb League


The 3.7K climb up Gortalughany is a challenge at the best of times but was made even tougher with a headwind against the cyclists for most of the course at Round 3 of the Sign Design Hill Climb League.

Conor Sprice was the clear winner, finishing 36 seconds ahead of Paul Carron in second place and Kieran McGrory close behind in 3rd.

Well done to all who took part and thanks to the marshals who made it possible.

  1. Conor Sprice 02
  2. Paul Carron 38
  3. Kieran McGrory 50
  4. Niall Murphy 57
  5. Chris Kelly 47


2018 Fuels & Lubricants Club Championship



Well done to Kieran McGrory who won the LCC Fuels & Lubricants Club Championship in miserable conditions.

17 riders set off from Derrylin in heavy rain and strong winds on a 52K loop which took in Kinawley, Swanlinbar, Ballyconnell, Belturbet and finished back in Derrylin. The conditions made it difficult for any breaks to get away but that didn’t deter a few early attempts. However, everybody was still together coming off the Belturbet roundabout.

With the wind now on the riders’ backs, the surges began, but nothing major happened until Kieran McGrory made a solo effort with 5 miles to go. He quickly opened a significant gap, which he managed to maintain all the way to the finish.

Congratulations on a deserved win in such awful conditions.

Thanks as always to our marshals and our sponsors who make the whole thing possible.

  1. Kieran McGrory
  2. Kyle Fisher
  3. Conor Sprice

Photo Credit: Julie Pauley


2018 Donnelly Group Time Trial League – Round 3


Riders had to cope with a warm, muggy evening for round 3 of the Donnelly Group Time Trial League but it was a welcome improvement to the driving wind and rain that was experienced on the same course last year. As a result, most riders made significant improvements.

Mark McGirr returned to his winning ways in round 3 of the Donnelly Group Time Trial League, dipping under 59 minutes in the 25-mile race from Belcoo to Garrison and back. He was followed by Conor Sprice in 2nd and Kieran McGrory in 3rd.

Thank you to all marshals and sponsors who make the event possible.

Mark McGirr 58.59

Conor Sprice 59.52

Kieran McGrory 1.00.50

Kenny Boylan 1.02.52

Nigel Foster 1.03.09

Danny Browne 1.05.23

Niall Murphy 1.06.03

Kenny Donnell 1.06.03

Paul Beaumont 1.06.22

Lee Somerville 1.07.38

Paul McMulkin 1.08.05

Aoibheann Bartley 1.13.28

Julian Dunlop 1.14.34




2018 Lakeland Bikes Road Race League – Round 6



Round 6 of the Lakeland Bikes Road Race League took place on the tough but popular Knockmore route. The hilly 36 miles, which takes in Knockmore and the Devil’s S was made even harder by the warm weather but it all made for a great evenings racing.

After some showboating at the top of Knockmore, Danny Browne settled in for a long solo push for home. However, it wasn’t going to be easy, with everybody in group 2 working well to chase him down and a small but determined scratch group a little further down the road.

All 3 groups came together just after the Devil’s S but Danny was still out in front. With less than a mile to go, Paul McMulkin made an attempt to get away from the group and catch Danny and Paul Carron tried the same shortly after but neither had enough left in the tank.

Danny crossed the line in 1st with Paul Carron holding the group off for 2nd and Darren Tapp took 3rd in a sprint.

Well done to all who took part. Also, a big thanks to our marshalls and sponsors.

1. Danny Browne
2. Paul Carron
3. Darren Tapp
4. Mark McGirr
5. Kyle Fisher
6. Seamus McGovern
7. Ronan Campbell
8. Niall Murphy
9. Malcolm McCann
10. Willie Dunlop
11. Paul Beaumont
12. Kenny Boylan
13. Michael Pickels
14. Paul McMulkin
15. Marcus Newman
16. Nigel Foster
17. Lee Somerville
18. Chris Kelly
19. Kenny Donnell
20. Martin McBride
21. Sean O’Connor
22. Aoibheann Bartley

Photo Credit: Eustace Tierney



2018 Lakeland Bikes Road Race League – Round 5


The sunshine made a rare appearance at round 5 of the Lakeland bikes Road Race League last night. This made things a little tougher, especially on some of the climbs on the hilly 36-mile course which went through Lack, Miniburns, Drumquin, Castlederg, Scraghey, Ederney and back through Lack to finish at the top of Mills Hill, but overall it was a welcome addition to the evenings racing.

A large scratch group of 13 riders quickly caught group 2b early in the race. 2a and group 1 managed to stay away until after Scraghey but by that stage the climbing was taking its toll and the groups were starting to string out.

The run in from Ederney to Lack was fast and left little opportunity for anybody to get away.

Ruairi power was strongest in the end taking his 2nd win of the season over Aaron Wiley and Conor Sprice.

  1. Ruairi Power
  2. Aaron Wiley
  3. Conor Sprice
  4. Stephen Daly
  5. Mark McGirr
  6. Seamus McGovern
  7. Kieran Byrne
  8. Ivan Reid
  9. John Paul Connelly
  10. William Dunlop
  11. Kenny Boylan
  12. Nigel Connolly
  13. Michael Pickles
  14. Barry McKenna
  15. Malcolm McCann
  16. Kenny Donnell
  17. Alan Rankin
  18. Eddie Molloy
  19. Niall Murphy
  20. Mickey O’Kane
  21. Kieran McGrory
  22. Eugene Power
  23. Lee Somerville
  24. Mark Veitch
  25. Brian Birney

Nigel Foster DNF

Ray Pauley DNF

Paul McMulkin DNF

Paul Carron DNF

Paul Beaumont DNF

Stewart Graham DNF

Ciaran Donnelly DNF



2018 Sign Design Hill Climb League – Round 2



6 riders signed on for round 2 of the LCC Sign Design Hill Climb League. The 7-mile course from Fivemiletown to Carnmore is arguably the toughest on the calendar and can only be described as a tough climb with a lot of hills in it!

Times and positions were very similar to last year with Conor Sprice taking the win over Kieran McGrory in 2nd and Kenny Boylan in 3rd.

Thanks as always to our marshals(some of whom came out at short notice) and to our sponsors for making the event possible.

  1. Conor Sprice 26.33
  2. Kieran McGrory 28.04
  3. Kenny Boylan 28.39
  4. Paul Carron 28.52
  5. Niall Murphy 29.22
  6. John Vaughan 38.10




2018 Lakeland Bikes Road Race League Round 3


Round 4 of the Lakeland Bikes Road Race League drew large numbers so 4 groups were set off on the ‘Lack’ course. Each group worked well from the start in an effort to get to the top of the Sloughan climb before a chasing group caught them. As it happened, all 4 came together along the climb resulting in a fast run for home.

Fintona’s Barry McKenna attacked constantly on the road out of Ederney but couldn’t get away.

The race finally got strung out on the climb up through Lack with Ivan Reid getting away to take the win ahead of Stephen Daly. Mark McGirr was the 1st Lakeland rider in 3rd place.

Thank you to all marshals who helped on the night and to our sponsors.

1. Ivan Reid
2. Stephen Daly
3. Mark McGirr
4. Conor Sprice
5. Paul Cauldwell
6. Donal Brogan
7. Kieran McGrory
8. Kenny Boylan
9. Nigel Foster
10. Barry McKenna
11. Lee Somerville
12. Paul Carron
13. Niall Murphy
14. Paul McMulkin
15. Raymond Kerr
16. Mark Veitch
17. Eddie Molloy
18. Paul Beaumont
19. Malcolm McCann
20. Danny Browne
21. Chris Kelly
22. Brian Birney
23. Eddie Carson
24. Raymond Pauley
25. John Vaughan
26. Aoibheann Bartley
Gary Owens DNF
Ronan Campbell DNF
Barry Mulllin DNF



2018 Lakeland Bikes Road Race League Round 3


Round 3 of the Lakeland Bikes Road Race League was on the challenging course from Belcoo to Garrison, Kiltyclogher, Glenfarne and finishing up at Blacklion.

4 groups set off into a head wind, but this didn’t seem to slow the pace which resulted in a few early casualties in group 2a.

Conor Sprice and Eugene power made a great effort to chase down the front groups but were unfortunate to catch them.

Groups 1, 2a and 2b came together before the finish with Paul Beaumont taking 1st in the sprint, followed by Niall Murphy and Willie Dunlop.

Well done to all who took part. It was a tough night.

Thanks to all marshals and to Lakeland Bikes for making the race possible.

  1. Paul Beaumont
  2. Niall Murphy
  3. Willie Dunlop
  4. Danny Browne
  5. Nigel Foster
  6. Kenny Boylan
  7. Conor Sprice
  8. Eugene Power
  9. Kieran Byrne
  10. Donal Brogan
  11. Ronan Campbell
  12. Barry McKenna
  13. Marcus Newman
  14. Kieran McGrory
  15. Martin McBride
  16. Michael Pickels
  17. Lee Somerville
  18. Mark Veitch
  19. Eddie Molloy
  20. Paul Carron
  21. Martin Connolly
  22. Paul McMulkin
  23. Chris Kelly
  24. Brendan Maguire
  25. Raymond Pauley







2018 Donnelly group time Trial League Round 2































































































































Round 2 of the Donnelly Group Time Trial League took place from Dernawilt Cross to Donagh and back. A heavy shower delayed the start by a few minutes, but thankfully there was no rain during the race. The top three remained the same as I round 1 with Mark McGirr claiming another win in 23.18 followed by Kieran McGrory and Conor Sprice.

Well done to all competitors and thanks to the marshals who braved another miserable evening to make the event possible.

  1. Mark McGirr 23.18
  2. Kieran McGrory 23.51
  3. Conor Sprice 24.02
  4. Kyle Fisher 24.25
  5. Martin McBride 25.05
  6. Kenny Donnell 25.10
  7. Kenny Boylan 25.13
  8. Nigel Foster 25.20
  9. Paul Beaumont 26.17
  10. Ronan Campbell 26.18
  11. Lee Somerville 26.24
  12. Niall Murphy 26.28
  13. Danny Browne 26.40
  14. Aidan McAleer 26.53
  15. Paul McMulkin 27.18
  16. Paul Carron 27.18
  17. Aoibheann Bartley 28.22
  18. Tom White 29.23
  19. John Vaughan 29.48


League standings after round 2



Lakeland Cycle Club GP 2018































































































































Kieran Byrne was the top local finisher at the Lakeland Cycle Club GP on Saturday with an impressive 5th place in the A4 category.  The race, which took place on a 3-loop circuit from Derrygonnelly to Enniskillen and back to Derrygonnelly via Blaney was a fast, rolling circuit, offering little opportunity for anybody to get away from the group but this didn’t deter the Lakeland riders from trying. However, a bunch sprint was inevitable at the end and Kieran managed to get through to claim 4 points. Lee Somerville and Martin McBride rounded out the top 10 with a 9th and 10th place respectively. The race was won by Connor Cush of Clogher Valley Wheelers.

In the A3 race which was 4 laps of the same course, Conor Sprice worked hard in a breakaway attempt, but was pulled back to the group before the finish. The race was eventually won by Peter McColgan of St. Tiernans who was also part of that breakaway and managed to stay away. Conor recovered enough to take 9th place in a sprint finish.

Danny Browne, Kieran McGrory and Paul McMulkin all worked hard at the front of the Masters race but couldn’t get away from the strong field. The race was eventually won by Fergal McGee of Apollo CC.

Meta Johnston from team Madigan was 1st in the Women’s race, followed by Clogher Valley’s Maeve McKenna and Strule Wheelers’ Julie Mulligan.

The club would like to congratulate all cyclists on putting in such a great effort. Special thanks are also extended to the marshals who ensured the event ran smoothly and that everybody got around the course safely. Thanks also the sponsors, SignDesign, Fuels & Lubricants, Lakeland Bikes, Donnelly Group, and Roofscape, without whom the event could not happen.

Photo credit: Julie Pauley


  1. Peter McColgan St Tiernan’s CC
  2. Kevin Lynch Newry Wheelers
  3. Keelan Carberry Four Masters CC
  4. Michael Price Team Cavan Racing
  5. Robert Barr St Tiernan’s CC
  6. Mark McGinley Four Masters
  7. Ciaran Cahoon Clann Eireann
  8. Ruairi Power Caldwell Cycles
  9. Conor Sprice Lakeland CC
  10. Darren McCann Dromara CC


  1. Conor Cush Clogher Valley Wheelers
  2. Adrian Daly Armagh City Cyclists
  3. Darren Wall Team Cavan Racing
  4. Ryan McErlaine Carn Wheelers
  5. Ciaran Byrne Lakeland CC
  6. Donal Campbell Lakeland CC
  7. Kevin Doherty Carn Wheelers
  8. Conrad Kettyles Glendale VC
  9. Lee Sommerville Lakeland CC
  10. Martin McBride Lakeland CC

Masters Podium

  1. Feargal Magee Apollo CT
  2. Ian McClure Dave Kane Cycles
  3. Colin McCluskey Apollo CT

Women’s Podium

  1. Meta Johnston Team Madigan
  2. Maeve McKenna Clogher Valley Wheelers
  3. Julie Mulligan Strule Wheelers



Sign Design Hill Climb League Round 1

Poor weather conditions made the 4.5km route from Brookeborough to the top of Teagues Hill more difficult than normal for the 9 hardy souls took part in round one of the LCC Sign Design Hill Climb League last night.

Fastest to the top was Kieran McGrory in a time of 13.22, Kyle Fisher took 2nd with Mark McGirr in 3rd.

  1. Kieran McGrory 13.22
  2. Kyle Fisher 13.46
  3. Mark McGirr 14.35
  4. Kenny Boylan 14.59
  5. Lee Somerville 15.05
  6. Martin McBride 15.22
  7. Niall Murphy 15.28
  8. Paul Carron 15.30
  9. Rodney Little 17.20


2018 Lakeland Bikes Road Race League Round 2

Lakeland Cycle Club’s Lakeland Bikes Road Race League took place last Wednesday night on a 3-lap circuit from Florencecourt to the Blunnick Road, Gortatole and back to Florencecourt.

The initial 3 groups amalgamated over the final stretch along the Marble Arch Road. With the chequered flag in sight, Paul Beaumont attacked first but didn’t have the legs to get across the line. Top spot in a sharp uphill sprint finish was claimed by Ruairi Power. Mark McGirr had to settle for 2nd, having won the previous round and Conor Sprice took 3rd.

1. Ruairi Power
2. Mark McGirr
3. Conor Sprice
4. Eugene Power
5. Kieran Byrne
6. Seamus McGovern
7. Niall Murphy
8. Paul Beaumont
9. Paul Carron
10. Lee Somerville
11. Mark Veitch
12. Martin McBride
13. Marcus Newman
14. Adrian Gartland
15. Michael Pickels
16. Chris Kelly
17. Kenny Boylan
18. Nigel Foster
19. Barry McKenna
20. Paul McMulkin
21. Tom White
22. Aoibheann Bartley
23. John Vaughan



2018 Road Race League – Round 1


Mark McGirr produced a very late sprint to take the first round of the Lakeland Cycle Club’s Lakeland Bikes Road Race League ahead of Kyle Fisher. Kyle, made a brave solo effort with 3 miles to go in the short, fast course from Arney to Kinawley, Derrylin, Bellanaleck and back to Arney, but didn’t have enough to hold off the fast finishing McGirr. Ruairi Power lead the group in to take 3rd.

Photo credit: Eustace Tierney

Full results:

  1. Mark McGirr
  2. Kyle Fisher
  3. Ruairi Power
  4. Eugene Power
  5. Conor Sprice
  6. Kieran McGrory
  7. Nigel Foster
  8. Martin McBride
  9. Seamus McGovern
  10. Fergal McDermott
  11. Kieran Byrne
  12. Malcolm McCann
  13. Donal Brogan
  14. Danny Browne
  15. Van Gough(Breefni Wheelers)
  16. Dessie Fivey
  17. Mark Quigley
  18. Michael Price
  19. Lee Somerville
  20. Paul Carron
  21. Michael Pickels
  22. Adrian Gartland
  23. Shane McKenna
  24. Marcus Newman
  25. Barry McKenna
  26. Seamus McGoldrick
  27. Ronan Campbell
  28. Pierse West
  29. Rodney Little
  30. John Vaughan
  31. Paul Beaumont
  32. Tom White
  33. Paul McMulkin
  34. Aoibheann Bartley
  35. Mickey Farry


2018 Grand Prix

Lakeland Cycle Club will be holding their annual Grand Prix on Saturday the 21st April. Entry will open on entry Central on Wednesday 11th April, with sign on in The Tir Na Var Centre from 09:00 – 10.30. the A3 race will begin at 11.00, A4 at 11.05 and Ladies/Masters at 11.08.

Thanks again to all sponsors.2018 GP Poster5


2018 Time Trial League – Round 1

The Lakeland Cycle Club Donnelly Volkswagen Time Trial League opened last Wednesday night with a fast 10 miles from Five Points, Arney to Gortatole and back. The flat course produced some great early season performances with Mark McGirr taking 1st place in a PB time of 23.45. He was closely followed by last year’s league winner and runner up respectively with Kieran McGrory in 2nd place and Conor Sprice in 3rd. Thanks as always to the marshalls and to Julie Pauley for the photos.


Full results from Wednesday night:

1st Mark McGirr 23.45
2nd Kieran McGrory 23.54
3rd Conor Sprice 24.30
4th Nigel Foster 25.27
5th Martin McBride 25.40
6th Danny Browne 25.47
7th Kenny Boylan 25.50
8th Niall Murphy 26.06
9th Seamus Mallon 26.30
10th Paul Beamont 26.48
11th Lee Somervile 26.53
12th Adrian Gartland 27.17
13th Paul Mcmulkin 27.31
14th Aoibheann Bartley 28.40
15th Tom White 28.49
16th Seamus McGoldrick 29.21
17th Brian Birney 30.05


2018 Club League
































































































































2017 Time Trial League

Well done to Kieran McGrory on winning the 2017 Lakeland Time Trial League. Conor Sprice took second and Kenny Boylan was third.

Congratulations also to Martin McSherry who won the visitors section.

As always, thanks to the marshalls and sponsors, without you these events wouldn’t be possible.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 10.49.02


2017 Hill Climb League

The 2017 Hill Climb League has come to an end. Conor sprice took first place overall, having won the first two rounds. Kenny Boylan and Kieran McGrory were joint second with 42 points each. John Vaughan took the visitor prize. Well done to all who took part.

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 08.46.16


2017 Road Race League – Round 8

Round 8 of the LCC road race league was a tough 21 miles, taking in climbs at Dernawilt, the Knocks before finishing at the top of Teagues Hill.

In group one Lee Somerville attacked once the climbing began. He continued to push right to the line but didn’t have enough to hold Shane McGovern off on the final climb. Barry King and Danny Browne worked hard to to pull the first two back but had to settle for 3rd and 4th respectively.

Full results:
1. Shane McGovern
2. Lee Somerville
3. Barry King
4. Danny Browne
5. Kenny Boylan
6. Niall Murphy
7. Malcolm McCann
8. Darren Tapp
9. Nigel Foster
10. Paul Carron
11. Ruairi Power
12. Colm McCreesh
13. Fergus McGirr
14. Kyle Fisher
15. Seamus McGovern
16. Barry McKenna
17. Mark McGirr
18. Paul Beaumont
19. Martin McBride
20. Adrian Gartland
21. Tim McCrea
22. Aoibheann Bartley
23. Arty Maguire

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 11.44.50


2017 Road Race League – Round 7

Last night’s round of the club was a very frat 24 miles from Fivemiletown to Clogher, Fintona and back over Murley to Fivemiletown.

First over the line was visitor Declan Brady who worked hard at the front of group 2 all night. He was followed by Seamus McGovern and Lakeland’s Martin McBride.

Well done to all.

1. Declan Brady
2. Seamus McGevern
3. Martin McBride
4. Paul Beaumont
5. Ruairi Power
6. Niall Murphy
7. Malcolm McCann
8. Donal Brogan
9. Eugene Power
10. Patrick Withers
11. Kieran McGrory
12. Bary McKenna
13. Kyle Fisher
14. Enda Farrell
15. Kieran O’Hagan
16. Eddy Molloy
17. Nigel Foster
18. Paul McMulkin
19. Kieran Byrne
20. Paul Carron
21. Tim McCrea
22. Agrian Gartland
23. Johnny McCrea??
24. Aoibheann Bartley
25. John Vaughan
26. Declan O’Brien??
27. Imelda Gartland

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 10.43.41


2017 Club Championship

20 riders took part in the 2017 club championship on a route from Derrylin to Kinawley, Swadlinbar, Bawnboy, Ballyconnell, Belturbet and back to Derrylin.

A small 1st group set off with an 8 minute gap over everybody else. The second group kept up a relentless pace to chase them down but didn’t manage to catch them until the closing miles.

Several attempts were made by riders to get away on the rolling section between Bawnboy and Ballyconnell but each time the group managed to reel them in.

It all came down to a sprint for the line with Conor Sprite getting around Mark McGirr to take 1st place, Mark was second and Paul Beaumont finished third.

Well done to all, particularly Conor who had a well deserved win.

Thanks to all who marshalled the race.

1. Conor Sprite
2. Mark McGirr
3. Paul Beaumont
4. Darren Tapp
5. Kyle Fisher
6. Chris Kelly
7. Niall Murphy
8. Kieran McGrory
9. Nigel Foster
10. Kieran Byrne
11. Desi Orr
12. Danny Browne
13. Kenny Boylan
14. Paul Carron
15. Fergus McGirr
16. John Vaughan
17. Ray Pauley
18. Paul McMulkin
19. Martin McBride
20. Mal McCann DNF



2017 Time Trial League – Round 3

The 25 mile route from Belcoo to Garrison and back is tough at the best of times but the cold, wet conditions made it more challenging for the 18 riders who took part in Round 4 of the LCC Time Trial League.

Emyvale’s Martin Sherry was fastest over the course in an impressive time of 56.17. He was followed by Conor Sprice and Kieran McGrory.

1. Martin Sherry 56.17
2. Conor Sprice 1.00.58
3. Kieran McGrory 1.01.50
4. Mark Sheath 1.01.58
5. Kenny Boylan 1.03.03
6. Kyle Fisher 1.04.35
7. Nigel Foster 1.05.24
8. Mark McGirr 1.06.05
9. Fergus McGirr 1.06.36
10. Aiden Ferguson 1.06.51
11. Niall Murphy 1.08.17
12. Aoibheann Bartley 1.08.47
13. Paul McMulkin 1.10.05
14. Paul Carron 1.10.34
15. Sharon McKenna 1.10.46
16. Lee Somerville 1.11.32
17. John Vaughan 1.13.29
18. Darren Rolston 1.14.07

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 07.56.35


2017 Road Race League – Round 4

The 4th and perhaps toughest round of the LCC Road Race League, a 36 mile route from Enniskillen to Derrygonnelly, over Knockmore and on to Cashel, Belcoo and home via the Devil’s S took place last night.

30 riders set off in 3 groups, all pushing a fast pace to Derrygonnelly. The first two groups got fragmented on the climb up Knockmore giving Danny Browne a chance to make a long solo run for home, before eventually getting caught in the last two miles.

All 3 groups came together at the Devil’s S and the top 3 was decided in a sprint finish with visitors Enda Farrell, Rurai Power and Barry McKenna taking the first 2 spots and Conor Sprice the 1st Lakeland man home in 4th place.

1. Enda Farrell
2. Rural Power
3. Barry McKenna
4. Conor Sprice
5. Kenny Boylan
6. Eddy Molloy
7. Donal Brogan
8. Martin McBride
9. Seamus McGovern
10. Danny Browne
11. Kyle Fisher
12. Nigel Foster
13. Paul Beaumont
14. Niall Murphy
15. Aidan Ferguson
16. Malcolm McCann
17. Mark McGirr
18. Paul Carron
19. Darren Tapp
20. Aidan Brady
21. Declan O’Brien
22. Ollie Kelly
23. Paul McMulkin
24. Tommy Downey
25. Eugene Power
26. John Vaughan
27. Chris Kelly
28. Brian Birney
29. Aoibheann Bartley DNF
30. Lee Somerville DNF




2017 Hill Climb League – Round 2


Photo credit: Julie Pauley

Numbers were low but the quality was high in the second round of the LCC Hill Climb League last night.

The course, a 7 mile route from Fivemiletown to the top of Carnmore was never going to be easy but it was made tougher with the warm evening and very little breeze to keep the riders cool.

Conor Sprice followed up his win from round 1 with another 1st place. Kieran McGrory came 2nd and Kenny Boylan rounded off the top 3.

Full results:
1. Conor Sprice 26.25
2. Kieran McGrory 27.20
3. Kenny Boylan 28.01
4. Paul Carron 28.51
5. Niall Murphy 29.27
6. Lee Somerville 31.16
7. John Vaughan 34.10

Current league standings can be viewed below.



2017 Road Race League – Round 3

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-10 at 23.54

– Photo credit Julie Pauley

Three groups set off from Coolaghty Orange Hall on a circuit which took in to Lack, Miniburns, Sloghlan, Ederney and back through Lack to finish on the Miniburns.Group one worked hard together but were eventually caught by group 2 on the run in to Ederney. This large group kept a high pace and managed to hold off group 3 until the dying meters, effectively ruling them out of the sprint.

Paul Carron and Ray Pauley managed to work their way through to the front of the group for the final sprint taking 1st and 2nd respectively, with Niall Murphy taking 3rd.

1. Paul Carron
2. Raymond Pauley
3. Niall Murphy
4. Paul Beaumont
5. Kenny Boylan
6. Malcom McCann
7. Fergus McGirr
8. Nigel Foster
9. Danny Browne
10. Darren Rolston
11. Ruairi Power
12. Coaolem McCarther
13. Kyle Fisher
14. Eugene Power
15. Tommie Downey
16. Conor Sprice
17. Barry McKenna
18. Aidan Ferguson
19. Tim McCrea
20. Kieran McGrory
21. Declan O’Brien
22. Mark McGirr
23. Brian Birney
24. Barry McGirr
25. Aoibheann Bartley


2017 Time Trial League – Round 1

Well done to the 16 cyclists who braved last night’s wet conditions for the 1st round of the 2017 LCC Time Trial League. The 10 mile took place on the newly resurfaced Five Points – Gortatole – Five Points route.

Fastest on the night was Kieran MCGrory completing the course in 23.36, followed by Conor Sprice in 24.01 and Kenny Boylan in 24.18.

Full results can be found below:

Kieran McGrory 23.36
Conor Sprice 24.01
Kenny Boylan 24.18
Kyle Fisher 25.16
Martin McBride 25.43
Seamus Mallon 25.45
Paul McMulkin 25.51
Nigel Foster 25.53
Paul Beaumont 26.21
Evan Bartley 26.36
Lee Somerville 26.50
Niall Murphy 26.51
David McClean 28.01
Tim McCrea 28.06
John Vaughan 29.11
Brian Birney 30.11


Service To Sport Award For Kenny

Kenny Boylan who won an award for Service To Sport at last night’s Fermanagh and Omagh Council Sports Awards.

As one of the original LCC members, Kenny has been at the forefront of local cycling for many years.

Kenny has won too many to list in this post but perhaps the most notable was when he won the Ulster Vet’s Championships in 2001 and again in 2002. On both occasions he pedaled away for the field. He has also won many King Of The Mountains and Most Combative Rider awards at different races and anybody who lines up against him knows they’re in for a tough day.

Congratulations Kenny on a well deserved award.



Lakeland Time Trial League 2016

This years Time Trial League reached its conclusion this week with the rescheduled round 4. Kieran McGrory clear at the top going into the final round meant business, the turbo trainer was smoking at the back of the van as he warmed up and with Conor Sprice taking the Marshalling points it was clear to the riders in the top 10 what they needed to do to get on the podium. Ray Dunlop set a benchmark time early on on the night but it proved not to be enough as Kieran took the win and cemented his place as TT league champion of 2016. Kenny Boylan did enough to secure second spot over all for the season and Conor edged out Brian Kellett to take the final podium place.

It has been a great season of Time Trialling with plenty of new faces and plenty of PB’s along the way – hope to see you all again next season. Thanks goes out to the Marshals, Time Keepers this season especially Geraldine and Willie who have been to every round and Jean, Anthony, Shay  and all the club Marshals and everyone that has helped out.


Lakeland Time Trial Round 4

Final Lakeland CC league event took place yesterday evening with the re-arranged final round of the Time trial League on the Butlersbridge to Belturbet roundabout route so perfect practice for anyone down to do the breffni wheelers time trial on the same course this weekend. Raymond Dunlop was first rider out and despite a cross headwind on the way back set an impressive time of 23:19 which looked to be enough as the next 13 riders failed to break the 24 minute barrier. But the penultimate rider Kieran McGrory had other ideas and was in imperious form clocking a blistering time of 23:01 to take the win the last rider out Kenny Boylan rounded out the podium in 24:01. There were plenty of personal bests on show tonight to round off another great Lakeland Time Trial season.

1st Kieran McGrory Lakeland CC 23:01
2nd Ray Dunlop Lakeland CC 23:19
3rd Kenny Boylan Lakeland CC 24:01
4th Bryan Gaffney Sheelin Flyers 24:24
5th Martin McBride Lakeland CC 24:37
6th Brian Kellett Lakeland CC 24:51
7th Mark McGirr Lakeland CC 25:01
8th Aiobheann Bartley Lakeland CC 25:03
9th Charles Lynch Sheelin Flyers 25:19
10th Darren Wall Sheelin Flyers 25:39
11th Paul McMulkin Lakeland CC 25:45
12th Scott Crawford Lakeland CC 25:56
13th Nigel Foster Mallard Flyers 26:33
14th Aidan McAleer Melvin CC 27:20
15th Julian Dunlop Lakeland CC 27:30
16th David McClean Mallard Flyers 28:16

Again thanks to the Marshals, Geraldine, Willie, Conor and Shay McGrory who was manning the finish line – great team. Looking forward to next year already.


Lakeland Road Race League 2016

The 2016 Lakeland road race league is a wrap. Raymond Dunlop had already tied up the top spot on this years podium but the remaining positions were up for grabs going into the last round with anyone of 7 riders still capable of making them. In the end Paul Beaumont made sure of second place in style by winning the last race. Third spot was a tightly contested affair Conor Sprice took the sprint in the scratch group in the final round showing he is almost back to his best and in doing so tied with Kyle Fisher to jointly take 3rd spot.
Well done to all the riders in this years league great racing from start to finish and everyone* standing up to marshal their allocated races. A few upgrades earned to the middle group I think -See you all again next year.


Lakeland CC Road Race Round 9

Wednesday night seen the final round of this years Lakeland CC road race league. The league title had already been decided but that didn’t slow any of the riders on the night – a small front group of 8 took a 6 minute lead on a combined middle and scratch group. The front groups pace seen 5 rider forge ahead as the chasers ate into their lead which had been halved by Derrylin. Despite the chase averaging almost 42km an hour the gap was still a minute and a half as they turned into Bellanaleck the front group had done enough to take the win and it was Paul Beaumont that took the win to cap a fine season and Niall Murphy taking second on the night ahead of visiting mallard flyer John Vaughn.

1st Paul Beaumont Lakeland CC (Front Group)
2nd Niall Murphy Lakeland CC (Front Group)
3rd John Vaughn Mallard Flyers (Front Group)
4th Lee Somerville Lakeland CC (Front Group)
5th Danny Browne Lakeland CC (Front Group)
6th Conor Sprice Lakeland CC (Scratch)
7th Ruairi Power Caldwell CC (Scratch)
8th Eugene Power Caldwell CC (Scratch)
9th Brian Kellett Lakeland CC (Scratch)
10th Patrick Withers Fintona Velo (Scratch)
11th Mark McGirr Lakeland CC (Scratch)
12th Seamus McGovern Smugglers CC (Scratch)
13th Martin McBride Lakeland CC (Scratch)
14th Kenny Boylan Lakeland CC (Scratch)
15th Stephen Daley Termon Wheelers (Scratch)
16th Kieran McGrory Lakeland CC (Scratch)
17th Paul McMulkin Lakeland CC (Scratch)
18th Ciaran Donnelly Termon Wheelers (Scratch)
19th Barry McKenna Fintona Velo (Scratch)
20th  Declan O’Brien Longford CC (Scratch)
21st Cormac McLaughlinLakeland CC (Scratch)
22nd Julian Dunlop Lakeland CC (Front Group)
23rd Evan Bartley Lakeland CC (Front Group)
24th  Niall McGirr Lakeland CC (Front Group)

Thanks to the marshals , lead car, broom wagon, finish line team another well executed event. And thanks to everyone involved in this years  race series


last round rr

Lakeland CC Hill climb Championship 2016
Cormac Mclaughlin has confirmed he is Lakeland cycle clubs 2016 hill climb champion following up his win in the previous round with another win in the final round. Brian Kellett closed the gap on Kenny Boylan but Kenny in taking 4th in the last round managed to hold onto second place with Brian 3rd for a second year running. All well deserved the riders were tested on all the courses.

Thanks to all the marshals Time keepers and anyone else that helped out at this years hill climbs we couldn’t run them without you.

hill climb table 2016

Lakeland CC Hill Climb round 3 – Wednesday 24th August

Wednesday night was the final round of this seasons hill climb league with the tough Gortalughany laying in wait for the riders. The climb starts with a series of short sharp ramps and false flat sections before the second half of the climb really starts to hit you and the final 800metres really kick the riders as they manoeuvre their way around the switchbacks to the top. 9 hardy souls took to the start line in the warm sunshine. Conor Sprice sitting 4th in the league was first off still with a chance of breaking into the podium positions but was still feeling the effect of the flu. Brian Kellett was next out and determined to hold onto the podium position had Conor in sight and he set the best time of the early riders 12.41. Raymond Dunlop clearly had good legs on the night catching a couple of riders on the way up to finish in 12.28. Kenny Boylan put in another good ride with 12.46 good enough for 4th on the night and enough to preserve his second place overall. Ride of the night was however Cormac McLaughlin setting a time of 12.21 taking the win on the night and confirming his position as Lakeland Hill Climb Champion 2016.

1st Cormac McLaughlin Lakeland CC 12.21
2nd Raymond Dunlop  Lakeland CC 12.28
3rd Brian Kellett  Lakeland CC 12.41
4th Kenny Boylan   Lakeland CC 12.46
5th Lloyd Seaman  Lakeland CC 12.48
6th Conor Sprice  Lakeland CC 12.56
7th Darren Tapp  Lakeland CC 14.09
8th Niall Murphy  Lakeland CC 14.50
dnf Patrick Kinch

Thanks again to the Marshals and time keepers for a safe and smooth run event – next week is the final road race on the club calendar


Lakeland CC Road Race League Round 8
Penultimate round of the Lakeland Road race league took place last night on the hard roads through the knocks in inclement conditions. With only 3 men in scratch the gap to the middle group was small and the scratch group could see their quarry up the road and their job was made a bit easier when Kenny Boylan suffered a front puncture just before Donagh but he was able to get a Wheel change and chase back on. Aoibheann Bartley also suffered a puncture which ended her race early. The race was hectic on the dernawilt road as the front group tried to maintain a now slender lead but the catch was made before the riders turned for the first climb. Four riders forged a small lead on the initial climb but with some fast descents the race didnt completely split and some riders were able to bridge back. The narrow rolling twisting roads from the foot of the descent and rough surfaces were enough to split the race up. With Raymond Dunlop pushing the pace at the front as he sought to take the league title with a race to spare. Five men were clear at the turn to Nutfield and they would contest the finish with Ruari Power taking a narrow win ahead of Ray Dunlop with Paul Beaumont putting a storming ride to take 3rd just ahead of Niall Murphy.

1st Ruari Power  Caldwell CC (Group2)
2nd Ray Dunlop  Lakeland CC (scratch)
3rd Paul Beaumont  Lakeland CC (Group 1)
4th Niall Murphy  Lakeland CC (Group 1)
5th Eddie Molloy  Big Ridge (Group 1)
6th Eugene Power  Caldwell CC (Scratch)
7th Kenny Boylan  Lakeland CC (Group 2)
8th Cormac McLaughlin Lakeland CC (Scratch)
9th Kyle Fisher  Lakeland CC (Group 2)
10th Cameron McFarland Caldwell CC (Group 2)
11th Martin McBride  Lakeland CC (Group 2)
12th Julian Dunlop  Lakeland CC (Group 2)
13th Seamus McGovern  Sugglers CC (Group 2)
14th Lee Somerville  Lakeland CC (Group 1)
15th Paul McMulkin  Lakeland CC (Group 2)
16th Kenny Donnell  Lakeland CC (Group 1)
DNF Aionheann Bartley Lakeland CC (Group 1)

Well done to the riders especially Ray Dunlop who cant be caught in the league with a race to spare – and apologies about any confusion at the finish line.Thanks to the Marshals, Sign on Lead car and Broom.
Next week wednesday 24th is the final road race of the season sign on 3 way Inn  sligo road outside enniskillen race route 3way Inn – Kinawley – derrylin – bellanleck – finish at arney. Marshals Ray Dunlop and Kyle Fisher.


Lakeland Road Race Round 7 – Murley

Another fantastic summers evening awaited the riders for round 7 – strong winds and heavy rain showers! Three small determined groups took to the start line in fivemiletown. The middle group shorn of numbers this week despite working extremely hard could not eat into the front groups lead and were absorbed by scratch but even with the extra numbers the front group refused to lay down and at the foot of the climb they were still out of sight of the chasers but the gradient started to take its toll and the lead started to fracture now down to three riders Niall Murphy, Conrad Kettyles and Kevin Maguire but they were in sight now of the next group on the road itself whittled down to a few riders. Niall made one last bid for the summit but made it only to the first false flat section as the catch was made and by the top of the climb it was Ray Dunlop leading over Eugene Power with Ruairi Power just bridging across before the descent and despite a bit of cat and mouse as they approached fivemiletown these three would stay away to contest the finish with Eugene of Caldwell cycles taking victory just ahead of Raymond Dunlop with Ruairi in third
1st Eugene Power Caldwell CC (Scratch)
2nd Ray Dunlop Lakeland CC (Scratch)
3rd Ruairi Power Caldwell CC (Scratch)
4th Conrad Kettyles VC Glendale (Group 1)
5th Barry McKenna Fintona  (Scratch)
6th Kenny Boylan Lakeland CC (Group 2)
7th Conor Sprice Lakeland CC (Scratch)
8th Patrick Withers Fintona  (Scratch)
9th Niall Murphy Lakeland CC (Group 1)
10th Julian Dunlop Lakeland CC (Group 1)
11th Kyle Fisher Lakeland CC (Group 2)
12th Kieran McGrory Lakeland CC (Scratch)
13th Kenny Donnell Lakeland CC (Group 1)
14th Kevin Maguire Smugglers (Group 1)
15th Paul Beaumont Lakeland CC (Group 2)
DNF Aoibheann Bartley Lakeland CC (Group 1)
Thanks to all the Marshals for ensuring a safe race and the riders for coming out in the less than perfect conditions. Next week is the final round of this years Interclub league in Omagh.


Interclub Round 4 – Cookstown

Well done to Lakeland Riders in the 4th round of this years Interclub with Brian Kellett getting in the break in the A race and taking 4th place and Donal Brogan and Marty McBride off the front in the B race taking second and third Marty McBride from LCC moves back a group for coming 3rd in 2 races

A Race
1) Ivor Wilkinson ( ETCC)
2) P Mcourt (IWCC)
3) Lee Somerville (ETCC)
4) Brian Kellet (LCC)
5) Gary McGuire (Harps)

B Race
1) P McIvor ( Harps)
2) Donal Brogan (LCC)
3) Marty McBride (LCC)
4) Gary Rainey ( ETCC)
5) Gary McIlhatton ( Harps )

On the night ETCC have won both A and B races ,

Many thanks to everyone who supported, sign on marshals, organisation, photography on a dirty night , 1 round left of this years series

Lakeland Lady of the Lake

Wednesday night seen a great turnout for the lakelands road race round 6 which was run in conjunction with the Irinestown Lady of the Lake festival in what we hope will become a regular event. Maybe it was the chance of lifting one of the trophies kindly sponsored by the Necarne Arms, maybe it was the weather or even the buffet that was put on after the event but 40 riders signed on on the night for what would turn out to be a fast race. The front group left Irvinestown with a 2 minute lead but the middel group set a high pace and had them in sight as they hit the far side of Dromore and made the catch just as the race turned off the omagh road. There were a series of attcks to thin the group but with a head wind and a series of inclines the group largely stayed together. Due to an accident on the lisnarick road the marshals to their credit executed a route change and setup the finish line in a different location some confusion seen some of the riders having to stop and turn around some managed to get back to the bunch before the final sprint and one of these was visiting Omagh Wheelers rider Richard Donnell who just pipped Lakelands Mark McGirr to the win. Gary McAleer from Caldwells cycles took third on the night as Scratch were less than 30 seconds up the road. First veteran rider went to Lakelands Fergus McGirr, First junior lakelands Kyle Fisher, first lady lakelands Aiobheann Bartley and there was a prize for first sham rider and that went to Lakelands Malcolm McCann.

1st Richard Donnell Omagh Wheelers group2
2nd Mark McGirr  Lakeland CC group2
3rd Gary McAleer Caldwell Cycles group2
4th Fergus McGirr Lakeland CC group2
5th Kyle Fisher  Lakeland CC group2
6th Roger McCauley  Donegal Bay group2
7th Charlie Pincombe Lakeland CC group2
8th Malcolm McCann Lakeland CC group1
9th Alan Baxter  Omagh Weelers group2
10th Tom McGread  Omagh Wheelers group2
11th Donal Brogan Lakeland CC group1
12th Paul McMulkin Lakeland CC group2
13th Desie Fivey Smugglers group2
14th Marty McBride Lakeland CC group2
15th Eddie Moloy BRCC  group2
16th Brian Kellett Lakeland CC group2
17th Kenny Boylan Lakeland CC group2
18th Leonard Gillick VTCC  group1
19th Niall Rankin Lakeland CC group1
20th Julian Dunlop Lakeland CC group1
21st Paul McCarter Donegal Bay Scratch
22nd Ray Kerr  Lakeland CC Scratch
23rd Caolem McCarter Omagh Wheelers Scratch
24th Daragh McCarter Donegal Bay Scratch
25th Seamus McGovern Smugglers Group2
26th Francis Cassidy Donegal Bay Scratch
27th Cormac McLaughlin Lakeland CC Scratch
28th Kieran McGrory Lakeland CC Scratch
29th Ray Dunlop  Lakeland CC Scratch
30th Danny Browne Lakeland CC group1
31st Chris Kelly Lakeland CC group1
32nd Martin McMulkin Lakeland CC group1
33rd Darren Rolston Lakeland CC group1
34th Andrew Ward ?  group1
35th Damian Coleman Smugglers group1
36th Gary O’Donnell Smugglers group1
37th Aiobheann Bartley Lakeland CC group1
38th Scott Crawford Lakeland CC group1
39th Kevin Maguire Smugglers group2
40th Barry McKenna West Tyrone Scratch

A great nights racing thanks to everyone for supporting us. Thanks to the organising committee led by Lakeland Chairman Danny Browne for pulling off a great event and to the Marshals led by Paul Carron and Paul Beaumont for get everyone around safe and for thinking on their feet to avoid disaster in getting a last minute finish up before the bunch reached them. And thanks to the Necarne arms for sponsoring the event and the food afterwards. Photos courtesy of David McCLean

Lakeland Road Race round 5 – 13th July 7PM

Wednesday Night was the rescheduled round 5 of the clubs road race league. With two strong groups on the road as the race started from Ely Lodge layby on the shore road outside Enniskillen the hammer was down from the line. The riders faced a stiff headwind on the shore road until Beleek but with an average speed well in excess of 22 miles per hour the front group was doing everything to  maintain their lead over scratch. The front group still had a good time cushion as they hit the foot of the main climb where the pressure continued to be excerted and as Niall Murphy dropped off on the first of the two summits the groups final selection was made a 3 man group of form riders with Martin McBride, Kenny Boylan and Brian Kellett hitting the descent hard in a bid for glory. As the race hit the flat past the Derrygonnelly junction scratch were closing in but were being made to work for every inch of tarmac. With less than a mile to go Ray Dunlop attacked hard out of scratch but misjudged the remaining distance as the remaining scratch riders countered. Kenny Boylan made one last dash for the finish but the momentum was with scratch as the catch was made 25o metres from the line and visiting Omagh Wheelers rider Caolem McCarter took the win ahead of Donegal Bays in form man Daragh McCarter with Conor Sprice taking third just ahead of Kenny Boylan in 4th.

1st Caolem McCarter  Omagh Wheelers  (Scratch)
2nd Darragh McCarter Donegal Bay  (Scratch)
3rd Conor Sprice  Lakeland CC (Scratch)
4th Kenny Boylan  Lakeland CC (Group1)
5th Paul Beaumont  Lakeland CC (Group1)
6th Paul McMulkin  Lakeland CC (Group1)
7th Brian Kellett  Lakeland CC (Group1)
8th Martin McBride  Lakeland CC (Group1)
9th Niall Murphy  Lakeland CC (Group1)
10th Ray Dunlop  Lakeland CC (Group1)
11th Danny Browne  Lakeland CC (Group1)

12th Julian Dunlop Lakeland CC (Group1)

13th Evan Bartley Lakeland CC (Group1)

Great racing – massive thanks to all the marshals on the route for ensuring a safe enjoyable race and setting a perfect 3 and a half minute gap

The Time trial that was supposed to take place this week will take place at a later date.
round 5
Inter Club round 3

Interclub League

Folks see groups and Race pack for Rnd 3 hosted by ETCC 7th July

Lakeland CC Club Championship
Lakeland CC Club Championships 2016
On the same course as last year there was a good turnout for the club championships with two groups with a 3 minute gap. The front group all well drilled in racing worked hard and made the most of their lead though they were in sight of scratch as the race turned off the yellow road but with no quarter given and attacks designed as much to drop riders in scratch as to catch the leaders the cat and mouse came down to the wire and the catch was only made before the final drag to the line. I have been able to cobble together the last moments of the race from the riders as i didn’t witness it as i crashed out as the sprint was winding up.
Cormac made an attempt at glory but having worked so hard earlier his legs began to fade and Mark McGirr in a good vein of form recently in the open races was able to kick past but Darren Tapp was able to hold him off to take the win with Mark in second and Cormac managed to hold off Ray Kerr who was closing fast. Well done Darren.

1st Darren Tapp
2nd Mark McGirr
3rd Cormac McLaughlin
4th Ray Kerr
5th Kieran McGrory
6th Conor Sprice
7th Kyle Fisher
8th Niall Murphy
9th Paul McMulkin
10th Paul Beaumont
11th Martin McBride
12th Kenny Boylan
13th Julian Dunlop
14th Danny Brown
15th Raymond Dunlop
16th Paul Carron
DNF Brian Kellett
DNF Chris Kelly

Thanks to the Marshals tonight for another well run event


club champs 2015
Lakeland CC – Time Trial League Round 3

Lakeland 25 Mile TT

A small turn out of hardy men tonight for the Clubs 25 mile time trial between Belcoo and Garrison. An eventful night with a number of mechanicals hampering some riders. It was an on fire Kieran McGrory that took first place in 59 minutes 30 seconds pipping training mate Raymond Kerr into 2nd as he too dipped under the hour mark with a time of 59 minutes 54 seconds former lakeland man Les Brown now riding for Phoenix made the trip home worthwhile as he took a hard fought 3rd place in 1 hour and 3 seconds beating Cormac McLaughlin by just 2 seconds. Special mention to Niall Murphy who was the only rider to compete in non aero kit on his road bike and still putting in an impressive time of 1 hour 10 minutes and 29 seconds.
Well done to all the riders and once again a massive thanks to the Marshals and timing team that gave up their time to ensure another slick event. Next week its the Lakeland Club Championships

1st Kieran McGrory Lakeland cc 59.30
2nd Ray Kerr Lakeland cc 59.54
3rd Les Brown Phoenix cc 1:00.03
4th Cormac McLaughlin Lakeland cc 1:00.05
5th Martin Sherry Emyvale cc 1:01.51
6th Kenny Boylan Lakeland cc 1:03.24
7th Brian Kellett Lakeland cc 1:07.42
8th Niall Murphy Lakeland cc 1:10.29
dnf Conor Sprice Lakeland cc

25mile TT

Lakeland Road Race league – Round 4
Wednesday night and round 4 of the clubs road race league seen the return of one of the toughest circuits on the calendar starting on a long drag and then taking in the brutal knockmore climb before taking the Devils S climb before the run in. 3 evenly numbered groups took to the line but as expected the front and middle groups broke up on the knockmore climb, Kyle Fisher and Brian Kellett formed a 2 up chase as they crested the first climb and descended onto the belcoo road but the scratch group were also motoring and as the race came together before Belcoo it became apparent that there were still two escapees up the road Niall Murphy showing no signs of fatigue after his heroics at the Coa 365 at the weekend and Kenny Donnell.
Kieran McGrory unfortunately suffered a puncture before the Devils S climb so a group of four riders Cormac McLaughlin, Ray Kerr, Raymond Dunlop and Conor Sprice turned the screw again and Brian and Kyle went out the back. The breakaway was in sight after the descent and the catch was complete with less than 2 miles to go. In the end it was Ray Kerr showing no ill effects of ras dhun na gal that took the win just ahead of Cormac with Ray Dunlop in third both also Coa 365 riders. A great nights racing by everyone on a tough course in very warm and humid conditions.

1st Ray Kerr Lakeland CC (Scratch)
2nd Cormac Mclaughlin Lakeland CC (Scratch)
3rd Ray Dunlop Lakeland CC (Scratch)
4th Conor Sprice Lakeland CC (Scratch)
5th Niall Murphy Lakeland CC (Group 1)
6th Kenny Donnell Lakeland CC (Group 1)
7th Kyle Fisher Lakeland CC (Group 2)
8th Brian Kellett Lakeland CC (Group 2)
9th Paul Beaumont Lakeland CC (Group 2)
10th Paul McMulkin Lakeland CC (Group 2)
11th Marty McBride Lakeland CC (Group 2)
12th Julian Dunlop Lakeland CC (Group 1)
13th Dessie Orr Lakleand CC (Group 1)
14th Barry McKenna West Tyrone (Scratch)
15th Eugene Murray Donegal Bay (Group 2)
16th Paul Carron Lakeland CC (Group 1)
DNF Kieran McGrory Lakeland CC (Scratch)
DNF Evan Bartley Lakeland CC (Group 1)
DNF Scott Crawford Lakeland CC (Group 1)

Thanks again to the Marshals and finish line team lead car and broom wagon tonight – another great nights racing. Next week its back to the interclub league.


Hill Climb League Round 2

Lakelands league Hill Climb round 2 took place on Wednesday night a tough route from fivemiletown to Carnmore a 7.5 mile course with a series of climbs before the final ascent. Some riders with an eye on the Donegal 3 sat out tonight’s event but 7 men took to the start line on what was a glorious evening. Cormac McLaughlin continued to show the great form he has been in this season spinning to the top spot on the podium in 25 minutes 30 seconds. Lakelands reigning hill climb champion took second place in 26 minutes 6 seconds with Kenny Boylan taking third spot in 26 minutes 24 seconds

1st Cormac McLaughlin 25:30 Lakeland CC
2nd Conor Sprice 26:06 Lakeland CC
3rd Kenny Boylan 26:24 Lakeland CC
4th Martin Connolly 26:30 Killylough CC
5th Brian Kellett 27:47 Lakeland CC
6th Charlie Pincombe 28:37 Lakeland CC
7th Ray Dunlop 29:59 Lakeland CC

Thanks to the marshals that stood in tonight to ensure the event could be run and providing safe racing conditions



Interclub Round 2 – Thursday 26th May

This week sees the return of the Interclub league. Round 2 hosted by Island Wheelers details can be found here

This event is only open to members of the 5 clubs involved. And remember current club jersey to be worn only.


Lakeland CC Road Race League 3 – Weds 18th May

A new circuit for the 3rd round of this years road race league attracted another good crowd and the riders were treated to a challenging course in the early evening sunshine. There were 4 groups out on the road but the climb up Scraghey seen the front groups start to break up and the catch from the groups behind. With a few riders still out the front as the riders turned onto the seven mile straight a rolling road that seen several attacks on the short sharp ascents they were all mopped up well before Palm bush. It was Raymond Dunlop that made the decisive move though with an attack that the rest couldn’t match and he timed it to perfection taking a solo win in style with Lloyd Seaman taking second place just ahead of visiting Omagh Wheelers rider Ivan Reid in 3rd.

1st Ray Dunlop Lakeland CC (Scratch)
2nd Lloyd Seaman Lakeland CC (Scratch)
3rd Ivan Reid Omagh Wheelers (Scratch)
4th Ray Kerr Lakeland CC (Scratch)
5th Eugene Power Caldwell CC (Scratch)
6th Cormac McLaughlin Lakeland CC (Scratch)
7th Patrick Withers West Tyrone (Scratch)
8th Connor Sprice Lakeland CC (Scratch)
9th Barry McKenna West Tyrone (Scratch)
10th Caolan Dolan Omagh Wheelers (Scratch)
11th Paul Beaumont Lakeland CC (Group 2)
12th Kyle Fisher Lakeland CC (Group 3)
13th Kenny Boylan Lakeland CC (Group 3)
14th Fergus McGirr Lakeland CC (Group 3)
15th Martin McBride Lakeland CC (Group 2)
16th Niall Murphy Lakeland CC (Group 2)
17th Paul McMulkin Lakeland CC (Group 2)
18th Damian Reid Donegal Bay (Front Group)
19th Danny Browne Lakeland CC (Group 2)
20th Julian Dunmlop Lakeland CC (Front Group)
21st Kieran McGrory Lakeland CC (Scratch)
22nd Brian Kellett Lakeland CC (Group 3)
23rd Evan Bartley Lakeland CC (Group 2)
24th Eugene Murray Donegal Bay (Group 1)
25th Martin McMulkin Lakeland CC (Group 1)
26th Dessie Orr Lakeland CC (Group 2)
27th Kevin McGlynn Donegal Bay (Group 3)
28th Darren Rolston Lakeland CC (Group 2)
29th Chris Kelly Lakeland CC (Group 2)
30th Brian Birney Mallard Flyers (Group 1)
31st Scott Crawford Lakeland CC (Group 2)
DNF Malcolm McCann Lakeland CC (Group 2)

Let me know if there is any anomalies with the results there was a bit of confusion as we got towards the bottom half of the results.

Another good nights racing – special thanks to the Marshals particularly Donal Brogan and Michael Farry who stepped in at the last minute and did a great job and all the other marshals and the broom wagon. And thanks to the The riders from near and far who turned out to support us. Next week sees the return of the inter-club hosted by Island Wheelers – details to follow.


lakeland cc road race round 3

Road Race League Round 2

Due to another event taking place on the original route for this weeks club road race we have changed the route. New Route is attached. Sign as normal in the carpark beside the toilets in Belcoo at 6:30pm entry £3, valid cycling license required. First group away at 7pm. Route approx 23.5 miles Club Marshalls Tom White and Michael Coyle

road race round 2

Lakeland CC Time Trial League Round 2

Another wet and windy night for Lakeland CC Time Trial league round 2. Despite the conditions we had 19 riders take to the start line for the 10 miles from Dernawilt cross to donagh and back a superb road surface but with a tricky cross wind to contend with. But everyone produced good times. First rider home was Emyvales Patrick McKenna in 22.31 with LLoyd Seaman showing great promise in taking a superb second place in 22.52 with Emyvales Martin Sherry in Third in 23.02 just pipping Kieran McGrory to the podium

1st Patrick McKenna Emyvale CC 22.31
2nd Lloyd Seaman Lakeland CC 22.52
3rd Martin Sherry Emyvale CC 23.02
4th Kieran McGrory Lakeland CC 23.09
5th Raymond Dunlop Lakeland CC 23.22
6th Raymond Kerr Lakeland CC 23.28
7th Kenny Boylan Lakeland CC 24.17
8th Les Brown Phoenix CC 24.28
9th Conor Sprice Lakeland CC 25.10
10th Brian Kellett Lakeland CC 25.12
11th Mark Skeath Emyvale CC 25.43
12th Kevin McGlynn Donegal Bay 25.48
13th Aoibheann Bartly Lakeland CC 26.06
14th Paul McMulkin Lakeland CC 26.08
15th Danny Browne Lakeland CC 26.37
—- Tommy Downey Dromara CC 26.37
17th Mark McGirr Lakeland CC 26.55
18th Julian Dunlop Lakeland CC 28.12
19th David McClean Mallard Flyers 28.44

Great times by all the riders with seconds separating several riders. Thanks to everyone for supporting the event with visiting riders from 5 clubs giving our riders some great competition. And thanks to the Marshalls time keepers and everyone who helped out tonight. Next week sees the second round of the road race league Belcoo-Garrison-Rossinver-Kiltyclogher-Glenfarne-Finish @ Blacklion Golf Club hope to see you all there apparently there is a heat wave next week!

tt round 2tt2

Open Racing update for April

The club was in action again this weekend and continues to go from strength to strength. The Lakeland 2 day results showed that riders were already beginning to show some good form. And there were some good results in the first round of the inter-club with Conor Sprice 5th in the A race and Donal Brogan taking 4th in the B race. Last weekend there was good numbers in the Mid Ulster GP with Kyle Fisher in his second race as an A4 showing the step up from under 16 wasn’t phasing him with a top 10 finish in Cookstown.

Friday 27th the team was in action again in the Hugo Loughran in Castle Caulfield. In the A3 race Cormac had the bit between his teeth as he chased the remaining points to upgrade to A2 but narrowly missed out finishing just out side the top 10 Ray Dunlop unfortunately had to retire early. There was plenty of action in the A4 race too with Kyle and Mark McGirr trying their luck and new recruit Lloyd Seaman active at the front of the race but no points. The rest of team Paul Carron, Fergus McGirr, Danny Brown and Brian Kellett all rode well and finished safely in the bunch with them.

Sunday and the Clogher valley GP was to provide the highlight of the weekend while Brian Kellett and Lloyd were in action again after there Friday night race both were in early action off the front of the peloton but were both to finish in the bunch. But the real story was in the A3 race with aggressive but smart riding placing all three lakeland riders in the top 10 Cormac took 10th and moved one point closer to A2 status, Kieran McGrory was 7th and Raymond Kerr was 4th and is now upgraded to A2 – great results for the guys

2016 Club Road Race league Round 1
Wednesday 27th saw the opening round of this years club road racing calendar. A short flat out effort over 20 miles from lisnaskea to carrybridge derrylin and back past share centre to lisnaskea. Although the course was flat this would not be an easy spin with the scratch group recording a 24.5mph average as they swept the middle group and front groups up in what would turn out to be a sprint finish. In the end seasoned visiting sprinter Eugene Power turned lead out man for Ruari Power who took the win with Eugene in second with Conor Sprice rounding out the podium. Great turnout goign to be some competition this year!

1st Ruari Power Caldwell Cycles
2nd Eugene Power Caldwell Cycles
3rd Conor Sprice Lakeland CC
4th Kieran McGrory Lakeland CC
5th Kyle Fisher Lakeland CC
6th Cormac McLaughlin Lakeland CC
7th Kenny Boylan Lakeland CC
8th Fergus McGirr Lakeland CC
9th Paul McMulkin Lakeland CC
10th Paul Beaumont Lakeland CC
11th Kevin McGlynn Donegal Bay
12th Kenny Donnell Lakeland CC
13th Nial Murphy Lakeland CC
14th Tommy Downey Dromara CC
15th Ray Dunlop Lakeland CC
16th Darren Rolston Lakeland CC
17th Dessie Orr Lakeland CC
18th Danny Browne Lakeland CC
19th Malcolm McCann Lakeland CC
20th Julian Dunlop Lakeland CC
21st Scott Crawford Lakeland CC
22nd Micky Farry Lakeland CC
23rd Brian Birney Mallards
dnf Damien Reid Donegal Bay
dnf David McClean Mallards

dnf Mark McGirr Lakeland CC

Again thanks to all the Marshalls and helpers for making another safe race. This week is Lakeland Time Trial Round 2 10 Mile Time trial from Dernawilt cross to donagh and back – Marshalls Trevor Topping and Darren Rolston. First rider away at 7pm.

Inter-club round 1 – Lakeland CC
Before the dust settles after the Lakeland 2 day the club is out again this week promoting round 1 of this years inter-club on Thursday 21st April. 26 mile route. Sign on in the Car-park at the back of fivemiletown £3 entry. Only riders that are members of the 5 clubs can take part and you must wear current club jersey to compete also if you have cycling Ireland numbers bring them with you. Rules attached, also please know your group to speed up the sign on process…/Interclub-Groups-2016-RND-……/Interclub-Groups-2016-RND-…


GC and KOH Winner Andrew Chivers of North Down CC and winning Team Lakeland CC









Lakeland CC 2 Day Stage3
Sunday afternoon and the final stage of this years Lakeland 2 Day rolled out from the Share centre in Lisnaskea bathed in sunlight. The riders were to tackle a 90km stage to settle the classifications with only seconds separating the riders. The bunch neutralised through lisnaskea started racing in earnest as they left the town with the peleton showing no signs of fatigue after yesterdays racing. An early break seen local rider Raymond Dunlop and West Tyones Barry McKenna gain 1:40 on the main field and seen Raymond in virtual Yellow on the road. Two riders attempted to bridge across but they went back to the chase. The two riders up the road were finally caught before Glangevlin as the race approached the first King of the Hills were the climbers made their moves for the points on offer, Jonnie Boyle of TC racing who was active in the climbers competition yesterday took maximum points at the top but current polka dot jersey rider Andrew Chivers took the 4 points for second to maintain his lead in the competition with local man Comac McLaughlin of Lakeland CC taking third ahead of Alan Nevin riding for TC Racing in fourth. After a fast descent the race sped through swanlinar and Cormac McLaughlin made his bid for glory and led solo ahead of what remained of the bunch through Kinawley pushing his lead out to 25 seconds by the start of the final Climb. The chase started to hunt him down and a problem with his pedal cleat further hampered the rider who was caught with 3km to go. From here the race further split as the gradient increased. Andrew Chivers again displayed his climbing abilities taking the stage win ahead of sport actives Christopher Birney with yesterdays winner Tadgh deBarra taking third. Chivers retained the Polka Dot jersey by 8 points from TC racings Jonnie Boyle with Christopher Birney leap frogging Lakelands Conor Sprice to take 3rd.
Andrew Chivers also took the General Classifications Yellow Jersey by 3 seconds from Sport actives Birney with Tadgh DeBarra taking 3rd place a further 8 seconds back.
Promoting Club Lakeland CC took the Team prize ahead of TC racing in second and East Tyone in third. And first Lakeland Rider was Cormac McLaughlin who finished in 9th on GC.

Stage 3 Resultsfinal overall GCfinal classifications

Lakeland CC 2 Day Stage 2 – time trial
Going into Saturday Afternoons short time trial Tadgh DeBarra held a healthy lead that surely a 4km flat time trial would not do much to change? Wrong the general Classification was in for a major shake up. Mark Glendinning of Spires set the fastest time of 5’55.27 with William McCormack of St Tiernans the only other rider to dip under 6 minutes in second place and Alan Campbell of North West CC in third. The local knowledge played to the advantage of the local riders with Lakeland placing all 5 members of their team in the top 11 Raymond Kerr best placed with a 5th place finish. The yellow jersey lost 49 seconds to the stage winner and with it the yellow which will sit on the shoulders of Glendinning for the final stage tomorrow but with McCormack only 2 seconds behind in second and Dublin Wheelers Eddie Brennan and Team sport actives Christopher Birney only another 7 seconds behind he will not be able to relax on another tough stage. Raymond Kerr is best placed Lakeland Rider in 5th 12 seconds off yellow with the rest of the team on 14 or 15 seconds off the top spot. Going to be an interesting race tomorrow all to play for.

 stage2.1 stage2.2 gc1 gc2 classifications after stage 2

Classification leaders after stage 1 of the Lakeland CC 2Day. Yellow Jersey Tadgh DeBarra Commeragh and Climbers Jersey Andrew Chivers of NDCC – jerseys presented by Sponsor Kieran McGrory of McGrory Commercial Repairs







Lakeland CC 2 Day Stage 1
Saturday Morning and with the sun shining and the wind on their backs the riders set out on the 90km first stage in Lisnaskea County Fermanagh looping around the south of the county the peleton raced to the first king of the hills with local rider Conor Sprice taking maximum points at the top followed by Aaron McQauid from Emyvale second Andrew Chivers was third and Shimna Wheelers taking the final point. The race still largely together would finally break up on the second king of the hills climb up Carnmore. Andrew Chivers took the maximum points and with it the Climbers classification on day one, Omaghs Karol Dolan was second Jonnie Boyle of TC Racing in third and Tadhg deBarra rounding out the points. The lead group swelled as the riders made the descent and the rolling nature of the road to Brookborough looked like a bunch sprint Eddie Brennan of Dublin Wheelers had other ideas making a break and gaining over 20 seconds on the bunch only one man was able to respond with Comeraghs Tadgh DeBarra bridging and then despatching Brennan growing a healthy gap on the chasing bunch though they worked to reduce this DeBarra took the line 23 seconds ahead of Brennan and 36 seconds from the bunch. And takes the Yellow jersey going into stage 2 time trial.

2DAY1 classificationsstage1 results

Hill Climb League Round 1
Wednesday Night seen the return of the Lakeland CC Hill climb league. Twelve hard men lined up at the bottom the hill in Brookeborough ready to race the clock. Unfortunately last years winner of this event Conor Sprice suffered a puncture early in his race and was forced to retire. Visiting rider Alan Nevin set the fastest time early on and although Cormac McLaughlin pushed him close he managed to hold onto the top spot. Cormac took second even with a problem with his gearing which shows how far he has developed in the last year when he turned up for his first event. Raymond Kerr rounded out the podium taking third place just ahead of his training partner Kieran McGrory.

1st Alan Nevin Sheelin Flyers 11.32
2nd Cormac McLaughlin Lakeland CC 11.47
3rd Ray Kerr Lakeland CC 12.08
4th Kieran McGrory Lakeland CC 12.13
5th Kenny Boylan Lakeland CC 12.18
6th Kyle Fisher Lakeland CC 12.24
7th Brian Kellett Lakeland CC 13.00
8th Martin Connolly Killylough CC 13.03
9th Paul McMulkin Lakeland CC 14.08
10th Mark McGirr Lakeland CC 14.27
11th Danny Browne Lakeland CC 14.59
DNF Conor Sprice Lakeland CC

Thanks to the Marshals and helpers tonight Niall Murphy, Geraldine, Jean, Anthony, Willie, Raymond Dunlop and Tom. Big week ahead with the Lakeland 2 day this weekend and the Lakeland hosted round of the inter club league the following Wednesday.


Lakeland CC – Time Trial League Round 1

Wednesday night seen the start of the Lakeland CC club events for 2016 with a 10 mile time
trial on the St Angelo circuit. 25 riders braved terrible conditions battered by the rain and
strong cross winds to test themselves against the clock with Lakeland joined by participants
from Sheelin Flyers, Donegal Bay, Phoenix CC and Dromara CC.
Fastest on the night was Cormac McLaughlin in 24.09 with Sheelin Flyers Alan Nevin in Second
with 24.13 and Conor Sprice taking third in 24.48

Full results

1st Cormac McLaughlin lakeland cc 24.09
2nd Alan Nevin sheelin flyers 24.13
3rd Conor Sprice lakeland cc 24.48
4th Kieran McGrory lakeland cc 24.56
5th Kenny Boylan lakeland cc 25.18
6th Les Brown Phoenix cc 25.22
7th Fergus McGirr lakeland cc 26.03
8th Brian Kellett lakeland cc 26.07
9th Ray Dunlop lakeland cc 26.11
10th Brian Gaffney sheelin flyers 26.54
11th Mark McGirr lakeland cc 26.57
12th Aiobheann Bartley lakeland cc 27.02
13th Scott Crawford lakeland cc 27.14
14th Martin McBride lakeland cc 27.38
15th Charlie Pincombe lakeland cc 27.41
16th Damien Reid Donegal Bay 28.02
17th Kevin McGlynn Donegal Bay 28.07
18th Tommy Downey Dromara cc 28.18
19th Paul Beaumont lakeland cc 28.23
20th Niall Murphy lakeland cc 29.15
21st Danny Browne lakeland cc 29.18
22nd Aidan McAleer 29.24
23rd Donal Brogan lakeland cc 29.34
24th Darren Rolston lakeland cc 30.25
25th Jordi Semple 32.17
Massive thanks to the Marshals and time keepers that stood out in the wintery conditions to
provide a safe enjoyable event.
Next Wednesday is round 1 of the Hill Climb League from Brookborough – Teagues Hill a 3 mile
effort with riders off at 1 minute intervals – club marshal Niall Murphy.


Lakeland 2 Day Pre-Entry

Anyone interested in the Lakeland 2 Day please get you entry in its starting to fill up – A3 only race over 3 stages

Sponsored by McGrory Commercials Lisnaskea.

Saturday 16th April and Sunday 17th April 2016

Stage 1 :  Sat 16th Road race stage 90K including 2xKOH  – Start 11:00am

Stage 2 : Sat 16th Road TT stage 4K  start 17:30

Stage 3 : Sun 17th Road Race stage 90K  including  2xKOH (last KOH = finish) start 12:00 noon

Sign on from 09:00am-10:00am at Share Centre, Lisnaskea for Stage 1 Sat 16th April

Entry fee A3 = £55.00  + EntryCentral fee

Signon Location: map to race signon at Share Centre :

Share Discovery Village, Smiths Strand. Lisnaskea Enniskillen, Fermanagh BT92 0EQ

Route information: View the route information will be released nearer the event date.  Please ensure your email address is correct when entering.

No refunds for riders withdrawing will be issued after Tuesday April 12th 2016

Lakeland CC Reliability Trial – Sun 21st Feb 2016

Lakeland Reliability

Sunday 21st Feb 2016.Signon 9:00am – 09:50 am Bawnacre Irvinestown. Riders away at 10am
Entry 10 pounds Cycling Ireland members, please bring your licence
Entry 15 pounds Non-Cycling Ireland members

Touring group can go across Bridge at Rosscor and down lough shore road. Reliability Trial group go to Belleek, Right for Garrison and up past windmills (nice new tar) and descend to lough Shore road @ Blaney.

Reliability  route.

rt route

Tour Route goes left, and in the A46 (shore road) to Enniskillen.

tour route

Whilst we will have support vehicles and a pit stop riders are reminded to bring spare tubes/pump CO2 inflaters/drink and food with them.

Lakeland CC Club Kit 2016


Lakeland CC will open their Online Shop for ordering Club Kit next thursday 4th February. It will remain open for 5 days ONLY until 8th February. The window will NOT be extended so if you need to get kit ordered please try and do it early. The shop will not be opening again until July / August at the earliest and only then if there is demand to do so.

Important Notice from Cycling Ireland
Any club member taking part in a competitive event is required to adhere to the following as part of Cycling Ireland’s technical rules.

3. Riders belonging to a Cycling Ireland affiliated club must when competing in an open race, authorised by Cycling Ireland and organised under Cycling Ireland rules, wear the registered clothing of their affiliated club. In races where a one piece suit is normally worn and a club one piece suit is not available then the rider, with the commissaires agreement, may wear a plain one piece suit.

As regards a plain one piece suit, the only form of advertising permitted thereon is the manufacturers logo which must be contained within an area of 25 square cms. Lakeland have a Skinsuit already designed and available in the online store

If you do not adhere to the above rule you may not be permitted to take part in any open events either on the road or off road organised under cycling ireland umbrella and can be turned away from any such events. We have submitted our current kit design to Cycling Ireland and it will be the only kit we can open race in this season.

Finally shops open for a duration of 5 days so the person who first placed the order can receive it within 5 weeks from placing the order.
If you have any questions please contact Brian Kellett or Danny Browne.

pactimo shop

Ulster Cyclocross Update

Last Sunday seen the Ulster Cyclocross series move to the North West for round 9. Round 6 had seen the mud return to the series in Bangor and has continued in that vein in Craigavon the following week and Ormeau Park in Belfast the week after that. Bangor was a tough day out for Raymond Kerr who retired and has shifted his focus to his training to build for next year’s road season. Brian Kellett has continued to race the Cyclocross series with a seasons best placing in Craigavon and topping that the following week again in Belfast.
Round 9 in St Columb’s Park in the Maiden city was a new venue and Brian was joined by Raymond Dunlop and Lee Somerville for a bitterly cold race in yet more muddy conditions. Lee was first out in the mountain bike race and had a good race taking 14th place against some very strong opposition. Raymond joined Brian in the A race having been upgraded after his win in Larne in round 5. The race was frantic from the start with the lads well placed in the early stages, unfortunately Brian suffered a rear flat tyre at the start of lap 2 and only able to receive mechanical assistance in the Pits he was forced to run with the bike the 1.5 miles to the pits from where he was able to continue on his second bike and although he took back some time on the riders ahead during the rest of the race he had to settle for just outside the top 30 and 13th in the M40 category. Unfortunately after a good start Raymond had to retire from the race. Next week sees the final round of the Ulster league in the Falls Park in Belfast.
Thanks to Toby Watson, Peter McLaughlin and the Belgian Project for the Photos.

lee LEE1 foyle2 RAYD1

Team Lakeland in action at Windmill Woods Super Prestige in Dungannon
After hosting last weeks Cyclocross race in Necarne the league moved on to Windmill Woods in Dungannon hosted by Island Wheelers. Again it was great to see a strong Lakeland Team in attendance with riders in all the senior categories. First rider out was Niall Murphy in the mountain bike support race taking 31st in his first off road race of the series. Next up was the Cyclocross B race and after winning last weeks mountain bike race in Irvinestown Cormac McLaughlin made the step up to the Cyclocross race with the bike made ready only the night before, he joined Raymond Dunlop who was hoping for better luck after his puncture last time out. The technical nature of the course and the wet conditions challenged both men who performed well with Raymond taking 24th with cormac not far behind in 26th. Evan Bartley was out in the womens races and was again in a rich vein of form again climbing onto the podium in second place this week.
Finally in the last race of the day Raymond Kerr and Brian Kellett took to the A race in more tight racing Raymond 9th in the M40 category and 28th overall and Brian in his first season in the A race was 15th in the M40 category and 39th overall. Great racing – next week the league moves to Larne.

A rayd1 brian k1 cormac2 EVAN2 RD3 niall1 rayk1

Lakeland CC – Cyclocross Race 2015

This month sees Lakeland CC run the first ever Cyclocross race in Fermanagh. This will be a round of the ever growing Ulster Series that begins this weekend. The race will take place in Necarne estate in Irvinstown on Sunday 18th of October – here is a course preview video. Don’t worry the grass will be cut and the sand will be harrowed before race day






























































































Hill Climb league 2015

Jim Mohan did everything he could in the final round of the Hill climb league but in the end had to settle for second spot in the 2015 hill climb league as he lost his 2014 crown to in form rider Conor Sprice. The final podium place was a 4 horse race and with Brian Kellett taking the Marshalling duty points the other 3 riders would need to maximise their points but on the night the new club members took the points away from them and Brian managed to leap frog them to take 3rd spot pipping Raymond Kerr by just one point.

2015 Hill Climb Final

Hill Climb round 3 rounds off the Lakeland CC road season.

The final round of the Hill climb series marked the end of the Lakeland road season and the steepest was left til last with a mini alpd’huez switch backed climb of 1 in 6 gradient to meet the riders. Nine riders took on the challenge with Cormac McLaughlin off first he set a blistering time of 12 minutes 27 seconds and second rider Kyle fisher pushed hard all the way just falling short of Cormacs time and it was a time that was to stand until the penultimate rider Jim Mohan who smashed through the 12 minute barrier finishing in 11 minutes 44 seconds a clear winner. Cormac’s earlier time was enough to hold onto second place with Conor Sprice piping Kyle to 3rd spot.

1st Jim Mohan 11:44 Lakeland CC
2nd Cormac McLaughlin 12:27 Lakeland CC
3rd Conor Sprice 12:40 Lakeland CC
4th Kyle Fisher 12:44 Lakeland CC
5th Ray Kerr 13:04 Lakeland CC
6th Kenny Boylan 13:11 Lakeland CC
7th Paul Carron 14:00 Lakeland CC
8th Darren Tapp 14:03 Lakeland CC
9th Kieran McGrory 14:34 Lakeland CC

Thanks to the Marshalls tonight and throughout the season.

Lakeland CC Hill Climb round 3 – Wednesday 2nd September

Wednesday night sees the last road event of the year with the final round of this seasons hill climb league a 2.5 mile climb up gortalughany from the swanlinbar road. Conor Sprice fresh from his club championship win sits top going into the final round but the pack behind are tightly bunched so the Podium is all to play for.
Sign on on the Swad road near mullan mart 7pm. Club Marshall Brian Kellett.


Well done to Aoibheann Bartley on another Time trial podium 2nd place in the Ulster 25 mile time trial champs on sunday – its been a brilliant season for Aoibheann

bartley 25mile tt champs

Lakeland Club Championship 2015

The last club road race of the season took place on Wednesday 26th August with the Club Championships the race all the clubs members want to win. The race was run with 2 groups and the front group of 7 riders set off with 3 minutes over the chase group from Derrylin. The windy wet cooler conditions early in the race didnt help the flow and there were a couple of early withdrawals just beyond Kinawley. The junction was made between the groups as the riders passed brackley lake just before Bawnboy and on the hill out of Bawnboy the first of many attacks were made as the peleton was whittled down. As the riders raced through Ballyconnell and turned onto the yellow road there were just 8 remaining, Mark McGirr was distanced before the race turned onto the Belturbet road and the first serious attack came from Raymond Dunlop with 5.5 miles to go as he gained a gap and it took some hard work from the chase to pull it back and the pace seen the elastic to another rider Paul Carron snap. 6 riders were now in contention for the win as the finish line appearing in the distance Cormac McLaughlin after all his hard early efforts was unable to contest the sprint and Raymond Dunlop was unable to recover from his earlier effort as the Sprint unfurled. In the end it was Conor Sprice that took a narrow win over Raymond Kerr with Jim Mohan in 3rd.

1st Conor Sprice
2nd Raymond Kerr
3rd Jim Mohan
4th Brian Kellett
5th Cormac McLaughlin
6th Raymond Dunlop
7th Paul Carron
8th Mark McGirr
9th Charlie Pincombe
10th Kyle Fisher
11th Kenny Boylan
12th Martin McBride
13th Evan Bartley
DNF Danny Browne
DNF Michael Farry
DNF Darren Rolston

A tough race to finish off the road race season, thanks again goes to all the Marshalls that turned out in force to ensure a safe race. Thanks from all club members. Next week sees the last lakeland road event with the last round of the hill climb league a 2.5 mile climb up gortalughany from the swanlinbar road.

club champs 2015

Youth Ulster Road Championships

Well done to Lakeland Rider Kyle Fisher who was 20th at the weekend in the Ulster Youth road race championships under 16 category in Omagh. Great Result.

kyle youth champs

Ulster XC Mountain bike Championships.

The Ulster Mountain Bike Championships took place in Fermanagh for the first time this weekend in Colebrooke Estate. Despite a decent run of weather and the course running fast the overnight torrential rain changed the nature of the course to a wet, slippery muddy affair.
The riders came from near and far to brave the challenging conditions. After a full series of under-age races with under 6, under 8 under 10 and under 12 races the race moved to the adults course where the non-championship men and women raced and the under 14 and under 16 ulster champions were decided.
At 2pm the race moved to the main stage with Elite riders tackling 3 laps with Banbridges Gareth McKee taking the win ahead of XMTB’s Graham Boyd with Dromara’s Ex-Fermanagh man Barry Kellett taking third place on the podium. Lakeland Cycle club were represented in the Masters30 race by Raymond Dunlop and Brian Kellett and in the Masters40 race by Raymond Kerr.
The Masters30 were first out behind the elite riders taking in 2 laps Brians experience in mountain bike racing seen him edge out Raymond Dunlop with Brian taking 8th place in the Ulster M30 category with Raymond 13th.
Raymond Kerr in the M40 race over the same distance put in another superb display taking 3rd place amongst some fierce competition.

Congratulations to all the new Ulster Champions but i would also like to thank all the riders and spectators that braved the conditions for their support today.
Also i would like to thank all those that helped today both in the Club and outside for their support. The signon team, the guys that assisted in the timing team at the start finish and all the Marshalls that gave up their sunday to stand outside all day in the mud and rain. Also a big thanks to the guys that helped to get the course set up and especially Peter Jones for all his work, Martin Grimley for all his expertise and to Lord Brookborough for allowing us to use the venue and also for all his help. Race report and photos to follow.

Hope i haven’t missed anyone – but appreciate all your help

ulsterxc champs

Ulster xc MTB CHAMPS 2015 map

Course Preview Videos



















































































































































































































Lakeland CC Road Race League 2015

Raymond Kerr could relax on his holidays knowing he had already retained the Lakeland CC road race league for 2015. But the positions behind were up for grabs going into the last race. With Kenny Boylan and Charlie Pincombe both marshalling and taking the points for this Jim Mohan and Kieran McGrorys positions were under threat. In the end Jim did just enough in the final round to hold onto 2nd spot by one point in the end from Kenny who takes 3rd place. Charlie finished just 3 points off the podium as best placed young rider. With Kyle fisher best placed new comer in 6th place. Its been a great season of racing – last road race on the Calendar next week is the Club Championships see you all then.

2015 road race table final

Lakeland Road Race Round 8 – Wednesday 19th August

Wednesday evening and the last round of this years road race league was rescheduled having been postponed a couple of weeks back. Numbers were such that the organisers decided that the race would run with just 2 groups. The front group were given a 4 minute lead but they were going to have to work hard to hold off a scratch group that were fighting for overall podium positions in the league.
The front group set off in determined mood pace remained high from the start with Brian Kellett driving the team from the front and Danny Browne, Kyle Fisher and Darren Tapp all working hard to maintain the speed and everyone else keeping in touch as the group set an average speed just short of 24 mph. The scratch group however were closing the gap all the time and were in sight of their target coming into the finish. Brian drove over the final hill before Lisnaskea before Kyle made his bid for Glory his move was countered by Darren Tapp who managed to pip Kyle to the win, Kyle 2nd, and Lee Somerville in 3rd with Brian in 4th and Danny in 5th seeing off the Scratch group by only around 7 seconds in the end with visiting rider Eugene Power taking the sprint ahead of Raymond Dunlop.

1st Darren Tapp Lakeland CC (Group 1)
2nd Kyle Fisher Lakeland CC (Group 1)
3rd Lee Somerville Lakeland CC (Group 1)
4th Brian Kellett Lakeland CC (Group 1)
5th Danny Browne Lakeland CC (Group 1)
6th Eugene Power Caldwells CC (Scratch)
7th Raymond Dunlop Lakeland CC (Scratch)
8th Conor Sprice Lakeland CC (Scratch)
9th Jim Mohan Lakeland CC (Scratch)
10th Evan Bartly Lakeland CC (Group 1)
11th Ruairi Power Omagh Wheelers(Group 1)

Thanks again to all the Marshalls for another safe race. The final road race league standings to follow shortly.
Next wednesday we will be running the Club Championships – details to follow and the final hill climb will be moved to the following week.

National A3 Championships
Raymond Dunlop and Jim Mohan travelled to Cong in Mayo to take part in the A3 national road race championships on Sunday 16th. The race was fast and aggressive from the start but Raymond attacked to bridge to the lead group where an attritional pace seen riders dropped one by one until Raymond was one of only 3 left but on the start of the last lap the main bunch caught the 3 breakaway leaders. Then as the race hit the last climb Jim attacked but couldn’t get enough of an advantage and had to settle for finishing in the main field. Raymond paid a little for his earlier efforts but another great showing from the lads – doing the club proud.

jim2 ray jim a3 nationals

Lakeland CC Road Race Round 8 – Wednesday 19th August 7pm

This is the re-scheduled final round of the club road race league – lisnaskea – carrybridge – derrylin – lisnaskea a quick 21 mile race to end the race season and the last chance for riders to push for an overall podium spot. Race sign on at Courtneys Garage Lisnanskea 6:45pm With race starting from Gola road. Club marshalls for this round Charlie Pincombe and Kenny Boylan.

road race 8

Interclub Update
There was a mistake with the B race results – after a review it is Lakeland CC that win the Team Prize in the B race – Massive Well done Lads – all the hard work paid off.


Inter Club Final Round – Omagh

Last round of this years Inter Club league took place on Thursday evening hosted by Omagh wheelers. With Lakeland cc vying for the B league Team win and the also in the hunt for the Individual win in the B race the club was well represented. And with sunshine greeting the riders even the guys from the Omagh 3 day team returned in the A race to have another go at the climb over Gortin.
The A race was off first with Kenny Boylan, Charlie Pincombe, Brian Kellett and Mark McGirr in the first group of 20 riders and Lakeland were active on the front of this group. The chasing group broke up with only 2 riders bridging across before the ascent of Gortin with Raymond Dunlop at the head of affairs showing some good form. The leading group broke into a couple of groups over the climb with Kenny and Raymond staying in and contesting the finish, Raymond taking second on the night and Conor sprice rounded out the top ten near the front of a bunch that also contained Kenny. Jim Mohan led in the next small bunch on the road with Brian just behind. Charlie and Mark were in just after that.
Meanwhile in the B race a tactical cat and mouse game was unfurling with attacks being covered until an Omagh rider got away to take a solo victory. Behind Kyle fisher did all he could to take second and hope it would be enough for the individual prize unfortunately he was pipped to the title by Harps Rider Brian Mitchell by 1 point. A great effort by Kyle in his first year racing and on under 16 gears too.
Lakeland were well represented in the top ten with Donal Brogan taking 7th spot followed by Lee Somerville in 8th and Darren Tapp rounding out the top 10 – there was an anxious wait to see if the remaining positions would be enough to hold onto the lead in the Team competition and again it wasnt to be as Team Lakeland were edged out by Omagh Wheelers – a great effort.


Interclub Round 5 – 13th August Omagh Wheelers

The focus remains on Omagh this week as the final round of this years Interclub league takes place on Thursday 13th August. Race Start 7:30pm sharp. Sign on at youth sport omagh on cookstown road. Dont forget your race numbers!
One last push the lads in the B race currently are 13 points clear at the top so every riders time will count. And Kyle Fisher currently sits second in the individual standings in the b league only 3 points adrift. Good luck all.

Omagh 3 Day – Stage 4 – More climbing!!!

Day 3 and Team Lakeland were out early for Stage 4 of the Tour of Omagh. Kenny sitting in 20th was looking to retain his position the other guys were looking at hanging in over the 43 mile route one with a bit more climbing than yesterday. Brian, Paul and Mark lost some time on the main bunch but all finished a tough event in good spirits. Kenny meanwhile showed his experience again holding onto the main bunch and despite slipping towards the back of the pack as the race hit the Gortin climb he hung in a group of only 30 riders to move up to 16th on GC and take the first unplaced Master.
A tough few days for the guys but they have already started thinking about returning next year. Thanks again to Donnelly Brothers Enniskillen for the Team car and to Paul and Danny for all their help over the 3 days much appreciated by all in the team. And a massive thanks to everyone in Omagh Wheelers for a great event.

Capture2 ACapture1 Capture

Omagh 3 Day – Stage 3

After the morning time trial the focus returned to the road race for stage 3 of this years tour of Omagh. The weather started to turn just before the start to leave the roads wet and greasy for the rolling circuit but it was to be the wind that would do the real damage with strong cross winds causing echelons to form and splits in the group. Some of the lakeland riders found themselves on the backfoot early on but managed to get back to the main bunch just in time for the first KOH where the race split again more battling to get back on and then fighting to stay on drained the legs as cross winds turned to head winds, the second climb seen Brian Kellett and Paul Carron lose contact with the bunch. Mark McGirr was detached later on leaving Kenny Boylan the only lakeland rider to finish in the front bunch which closed down the break in the closing kilometres.Kenny Boylan is now sitting 20th in GC. Mark McGirr finished 1:44 down moving him up to 60th Brian lost 5:34 and drops to 74th and Paul Carron climbs to 110th. A seriously tough stage – one more stage to go well done lads.
Thanks again to the support crew for their help today.


Omagh 3 Day – Time Trial Stage 2

Tour of Omagh day 2 and it was an early start for the guys with a short Time Trial to kick things off. The route on the dromore omagh road was 2.5 miles in length first lakeland rider off was brian kellett who posted a time of 5:45 good enough for 29th place on the day, Mark McGirr was out next and posted a time of 5:48 to take 35th place. Paul Carron came in in 6:02 to finish 68th. Last lakeland rider out was Kenny Boylan and he set the time of 5:43 quickest of the team and took 26th. Stage 2 results left Kenny in 23rd in GC with Brian Kellett in 26th both climbing over 40 places, Mark has climbed to 75th and Paul up to 120th. The Lakeland team were 7th over all in the Time Trial.

king kenny tt

Omagh 3 day – Stage 1

The lads have completed stage 1 of this years tour of omagh this evening. The race was a frantic affair with the early sprint keeping the pace high. Followed by the first KOH Brian went for this but was too far back but was better placed on the second climb over scraghey where he again went for it taking 7th place and on the final KOH was 13th over the summit.
The first KOH caused a split in the pack and unfortunately Mark McGirr and Paul Carron were on the wrong side of it but worked hard to limit their losses. Brian and Kenny Boylan came in in the front group in the same time as the stage winner.

Massive thanks to Paul McMulkin and Club Sponsor Donnellys Enniskillen for providing a Team car and also to Paul and Danny Browne for driving and providing backup to the team – very much appreciated.
Tomorrow is a 2 stage affair with a short Time trial in the morning followed by another road race in the afternoon.

FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender (1) IMG-20150807-WA0015 IMG-20150807-WA0013

Donegal around the houses race

With the lakeland race on wednesday postponed and the improved weather on Thursday some of the guys made the trip to ballyshannon to take in the around the houses race hosted by Donegal Bay. A circuit made tough by the number of times the riders were to face the steep climb up through the town. The guys failed to make it into the decisive break but were well placed at the front of the chase group with Conor Sprice taking the sprint and 5th overall. Just behind Conor was Kyle Fisher who took the prize of first Junior rider. Raymond Dunlop after some earlier attacking finished just inside the top 10 with Charlie Pincombe not far behind.


Omagh 3 Day

Lakeland CC have a strong well balanced Team in for the Omagh 3 day this weekend Paul Carron, Mark McGirr, Kenny Boylan and Brian Kellett. The racing kicks off on Friday evening with stage 1 – good luck lads from all in the club.

Irish Summer Weather

Unfortunately due to the bad weather this evening we have postponed round 8 of the clubs road race league. In the interests of rider safety we felt that the standing water on various parts of tonights course posed too great a risk. We hope to run this round in the coming weeks details to follow. Thanks.

Lakeland CC Road Race League reaches finale

Round 7 of the Lakeland road race league turned out to be one of the fastest races of the club season and Raymond Kerr took 2nd on the night but importantly he was first lakeland rider home and now has an unassailable 30 point lead in the league and retains the title for 2015.
With one round remaining the battle for the other podium places is hotting up anything could happen in the remaining league road race tomorrow night.


Lakeland CC Road Race Round 8 – Wednesday 5th August 7pm
Final round of the club road race league – lisnaskea – carrybridge – derrylin – lisnaskea a quick 21 mile race to end the race season and the last chance for riders to push for an overall podium spot. Race sign on at Courtneys Garage Lisnanskea 6:45pm With race starting from Gola road. Club marshalls for this round Charlie Pincombe and Kenny Boylan.

road race 8

Lakeland CC Road Race League Round – 7 Wednesday 29th July 7pm

This week is the penultimate round of this years road race league with another new route this time from Irvinestown through dromore turning on the Omagh road back to lack ederney kesh lisnarick and back to Irvinestown. A 30 mile route that should prove to be fast one. Signon at the Bawnacre 6:45. Club Marshalls for this round Dessie Orr and Paul Carron.


2015 Lakeland Club Championships competition hots up

The final round of the time trial league on wednesday also seen Raymond Kerr consolidate his position at the top of the Club Championship League. Raymond Dunlop was next lakeland rider home and this moves Raymond up to 7th the only other rider to move up the rankings in the top 10. Young riders Charlie and Kyle continued their battle with only 2 points seperating them. The gaps in the top 10 are all marginal with 2 remaining road races and a hill climb the battle for the podium looks set to go down to the wire.

club champs15 after 11 rounds total minus 2 worst rounds

Lakeland CC Time Trail Classification 2015

Wednesday night seen all the riders battle it out for the podium in the time trial league. All eyes were on the contenders would Conor Sprice have the legs to hold onto top spot after his holiday? Would Raymond Kerr be able to challenge after a tough weekend at the mountain bike nationals? Would Brian Kellett have the legs after the previous nights 10 mile TT in Omagh and could Jim Mohan hold onto a Podium position?

In the end Conor Sprice took 5th on the night but as Raymond Kerr took 2nd Conor managed to hang onto the top spot taking 1st place. Raymond Kerrs performance moved him up to 2nd place pushing Brian Kellett into 3rd place to make his first ever Lakeland overall podium.

Overall Lakeland Time Trial Positions

1st Conor Sprice
2nd Raymond Kerr
3rd Brian Kellett
4th Jim Mohan
5th Kieran McGory
6th Derek Fluke
= Trevor Topping
= Mark McGirr
9th Niall Murphy
10th Charlie Pincombe
11th Paul Beaumont
12th Paul Carron
13th Raymond Dunlop
14th Kyle Fisher
15th Kenny Boylan
16th Evan Bartley
= Roger Monaghan
18th Lee Somerville
19th Michael Farry

final TT standings Lakeland CC 2015

Final Lakeland Club league Time trial Round
The final round of this seasons time trial league took place this wednesday evening on a new course between Dernawilt cross and Donagh. A fast surface and with all the final podium positions up for grabs in a closely fought battle all those vying for the win were out in attendance. On the Night it was visiting rider Martin Sherry from Emyvale that took maximum points in a time of 22.18 followed by Raymond Kerr in 23.48 closely followed by Raymond Dunlop the only other rider under 24 minutes in 23.53

Stage Results

1st Martin Sherry Emyvale CC 22.18
2nd Raymond Kerr Lakeland CC 23.48
3rd Raymond Dunlop Lakeland CC 23.53
4th Les Brown Phoenix CC 24.18
5th Conor Sprice Lakeland CC 24.25
6th Kenny Boylan Lakeland CC 24.45
7th Kieran McGrory Lakeland CC 25.03
8th Brian Kellett Lakeland CC 25.33
9th Jim Mohan Lakeland CC 26.46
10th Charlie Pincombe Lakeland CC 26.53
11th Seamus McElroy Killylough CC 26.55
12th Tommy Downey Dromara CC 26.59
13th Kyle Fisher Lakeland CC 27.34
14th Paul Carron Lakeland CC 27.39
15th Niall Murphy Lakeland CC 28.26

Brilliant Results by everyone – thanks to all the Marshalls time keepers and organisers. The final Lakeland TT 2015 League table will be posted shortly.


Omagh Wheelers Time Trail Tuesday 21st July

More good TT results for Lakeland Riders Aoibheann Bartley and Brian Kellett in Omagh Wheelers 10 mile TT tonight. Aiobheann took 10th place in a time of 25.28 while Brian was 8th in 24.58 there were strong winds but the guys still put in great times. Thanks to all in Omagh Wheelers for another great and safe event.


Final round of Lakeland CC Time trial League

Wednesday night sees the final round of this seasons Lakeland Time trial League and it sees the riders cover 10 miles from dernawilt cross to donagh and back. Sign on is at the shop at Dernawilt cross roads and club Marshall on the night is Trevor Topping.


Irish Mountain Bike XC Nationals

Lakeland riders Raymond Kerr and Brian Kellett made the trip to Tipperary on Sunday to take part in the mountain bike nationals. A day of savage climbs with over 800 feet of climbing in each of the four 3.5 mile laps. The descent took the riders down a black downhill course with rock gardens jumps bermed switchbacks and steep rooty sections so the guys were kept on their toes throughout. Brian was 14th in the Masters category and Raymond took the line in the SuperMasters category in a brilliant 6th place just missing out on the podium in his first mtb nationals.


Lakelands Leading Lady takes Silver in the Ulster TT champs

Evan Bartley was in action on Sunday in Donegal at the 10 mile Time Trial Championships and in setting a new PB of 24:54 took silver in the Senior Category. Another great result in a very successful season for Evan, well done


Lakeland CC Club Championship Standings

With the club season in full swing the overall points standings across the 3 disciplines of Time Trial, Road Race and Hill Climb are staring to take shape. With the club champion position currently being occupied by Raymond Kerr but with 4 events remaining it is still all to play for.

club champs15 after 10 rounds total minus 2 worst rounds

Road Race League Standings after round 6

Kenny Boylan jumped up the rankings to 2nd in the standings after taking the win in round 5. Jim Mohan was another big mover rising to joint 2nd after taking the sprint to take 4th place in round 6. Raymond Kerr remains out front but the gap has been eaten into by the chasers and it isn’t a done deal yet. All down the standings the gaps are small with riders battling each other and there is sure to be more changes in the remainder of the season.

road race league after 6 rounds

Lakeland RR Round 6

Wednesday 15th July – Road Race league Round 6 and another new route – Lisnaskea – donagh – roslea – brookborough – lisnaskea – 35miles and more climbing! Sign on at Courtneys Garage Lisnanskea 7pm.

Club Marshals on the night Roger Monaghan and Evan Bartley.

Interclub Round 4 Thursday Night

Sign on 09Th July 2015
Cookstown Cycles
Kilcronagh Ind Est
BT80 9HG…/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x00000000000000…
Sign on Open from 6.30-7.15
Race starting 7.30 Sharp
• A Race Grp 3 followed by Grp 4 (handicapped)
• B Race Grp 1 followed by Grp 2 (handicapped)

• Riders in the B race MUST bring the numbers they got in the previous interclubs – new riders will be allocated a number
• Riders in A race MUST bring their CI numbers
• Please note all riders must show their race number at sign on

Groups are all PRE ALLOCATED, simply sign in and check your number & group

Same as last year, 4 complete laps of the lumpy Sandholes circuit 7.3 Miles / lap
Please note start will be on Kilcronagh Road and finish is just past the Cement Works.


individual standings

team standings

Lakeland Road Race League Returns – Wednesday 1st July

Round 5 of the Lakeland road race league proved to be serious test of credentials of the 17 riders signed on. Starting with the drag up past the Graan brae the pace was hard from the gun in all the groups as the front group bid to escape the catch while the second group 6 minutes back working hard to close the gap and Scratch a further 4 minutes back still smarting from failing to make the catch in round 4 were determined not to be given the slip again. The first serious splits appeared on the climb over knockmore, the middle group saw two riders escape and bridge across to the first of the front group on the descent but on the run in to Belcoo scratch made the catch and the remaining riders in the front group were swept up before the second climb up the devils S. The second climb coupled with the heat and the pace seen the group split apart again. A strong group remained in contention on the descent through Boho when Raymond Dunlop made a break for glory but was closed down, next to attack was Kieran McGrory but again to no avail. Kenny Boylan made the decisive move taking the win ahead of Kieran McGory with visiting rider from Pierrre Kinsella of Sheelin Flyers taking 3rd.

1st Kenny Boylan Lakeland CC (Group 2)
2nd Kieran McGrory Lakeland CC (Scratch)
3rd Pierre Kinsella Sheelin Flyers (Scratch)
4th Raymond Kerr Lakeland CC (Scratch)
5th Charlie Pincombe Lakeland CC (Group 2)
6th Alan Nevin Sheelin Flyers (Scratch)
7th Kyle Fisher Lakeland CC (Group 2)
8th Mark McGirr Lakeland CC (Group 2)
9th Marin McBride Lakeland CC (Front Group)
10th Raymond Dunlop Lakeland CC (Scratch)
11th Brian Kellett Lakeland CC (Group 2)
12th Seamus McGovern Smugglers (Group 2)
13th Paul McMulkin Lakeland CC (Front Group)
14th Chris Kelly Lakeland CC (Front Group)
15th Paul Beaumont Lakeland CC (Front Group)
16th Kenny Donaldson Lakeland CC (Front Group)
17th Evan Bartley Lakeland CC (Front Group)

Thanks to all the Marshalls for a safe race. Another great nights racing well done everyone. Next week sees round 4 of the interclub league details to follow.

road race 5

Evan Takes 10th at National Time Trial Championships

Congratulations to Evan Bartley who was 10th in the National Womens Time Trial championships tonight against an elite field of competitors despite dropping her chain. Great result well done Evan.


Lakeland CC Hill Climb Championship Round 2 – Wednesday 24th June.

The second round of the Lakeland CC hill climb league took place tonight and it was a real testing course 7.5 miles in length and 1200 foot of vertical climbing from fivemiletown to the top of Carn Rock and all into a cross head wind, a tough night.
Raymond Dunlop took the honours crossing the line just 6 seconds ahead of Raymond Kerr with Kieran McGrory taking 3rd spot.

1st Raymond Dunlop (27:24) Lakeland CC
2nd Raymond Kerr (27:30) Lakeland CC
3rd Kieran McGrory (27:49) Lakeland CC
4th Kenny Boylan (28:00) Lakeland CC
5th Jim Mohan (28:20) Lakeland CC
6th Brian Kellett (28:42) Lakeland CC
7th Kyle Fisher (28:44) Lakeland CC
8th Charlie Pincombe(29:04) Lakeland CC
9th Eugene Power (29:25) Caldwell CC
10th Ruairi Power (29:51) Omagh Wheelers
11th Paul Carron (31:06) Lakeland CC

Thanks as always to the Marshalls and time keepers



Lakeland Riders tackle 173km route in Giro D’italia Gran Fondo 

Some of the guys in action in the gran fondo – well done great effort


Lakeland 1 & 2 at Melvin TT

Ray Dunlop was 1st in the Melvin cycling club 20 km time trail on Sunday 21st .Aoibheann Bartley was 1st lady and got 2nd overall. Very windy conditions. Thanks to Melvin cycling club in a good course and we’ll run. Great job.


Lakeland Road Race League Round 4
Wednesday nights road race took in the Lakeland GP circuit a 41 mile demanding route. A seven man well drilled front group took to the roads and still maintained a 2 minute lead on an aggressive middle group of 5 riders at the first junction over 18 miles in but that lead was whittled down on the 4 mile climb up Glenashaever with the first of the front group caught before the summit and the rest in sight. The catch was made to the remaining riders out front at the bottom of the descent and a group of 10 riders set about trying to hold off scratch in the remaining 8 miles. Scratch were working well too though and with 5 strong a3 riders they were eating into the lead but with a few miles to go it seemed that the leaders were not going to be caught. With cramp affecting some of the riders on the run in the leaders hung on with Charlie Pincombe taking his first victory of the season ahead of Kenny Boylan and Niall Murphy holding off Chris Kelly to take third place. Scratch came in 34 seconds later with Eugene Power taking the sprint ahead of Jim Mohan. A great nights racing – thanks as ever to the Marshalls and organisers for another terrific race.

1st Charlie Pincombe Lakeland CC Group2
2nd Kenny Boylan Lakeland CC Group2
3rd Niall Murphy Lakeland CC Front Group
4th Chris Murphy Lakeland CC Front Group
5th Brian Kellett Lakeland CC Group2
6th Martin McBride Lakeland CC Front Group
7th Mark McGirr Lakeland CC Group2
8th Paul Beaumount Lakeland CC Front Group
9th Danny Browne Lakeland CC Front Group
10th Kyle Fisher Lakeland CC Front Group
11th Eugene Power Caldwell CC Scratch
12th Jim Mohan Lakeland CC Scratch
13th Conor Sprice Lakeland CC Scratch
14th Kieran McGrory Lakeland CC Scratch
15th Ray Dunlop Lakeland CC Scratch
16th Tommy Downey Dromara CC Group2
17th Dessie Orr Lakeland CC Front Group

Next week sees the 3rd round of this years Interclub series hosted by East Tyrone on thursday – details to follow.

Irish Mountain Bike National Points Series Round 3 – Wicklow
The Irish Mountain Bike series returned to Glendalough on Sunday past for round 3. Brian Kellett was the only Lakeland Rider to make the trip for this round. The course was 90% technical single track with a maze of roots, rock features, north shore, switch back climbs and swooping bermed descents – mountain bike paradise. The tricky nature of the course seen Brian crash a few times and lose some ground and while working back up through the field had a close encounter with a tree on the final lap but still managed a top 30 finish in a field of over 70 riders


Wicklow 200

Well done to Roger Monaghan on completing the Wicklow 200 yesterday 200km and nearly 2800m of climbing – Kudos a tough day in the saddle.

Lakeland CC Road Race Round 4
After last weeks Time Trial this week sees the return of the road racing league with Round 4 running from silverhill enniskillen around the lakeland Grand Prix course climbing over glenashaever – at over 40 miles its should provide another great nights racing.
Sign on at the silverhill sewage depot off the shore road 7pm.
Marshals for this round are Conrad Cadden and Raymond Kerr


After Wednesdays time trial here is the updated club standings in the Time trial league.

lakeland cc TT (visitors) league 2015 lakeland cc TT league 2015

Ulster Mountain Bike Series round 3

Some of the clubs Mountain bikers were also in action last weekend as round 3 of this seasons Ulster cross country league travelled to belfast. Lady Dixon park was the venue and unfortunately the heavy rain turned parts of the course into a mud bath but the guys werent put off. Raymond Kerr lined up on the front row of the s2 grid after taking the win in round 2 and got off to a good start and battled all the way round taking a hard fought 2nd place, the mud tyres worked a treat. Brian Kellett went off in the s3 race unfortuanately had some early mechanical issues and no mud tyres but managed to work his way up to 16th.
The results to date mean that Raymond is sitting in 1st place in the S2 league with 2 rounds remaining while Brian is currently 11th in the s3 category.
The guys will be in action again in the Irish National Points Series in Wicklow this coming weekend.

bkellett ladyd1 rkerr lady d1 rkerr lady d2

Lakeland CC 25 mile Time Trial
A small band of committed testers gathered in Belcoo tonight for round 2 of this seasons Lakeland Time trial League. Conditions were perfect as the riders prepared to tackle the 25 mile course and the times reflected this with everyone recording quick times.
First rider home was Emyvales Patrick McKenna with an incredible tim eof 54.33 followed in second place by his team mate Martin Sherry also breaking the hour mark with 59.42 and 3rd place was Les Brown of Phoenix in 1:01.43 with Conor Sprice the first Lakeland rider home in 4th in a time of 1:02.57

1st Patrick McKenna (Emyvale CC) 0:54.33
2nd Martin Sherry    (Emyvale CC) 0:59.42
3rd Les Brown           (Phoenix CC) 1:01.43
4th Conor Sprice       (Lakeland CC) 1:02.57
5th Brian Kellett       (Lakeland CC) 1:05.32
6th Jim Mohan         (Lakeland CC) 1:07.30
7th Evan Bartley      (Lakeland CC) 1:09.37
8th Kevin McGlynn (Donegal Bay) 1:10.18
9th Paul Beaumont  (Lakeland CC) 1:10.40
10th Niall Murphy   (Lakeland CC) 1:13.23
11th Aidan McAleer (Melvin CC) 1:13.51

Thanks to the Marshalls and time keepers for ensuring a safe well run race.


Evan in action in National TT test Event

Well done to Evan Bartley who was in action in the Omagh Wheelers National TT test event on Sunday recording a fantastic time of 67:57:00 on a very tough route.

evan tt

Lakeland 25mile TT – Wednesday 3rd June 2015 – 7pm

Wednesday night sees the second round of this years Lakeland Time trial league with the return of the 25 mile out and back route between Belcoo and Garrison. Club Marshall on the night is Derek Fluke. sign on 7pm in front of school on railway road.

25mile TT

Lakeland Skinsuit
There has been interest expressed by club members in getting a club skinsuit for time trials. So we have had Pactimo design the ascent skin suit in Lakeland Colours it is the long sleeve version and is £99. There is a sizing kit which will be in Lakeland Bikes from Tomorrow Tuesday 2nd June can all those who have already committed to buying one please use this opportunity to fit on the kit so they order the correct size and the sooner the sizes are decided the sooner the shop can be re-opened and the kit ordered.
We have already met the minimum order quantity but if anyone else would like to get a skinsuit they are more than welcome to try the sizing key too.

With road race round 3 this week – here is the table as it stands so far.

lakeland 2015 rr league table

Lakeland CC Road Race Round 3

After last weeks Interclub this week sees ther return of the Lakeland Road Race League. This wednesday the season continues with the route from derrylin – kinawley – ballyconnell – belturbet – derrylin the route is a firm club favourite a single 32 mile circuit. Sign on at layby in front of ST Aidans School Derrylin first group on the road just after 7pm. Club Marshals for this round are Brian Haughey and Tom White.
Please make sure you bring your Cycling Ireland License – License number MUST be entered on the sign on Sheet. Entry £3

roadrace round 3 2015

Interclub Round 2

Thursday night seen round 2 of this years interclub hosted by Island Wheelers on the Ballycrummy circuit. The A race was first out on the road with 2 lakeland riders in the front group and 5 in the chase group it was always going to be a big ask to have a major impact on the team standings but the guys were involved in the major breaks with Raymond Dunlop and Raymond Kerr particularly active. The race came down to a sprint as the breaks were pulled back and all the club riders were in the bunch but couldn’t force their way to the front.
The B race was an equally fast race and the club was again well represented and well placed in the team standings from round one the guys worked really well to consolidate their position and were pipped into second by the hosts on the night and moved within 4 points of the team leaders overall. Two riders new to racing this season for the club were well positioned after round 1 in the individual standings and were in contention again Cormac McLaughlin was again in the points in 9th place on the night and is sitting 9th overall. Meanwhile Kyle Fisher improved on round 1 to take 2nd place on the night and now moves into top spot on the B leagues general classification
Some great riding across the board in some very competitive racing. Thanks to the Hosts and Marshalls on the night

INDIVIDUAL GC round 2 individuals round 2 team results TEAM GC

Team Lakeland in action at the Emyvale GP

Team Lakeland were well represented in the Emyvale GP in Monaghan on Sunday 17th May. Kieran McGrory, Raymond Kerr and Charlie Pincombe were in action in the A3 race all had strong rides. Brian Kellett was in the A4 race got held up by a crash but managed to get back to finish in the main bunch. But ride of the day goes to Evan Bartley who went in the womens race and was just pipped for 3rd finishing in 4th place. Here is a video of all the races on the day.


Wednesday 13th May Lakeland Road Race round 2

Quick on the heels of round 1 this week sees round 2 of the Lakeland Road race league and it sees the return of the popular belcoo – garrison – kiltyclougher – glenfarne – blacklion route 29.3miles of a rolling circuit. An unpredictable race with wins in recent years coming from the front group and the middle group showing that the big guns dont always get it their own way. Sign on at the car park beside the toilets in Belcoo 6:45 – 7pm
Club race Marshalls for this round are Peter Jones and Michael Coyle


Lakeland CC Road Race Round 1

Wednesday evening saw the first club road race of the season, it was a longer version of the normal Lisnaskea – Dernawilt x – Knocks – Lisnaskea route of recent years which took in some extra climbs and descended nutfield to the brookborough road to finish on the run in to Lisnaskea. After recent wet weather the riders were rewarded with dry conditions but a stiff breeze meant the return leg wouldn’t be entirely straight forward.
There was a good sized front group of 8 riders with a lot of new faces and a good mix of youth and experience with a 3 minute lead they would be difficult to catch. The middle group was next out with 3 riders but with good racing experience they set about cutting into the front groups lead with over half of the lead eaten away by the turn at dernawilt cross and the start of the climb. Meanwhile a strong scratch group started a further 3 minutes behind but being a bigger group they started to eat into the time. The front group split on the climb and then further broken on the rolling hills through the knocks

Kenny Boylan was driving hard from the middle group and both him and Brian Kellett had caught half of the front group with four riders within striking distance when scratch made the catch just before nutfield cross. The group turned onto the brookborough – lisnaskea road sweeping up the remainder of the front group on the run in. The cat and mouse game started with a few attacks goign off before Raymond Kerr made the decisive move attacking on a samll incline and gapping the field to take the win. Behind the bunch sprint wound up with new rider Cormac McLaughlin taking the sprint ahead of Jim Mohan in 3rd.

1 Raymond Kerr Lakeland CC (Scratch)
2 Cormac McLaughlin Lakeland CC (Front Group)
3 Jim Mohan Lakeland CC (Scratch)
4 Eugene Power Caldwell CC (Scratch)
5 Kyle Fisher Lakeland CC (Front Group)
6 Conor Sprice Lakeland CC (Scratch)
7 Charlie Pincombe Lakeland CC (Scratch)
8 Brian Kellett Lakeland CC (Middle Group)
9 Chris Kelly Lakeland CC (Front Group)
10 Kenny Boylan Lakeland CC (Middle Group)
11 Kenny Donnell Lakeland CC (Front Group)
12 Ruari Power Omagh Wheelers (Front Group)
13 Mark McGirr Lakeland CC (Middle Group)
14 Malcolm McCann Lakeland CC (Front Group)
15 Danny Browne Lakeland CC (Front Group)
16 Paul McMulkin Lakeland CC (Front Group)
17 Aiobheann Barttley Lakeland CC (Front Group)
DNF Conrad Cadden Lakeland CC (Scratch)

Great nights racing well done to all the riders and thanks to all the marshalls, lead car and finish line team that made for a very safe nights racing. Apologies for the mapping issues for tonights race slightly shorter than we thought.

Next week sees road race round 2 around the ever popular Belcoo – Garrison – Rosinver – Glenfarne – Blacklion route. More climbing and this one is definitely 29.3miles clum marshalls on this one are Peter Jones and Michael Coyle – there will also be a post on next weeks event closer to the time.

photo (3)

Lakeland Riders get top ten’s in Irish Mountain bike series

Lakeland Mountain bikers made the trip to Connemara for the latest round of the Irish national points series at the weekend. Having missed the previous round neither Raymond Kerr in S2 or Brian Kellett in s3 were gridded so would have to start from the back of the field.
Inevitably the lads got stuck in traffic as the first muddy single track section was very early in the lap and the leaders were able to escape in both races. Raymond was first out on course and set about fighting his way back up through the ranks and despite the odds being against him he managed to fight back to finish 7th. Brian Kellett was second out and faced the same problems and in a field of almost 40 riders in the s3 race he set about attacking the brutal climb on each lap and finished in 10th place. Great results that should help with a better gridding for the next round.

Ebkellett_delphi2 Crkerr_delphi2 Bbkellett_delphi1 Drkerr delphi2 Arkerr_delphi

Lakeland CC Club road race league round 1

Lakeland CC road race round 1 in the club league sees a variation of the popular knocks race of recent years – but lengthened a bit to 27 miles, oh and some extra climbing. Sign on is at Courtneys Garage Lisnaskea at 7pm. Race progresses through Donagh, Dernawilt cross through the knocks back to Lisnaskea. Event open to anyone as long as they have the correct cycling Ireland license, entry £3. Club Marshalls on the night Ray Pauley and Kieran McGrory

road race 1

Yeats Tour of Sligo

Good to see some of the guys braving the weather and the hills to take part in the Yeats tour of Sligo yesterday.

sligo3 sligo2 bhaughey

Lakeland CC at Clogher Valley GP 

Well done to the lakeland team at the Clogher Valley GP yesterday despite the bad weather. Conor Sprice was well positioned coming in for the sprint in the A3 race but got boxed in and had to settle for finishing in the bunch. Kieran McGrory was out again and he too finished in the bunch.
Mark McGirr was in action in the A4 race but unfortunately came down in a crash near the end but luckily isn’t injured. Paul Carron was also in action in the A4 and rode hard on the front of affairs and avoided the crash behind to take 9th place in the sprint, great result.

a3sprint kmcgrory pcarron

Lakeland Hill Climb Round 1

Wednesday night seen the resumption of the club league with the first round of the hill climb league. Arctic conditions seen the hard men of the club take to the start line. Kieran McGrory showed the hills in Donegal had not taken their toll as he took 3rd place on the night with Jim Mohan just 4 seconds ahead in second place, Conor Sprice followed up on an impressive display in the inter-club the previous week to take the win in 11 minutes 16 seconds.

1st Conor Sprice Lakeland CC 11.16

2nd Jim Mohan Lakeland CC 11.28

3rd Kieran McGrory Lakeland CC 11.32

4th Charlie Pincombe Lakeland CC 11.45

5th Kenny Boylan Lakeland CC 11.48

6th Raymond Kerr Lakeland CC 12.11

7th Brian Kellett Lakeland CC 12.15

8th Cormac McLaughlin Lakeland CC 12.34

Great times by all and a big thanks to the Marshalls that turned out despite the bad weather – greatly appreciated.

Screenshot003 photo (2)

Wed, 29 April, 19:00 (sign on Brookeborough village) – Second event in the club league sees the hill climbs move to mid week slot and at another new location in brookborough up Teagues hill a real leg burner over 3.2 miles – Club Marshall on the night is Darren Tapp


Lakeland Leisure Spin Sunday 26th

After the adventures of our Lakeland 2day stage race last weekend, the leisure runs are back on, starting Sunday morning at 10am sharp, meeting at Courtney’s Garage in Lisnaskea. Route will be decided on the morning, Brian Haughey will be leader on the day.


The Lakeland CC CLUB KIT store is open from 22nd April till 5th May at midnight. Remember all customised garments must meet 5pcs each, minimums will be waived only on garments which have the men’s and women’s correspondent design but one gender must meet the 5pcs.

One important thing, if you are using a visa debit, you should inform your bank otherwise your purchase transaction will be blocked by the bank believing it to be fraud. Pactimo are a US based clothing company and so banks will block the transaction to protect the client. When banks are informed prior to placing the order with us transactions go through with no incident. Visa and Master card are accepted but not American Express.

ENTERED ORDERS CAN’T BE CANCELLED, if a wrong size is entered we can alter it BEFORE we close the team store but not after the store has been closed.
Please follow these instructions:

Enter click my team store, then input “lakeland” password in the below window

or try this YouTube link for how to use the team store

The system will ask the person to register on-line and then your items will appear..

CURRENT LEAD TIME: 5 WEEKS from Art Approval and Final Order Entry

We would ask everyone to get their orders in as soon as possible the sooner we send off the order the sooner we will have it.
I would also ask if anyone wants/needs a skinsuit to let us know as it is subject to the min 5 piece order.
There are two different kits the ascent which is the cheaper and the Summit which is the more expensive race fit and especially to be aware of in the shorts the Summit is more expensive but has a much better Chamois.
To enter pactimo site http

Interclub round 1 standings

Great racing last night and good to see so many new faces in the Lakeland Colours. Great team effort in the B race with the team sitting second in many of the guys first competitive road race and Kyle Fisher 4th on the night and Cormac McGlaughlin 7th. A race almost finished in a bunch sprint despite the hill with Conor Sprice taking 5th and Kieran McGrory squeezing inside the top 10 with several riders just outside the individual placings.
































































































































2015 Interclub Round 1 – Lakeland

The racing comes thick and fast this week as the first round of the Interclub league follows hot on the heels of the lakeland 2 day. Round 1 is hosted by Lakeland Cycle Club and takes the same route as last year from Fivemiletown to Fintona over the mountain turning for tempo and cutting off through Clabby before turning back up the mountain a testing 26 mile route.

See below for interclub groups

ALL A RACE riders bring their CI Numbers (1 number is ok)
B RACE will be given numbers on the night to keep for the season – (bring pins)

First race is this Thursday night race starts at 7 sharp – sign on from 6 in five mile town car park

Club kit must be worn but as the new members of Lakeland have yet to get the chance to buy club kit there is special dispensation for the first 2 rounds allowing them to wear their own kit. Bring your license no license no race and entry fee is £3


McIntyre Cleans Up at Lakeland 2 Day

The final stage of the Lakeland 2 day stage race got underway this afternoon in beautiful sunsshine. Following the morning’s time trial Jake Gray of NRPT was in yellow with team-mate Aaron Swan wearing the Points Jersey. Racing went from the drop of the flag with Saturday’s most Combative rider, Nicky Gormley (Carn Wheelers) going on an early charge. The bunch were wise to him by now and simply sat on behind him and no matter how hard he tried this time he could not shake them off. The effect was to line th ebunch out for a considerable time.

Next up to give it a lash was another Carn Wheelers rider, Eunan McAleese. He evenually managed to open a gap of almost forty seconds before being reeled back in.

Mention of Fermanagh and Cavan brings to mind rivers and lakes but as the race moved between these two counties today we were to discover there is a lot more to them than just water. The route was rolly and incorporated some tough climbs such as Bellavalley. This was a long hard drag and it helped to string out the riders. A crash on the descent of this climb saw a few broken bikes and DNF’s although thankfully no-one was seriously hurt.

Jake Gray and Aaron Swan did their best to control the race and there was some aggressive riding by both of them. However with only 16 seconds separating the top twenty riders on GC there was everything to play for and those in contention were letting nothing get away.

The final climb of the day up to Doon was changed so the riders ascended from the shorter side due to a funeral taking place on the route. While the original climb was a torturous series of ramps up the alternative route stil provided a test of climbing skill and aggression. It was on this climb that Cameron McIntyre of Banbridge CC finally took the bit between the teeth and went for it. He opened up a gap on the main field which rose to 28 seconds making him Yellow on the road as he was only three seconds down at the start of the day. This young mountain biker put all his climbing skills to the test and crested the hill  a clear winner.

Marc Heaney of Carn Wheelers was a second or two too slow and just missed jumping on McItyre’s wheel. However he too cleared the bunch to take a well deserved second place. Had it not been for his involvement in the crash on Stage 1 where he lost a minute and a half he could well have taken second overall. John Fitzpatrick of CKR Racing was third while Peter Morrison of Northern Dave Kane was fourth. Young Junior Jack O’Neill of Caldwell Cycles was fifth on stage putting in an excellent ride against tough opposition.

In the end McIntyre took the Mountains Jersey and the Best Junior as well as the Yellow jersey – not a bad haul for a young man in his first year of road racing.

Carn Wheelers  were named best team ahead of Lakeland CC and Caldwell Cycles Omagh.

Most unfortunate rider was Joash Lawrence of North Down. An unfortunate slip in the TT stage saw him land , painfully, in the brambles while today he came down in the crash leaving half his skin on th eroad. In spite of all this he could only complain that he lost time because of it. Will Hamilton of North Down puctured at the bottom of Bellavalley climb and expended all his energy trying to get back on which he finally managed to do. Other Juniors to the fore were Jody Evans of Spires who had a good race finishing 13th on stage and 7th overall while Jack O’Neill  of Caldwell Cycles was 10th on GC.

Such an excellent event does not run by itself and the team at Lakeland headed up Tom White pulled out all the stops to ensure that this was a great race. I was asked last week why stage race entry fees are high and perhaps when you look at the organisation it takes to run such an event you would understand.

There  were dozens of marshalls around the course as well as plenty of motorbike marshalls. The riders and spectators and officials were treated to a sit down roast chicken dinner while they waited for the presentations.

Commissaires on the day, Paul Devenney, Mark Lamb and Tosh Lavery were very professional and carried out their duties in a fair manner dealing quickly with any problems and crashes.

There was a quick and accurate results service provided by Ian Barfioot, Alice Sherratt, Tom  Gordon Parker and Alicja Černák. All of these helpers have to be fed, watered, accommodated and paid for their time. The Emergency Ambulance Serive were also in attendance and not only was their prize money for the stages and categories there were also beautiful Belleek China trophies.

Well done to everyone at Lakeland for a very professional and wel run event.

Report Marian Lamb

Pics to Follow.

Top Ten on Stage 3

  1. McIntyre, Cameron     Banbridge            2h18’22”
  2. Heaney, Marc         Carn Wheelers         2h18’46”
  3. Fitzpatrick, John     CKR Cycling           2h18’46”   @ s/t
  4. Morrison, Peter       Dave Kane Northern     2h18’46”   @ s/t
  5. O’Neil, Jack         Caldwell Cycles Omagh 2h18’46”   @ s/t
  6. McComb, Ben           MAD Team Madigan           2h18’46”   @ s/t
  7. Duffy, Darren         Emyvale CCMcQ Tyres   2h18’46”   @ s/t
  8. Gray,Jake           NRPT         2h18’46”   @ s/t
  9. Orr,Rodney           Caldwell Cycles Omagh 2h18’46”   @ s/t
  10. Reid,Andrew         CCT                  2h18’46”   @ s/t

Top Ten on Final GC

  1. McIntyre, Cameron     Banbridge         4h46’36”
  2. Gray, Jake             NRPT     4h46’57”       @21″
  3. Reid, Andrew         CCT              4h46’58”       @22″
  4. Morrison, Peter      Dave Kane Northern   4h47’05”       @29″
  5. Fitzpatrick, John   CKR Cycling       4h47’10”
  6. McGlaughlin,John     3   CCT              4h47’12”       @36″
  7. Evans, Jody             Spires CC         4h47’25”       @49″
  8. McAleese, Eunan        Carn Wheelers     4h47’29”       @53″
  9. McGrory, Kieran          Lakeland A         4h47’32”       @56″
  10. O’Neil, Jack       Caldwell Cycles   4h47’34”       @58″

Gray Retains Yellow After TT Stage

Jake Gray of the Nicholas Roche team retained his Yellow jersey following today’s 2.5 mile time trial stage inthe Lakeland 2 day A3 stage race.

Gray, who was last man off, held onto Yellow by the smallest of margins when he won the TT in a time of 5’40.17″ a mere 0.25 of a second faster than Gerard McNally of Bann valley.

Andrew Reid of CCT put in an excellent performance to take third in a time of 5’41.97″ with Glen Howe of Bann Wheelers in fourth position a second later.

Banbridge Junior Cameron McIntyre took fifth ahead of CCT’s John McGlaughlin while Emmet Vallely (Square Wheels), Mervyn Linton (Ballymoney CC), Peter Morrison (Northern Dave Kane) and James Ambrose (North Down) completed the top ten.

This afternoon’s stage kicks off from the Share Centre at 2.30 to cover 55 hard miles with some tough climbs.

Report Marian Lamb

Gray Takes First Yellow in Lakeland 2 Day

Lakeland CC turned on the.sunshine this morning for one hundred riders who turned up at the Share Centre to sign-on for the Lakeland 2 Day stage race for A3 riders. Today’s stage would cover sixty miles of scenic roads around the lakes and rivers of Fermanagh.

The race had hardly begun when three riders leapt off the front and began to open a gap on the main field. These included Barry Hamilton (North Down CC), Nicky Gormley (Carn Wheelers) and Conor Sprice of Lakeland CC.  A couple of others bridged the gap but by the time they started on the first of the three laps of the circuit part of the course all but Nicky Gormley had been swallowed up by the peloton.

Gormley continued to drive it on his own for almost two laps opening up a gap of one minute twenty seconds at one point before he too was swallowed up. However this rider, who went from almost 22 stone to 13, and who is in his first year of racing went on to attack throughout the race. When bunch seemed to be content to sit up and wait for  the finish he kept on driving it so it was no wonder at the end of the event that he lifted the six points as most combatitive rider on the day.

Major movers in the bunch who helped to bring everything back together were Jake Gray and Aaron Swan of the Nicholas Roche Performance Team. A crash in the last five miles split the bunch a little but fortuantely no-one required hospitalisation.  Coming into the final uphill finishing strait Gray and Swan went to the front and drove hard to the line with Gray taking the win from Swan.

Shane Quinn of Longford took third ahead of East Tyrone’s Richard Archer while Banbridge Junior, Cameron McIntyre, was fifth. Damian Lagan of Inishfree Wheelers came sixth while Cookstown’s Alastaire Steele and John McGlaughlin were seventh and eighth. Glen Howe (Bann Wheelers) and Emmet Vallely (Square Wheels) completed the top ten.

Heading into tomorrow’s 2.4 mile TT stage Gray will be in Yellow, Swan will wear the Young rider jersey, Ronan Fitzpatrick (CKR Racing) will wear the Polka dot Jersey and Gormley will be in the Red Combatitive Jersey.  The TT stage kicks off at 9.00am withe riders going off in number order.

The final stage will take place in the afternoon with sign-on between 12.00 and 1.00pm and the race starting at 2.30pm. The race tomorrow will be fifty five miles with KOH climbs at Bellavalley and on the finish line. There is also an Intermediate sprint at Blunnick Road.

Another feature of this race is the number of father son combinations racing together such as Brian and Harry McComb (East Tyrone), Barry and Will Hamilton (North Down), Alan and Lee Somerville (East Tyrone) and John, Jack and Matthew O’Neill (Caldwell Cycles).

Lakeland CC had dozens of marshalls out along the route today and they did a great job. Many thanks to the results team of Ian, Alice, Gordon, Ali and Tom for sorting out the results and GC sheet.

Comms for the day who did a great job were Paul Devenney, Mark Lamb and Tosh Lavery who acted as moto comm for the day.

Special thanks to the staff at the Share Centre for their patience, to the PSNI for helping out and to the Emergency Ambulance Crew.

Report Marian Lamb

Pics to follow

Top Ten on Stage 1

  1. Jake Gray NRPT   2h22’31”
  2. Aaron Swan NRPT ST
  3. Shane Quinn Longford ST
  4. Richard Archer East TyroneC ST A
  5. Cameron McIntyre Banbridge ST
  6. Damien Lagan Inishowen Wheelers ST
  7. Alastair Steele CCT ST
  8. John McGlaughlin CCT ST
  9. Glen Howe Bann Wheelers ST
  10. Emmet Vallely Square Wheels ST

Lakeland1 2015

Raymond Kerr storms to the win in the Ulster XC Series

Last Weekend seen the return of the Ulster Mountain Bike cross country series and it was a short spin down the road to Colebrook estate for the lakeland team to a course that utilized much of the Lakeland course used at the start of the year. The S3 race seen Peter Jones, Brian Kellett and former lakeland rider Les Brown line up in a hotly contested race the pace was frantic as the riders battled for position but the conditions were tough with the previous nights heavy rain causing some parts of the course to cut up but as the pace settled it was Brian Kellett in 13th first lakeland rider home with Peter Jones taking 16th. Les placed 7th – a much muddier event than those sandy races in Abu Dhabi and Oman!
Meanwhile Raymond Kerr followed up his 4th place in the previous round by taking a well deserved win on home soil – great performance from start to finish as Lakelands rider of 2014 is showing no signs of slowing down in 2015.

rkerr uxc2-1rkerruxc2-3xcbkellettuxc1xcpjones uxc 2-1

Lakeland CC are promoting their 2 day race so there will be no Club Leisure cycle this weekend

Lakeland 2 Day Race Routes and Timings.

Due to unforeseen circumstances the finish line for tomorrows stage has been moved – the majority of the course remains as is it is just the finish. Sign on is at 11am until 12 noon tomorrow at the share centre lisnaskea race starts at 1pm


The approximate timings are attached for stage1 and stage 3. Stage 2 is riders on the road between Share Centre and 40 Mph signs in
Lisnaskea from 09:30 to 11:30.


Stage 1 Is a fairly flat stage starting from Share Centre the race is neutralized until after the second of the two bridges towards Derrylin. Race proceeds to Bellanaleck then 3 laps of the florencecourt circuits before returning to finish on road between Kinawley and Derrylin. 1 intermediate Sprint 2 king of the hills and sprint points on finish.stage1Sunday Morning Time Trial 2.4 mile from Race HQ at share centre to 40mph signs at Lisnaskea – 1st rider out at 9:30am

stage2Final stage on Sunday afternoon starts same point as stage 1 to Bellanaleck from Derrylin over Cuilcagh Mountain and finishing on Doon. 1 intermediate sprint and 2 King of the Hills including the finish


Lakeland 2 Day Pre Race Meeting

There is a meeting for next Wed 15th April at 7pm to discuss the 2 Day Race meeting is at lakeland Bikes.

Please make every effort to attend as there will be little time to explain on the day.

Marshals will have to move from point to point on both road stages AND there are some road diversions in place (bridge out) which will require people to have this route thought out.

I have made some provisional teams, but they may need to be changed if someone who knows the routes is needed.

Additionally there are drivers of various vehicles, and if you’ve a Donnelly’s car, then you’ll need to have licences arranged.
There is a provisional Marshalling Document .. there are a few adjustments to be made but this will be discussed at the meeting but you have been emailed it as it is and if you’ve got any comments please let Tom or Conrad know.. ideally before the meeting.

There are some other things we need to think about so anyone who wishes to put their hand up or is free,

1. Marshals to park cars so we can get race vehicles out in orderly fashion
2. Signon roles – we need to allocate race radios,team car sign on and draw, marshal sign on as well as rider sign on
3. Course prep between Sat/Sunday.

Plus obviously things like course prep and signage.

Lakeland Club 2015 Season off to a bright start

Lakeland Club Season kicked off on Wednesday evening with a 10 mile time trial on a new course for 2015 from St Angelo Airport and the riders were greeted with warm sunny conditions. Great to see some new faces for the new season. The course was challenging with some short inclines and a cross wind but the early times were all close visiting rider Patrick Withers was the first rider to break 25 minutes but Kieran McGrory was hot on his tail clocking 24.17 but right on his tail was Raymond Kerr with 23.41 and he took the win.

1st Raymond Kerr Lakeland 23.41
2nd Kieran McGrory Lakeland 24.17
3rd Patrick Withers West Tyrone 24.29
4th Conor Sprice Lakeland 25.03
5th Ian Ritchie Clogher Valley 25.40
6th Brian Kellett Lakeland 25.41
7th Roger Monaghan Lakeland 26.21
8th Paul Carron Lakeland 26.49
9th Jim Mohan Lakeland 26.52
10th Charlie PincombeLakeland 27.07
11th Kyle Fisher Lakeland 27.14
12th Paul Beaumont Lakeland 28.00
13th Barry O’Reilly Smugglers 28.28
14th Niall Murphy Lakeland 28.49
15th Lee Somerville Lakeland 29.22
16th Michael Farry Lakeland 30.19

Some great times for so early in the season. Thanks to the Marshalls for keeping the riders safe particularly at the turn on a busy road and to Mark McGirr and Tom White for the time keeping


Lakeland TT Round 1
This Seasons Club Calendar kicks off this Wednesday 8th April with the first round of our Time trial league – a 10 mile time trial on a new course from St Angelo Airport turning at jack a box before Lisnarick and back. Sign on at St Angelo Airport first rider due to be off at 18:30 – Club Marshall for this event Mark McGirr

llcc tt1

2015 Club Calendar

Some More Dates for diaries – Lakeland’s Club Calendar for 2015. Several Changes this year. We have assigned Marshals to each club event – points will be awarded to the marshal equal to that of the winner, Hill climbs are now moved to Wednesday nights and there will be no club event on the week of the Inter-club rounds. The action all kicks off next week – lets make it a season to remember.

club calendar 1club calendar 2club calendar 3

Stage Racing makes return to Fermanagh

Lakeland CC are pleased to announce the Lakeland 2 Day race for A3 and Junior riders on 18th and 19th April.

A prize fund of over £1400 is on offer in this unique “single grade” stage race, with prizes for stage wins and placings, overall GC Yellow Jersey sponsored by Lakeland Bikes Enniskillen and placings, Sprints jersey competition sponsored by Roofscape, KOH jersey competition sponsored by McGrory Commercial, Junior Jersey competition sponsored by Lakeland Bikes Enniskillen, Most Aggressive Jersey competition sponsored by McGrory Commercial and a Team competition, team entries with 5 riders per team and first 3 placings counting.

Saturday sees a flat 90km stage, with an intermediate sprint and two KOH and sprint points for the finish on offer.

Sunday Morning sees a short time trial of approx. 4km

Sunday Afternoon is a hilly 90km stage with a hill top finish with 1 intermediate sprint with 2 KOH

Individual entries will go live on Entry Central at 21:00 hrs BST (9PM) on 31st March.

Further information will be released including race routes, timings and prize fund breakdown, so keep tuned to and our Facebook page.


Lakeland in action in Sligo at the Markievicz Cup

A strong Lakeland team were in action in Saturdays Markievicz Cup in Sligo. An early break got a gap and despite Raymond Dunlop, Raymond Kerr and Kieran McGrory driving the chase and cutting into the lead but the rest of the bunch were content to sit in the wheels and the break wasn’t pulled back. The chase approaching the finish with Conrad Cadden moving up preparing for the sprint a crash in the A4 ranks up the road meant the sprint was neutralized. A disappointing finish to the day but all the Lakeland riders were in the bunch at the finish, strong effort from everyone that will stand them in good stead for the season ahead.


Everyone at Lakeland Cycle Club would like to extend their deepest sympathy and condolences to club member Trevor Topping and his family on the loss of his son on 17th March.

Lakeland CC St Patricks Day 10 Mile TT

Lakeland CC ran their annual St Patricks day 10 mile time trial on Tuesday morning and this years edition attracted riders from near and far with some travelling from as far away as Belfast and Ballymena for the event. And the riders were rewarded with good weather as the early morning haze cleared to some sunshine and rising temperatures.
The 40 riders lined up for what for most was their first time trial of the season. Local rider Raymond Kerr set the early benchmark time putting down 25.14 as second rider off a time that was to stand until visiting rider Paul Crossan from Kilinchy CC 27th rider on the road set a blistering 23.48 a time that looked like the winning time until second last rider Emyvales Patrick McKenna took the win with a 22.33, Ballymenas Jason Burns 24.09 took the final spot on the podium. Raymond Kerr took the prize of first lakeland rider.
The womens race was won by Eileen Burns of Ballymena in a time of 25.11 which was the 4th quickest time of the day overall, Second place was taken by Lakeland Rider Aoibheann Bartley with Dromaras Lisa Miller taking third spot.
A big thanks to the signon/ marshalls and time keepers and all who helped organize the event and to all of the riders who supported our event.  And thanks to the event sponsor Pubble Tree Nursery

Kieran McGRORY



Lakeland CC Club Kit

Attention all members. The new club kit manufacturer Pactimo have sent us the sizing kit, to allow us to get measured up for any future orders. The kit will be available to view at Lakeland Bikes from Thursday 19th to Saturday 21st during business hours. 9-7.30 pm Thursday 9- 6.30pm Friday 10- 5pm Saturday.
This is the only chance you will have to try out the sizes this year and any wrongly ordered garments cannot be returned or refunded so guessing is at your own risk and cost. Further details regarding our order window on the website will follow shortly.

Lakeland CC Club Spin Sunday 15th March
This weeks leisure cycle returns to Lisnaskea from Courtney’s Garage on Sunday morning.
Sign on will be at 9:45 and plan to set off at 10 am so please ensure you are on time. As always newcomers are welcome. So if you are thinking of joining the Club come along. There is no fee for new members for joining the club in their first year so why not ask about a membership form.
Routes are dependent on the riders but along the lines of routes attached

jan11thjan11th long

Ulster XC mountain bike season kicks off in Rostrevor.

The season opener on the Ulster Cross country season took place in Rostrevor on Sunday hosted by Dromara CC and the Lakeland riders were there. The course slightly modified from last year still had all the hills to navigate in what would prove to be tough days racing.

Raymond Kerr’s reward for a brilliant 2014 season was an upgrade to the s2 ranks but he was in his element gauging his efforts expertly with the extra lap and finished strongly in 4th place a great opening to the season. Peter Jones and Brian Kellett were off next in the s3 race and the lads were working well and swapped places over the first half of the race when Brian managed to get a gap and maintain it to the end finishing 15th overall and 13th ulster rider with Peter pushing him all the way finishing 18th overall and 16th ulster rider. A great day out for the guys all picking up some valuable league points in the process.


Lakeland CC well represented at the McCann Cup in Omagh

The early spring races continued this weekend with Lakeland riders taking to the roads in Tyrone to battle it out on the circuits of the McCann cup a firm favourite of the local race scene. First club member out was Aoibheann Bartley in a strong field of 25 women it broke on the second lap and unfortunately Aoibheann missed the break away on the last lap she made an attempt to bridge to the lead group but it wasn’t to be. The second race out was the A1/A2 event with the A2’s getting a two and a half minute handicap over the A1’s Philip Bremner took to the start line in this one and was going well but unfortunately was caught up in a crash. Conor Sprice was next out in his first a3 race after his upgrade last weekend and despite some mechanical problems just before the race got off well and finished comfortably in the bunch, no problems with extra distance. And finally Mark McGirr made his return to open racing in the A4 race was well positioned coming to the finish but got boxed in and had to settle for finishing in the bunch. A great days racing, thanks to Raymond Dunlops mechanical skills to ensure all the riders made the start line and a big thanks to Omagh Wheelers for a great event.

aiobheann1philip bremner1mccanncupmccanncup1

Road Race Season off with a bang for the Lakeland Lads

Well winter might not be over but the race season is under way – snow freezing conditions greeted Kieran McGrory, Raymond Kerr and Charlie Pincombe for the A3 cycleways cup in Navan, Extremely tough conditions which unfortunately saw Charlie retire. Raymond finished well in the bunch while Kieran took a hard fought top 20 position. Mean while in Ballina Conor Sprice took to the start line in the inaugural fitscience GP and although the weather was better the race route would prove to be one for the real hard men, Conor remained in the hunt all day and took 3rd place in the sprint and is now upgraded to A3 – Great riding guys doing the club proud

Thanks to Sean Rowe and James wright for the photos


Lakeland CC – St Patricks Day 10 Mile TT

With the cycling road race season now in full swing it’s time to blow off those winter cobwebs. Tuesday 17th March sees the return of the ever popular Lakeland Cycle Club St Patricks Day 10 Mile Time Trial. The course is from the Belfast road junction in Maguiresbridge to the Tempo road and back.
Sign on from at 10 am, with the first competitor off the start line at 10:30 am, and subsequent riders following at one minute intervals.
Please make sure you have the relevant 2015 license if you are planning to take part, Lakeland club members with a limited competition licence or above can take part. £3 Entry fee.
Hope to see you all there.

st patricks tt
Lakeland Reliability
Sunday 8th February seen Lakeland CC promote their annual Reliability Trial cycle with over 100 riders taking part. The riders after signing on at the Bawnacre in Irvinestown set off shortly after 10am. The early morning fog was clearing apart from the Boho road and the sun and blue skies rewarded the riders for this early season event. The riders naturally split into a racing and a touring group but the gaps were not huge by the tea stop just before Belleek where tea, coffee, scones and biscuits were waiting for the cyclists.
The second half was where the event was to split in two with the RT group to tackle the Glenasheaver climb but with some of the early morning ice and frost persisting in sheltered spots the decision was made on safety grounds to bring everyone back along the shore road. The pace immediately picked up when the front group hit the shore road and the groups settled into their rhythms. Despite a few spills everyone made it through Enniskillen and back up to Irvinestown where the soup and sandwiches were well earned.
Thanks to all the riders who turned out to support our event and to all the volunteers who marshalled, drove lead cars and backup vans and assisted at sign on and with the food. Also we would like to thank the motorcycle outriders and the Bawnacre for the use of their facilities and the food afterwards.

Club Meeting Wednesday 11th Feb

There have been a number of devlopments over the winter as the club aims to develop and grow.
We have a newly formed leisure committee with Tom White, Michael Coyle, Brian Haughey and Raymond Dunlop and have already begun running a weekly Sunday leisure spin. And in an attempt to grow this side of the club we are looking to target several big leisure events this year.
We have also formed a racing Committee with Raymond Kerr, Jim Mohan, Kieran McGrory, Kenny Boylan, Conor Sprice and brian kellett . Already a series of race meetings have been planned and are ready to form 2015’s season of club races. The successful Interclub league is also returning this year and adding in the open races makes 2015 another busy year for the club.The AGM also seen Conrad Cadden installed as the new Club Chairman, Tom White has returned as club secretary, Conor Sprice is the new Treasurer and Brian Kellett returned as PR officer.On top of this we have been contacted on some other points that we feel require a meeting to discuss.We would like to call a club meeting on these issues next wednesday 11th feb 2015 at half seven at Lakeland Bikes Enniskillen to discuss them. It is your club and your input is greatly appreciated.

Saturday clean up at Colebrooke

After last weeks Mountain bike race in colebrooke we will be on site this saturday morning from 10am to arrange to take down the course tape and posts and signs, all help in this is greatly appreciated.

Lakeland CC Club Spin Sunday 1st February
This weeks leisure cycle is from Courtney’s Garage in Lisnaskea on Sunday morning. There will be 2 groups an “A” group tackling the longer more challenging route at a higher average speed and a “B” group which will take the shorter route. This is weather dependant.

Sign on will be at 9:45 – 10am and we plan to set off at 10am so please ensure you are on time. As always newcomers are always welcome. So if you are thinking of joining the Club you can come along and see what it is like first. There is no cost for taking part.

A group route is 37.4miles the B group 23.7miles – there will be a coffee stop along the way so bring some money.
jan11th longjan11th

Club Meeting

There is a Club Meeting on Wed 28th at Lakeland Bikes, 7PM. I will be present for anyone who wants to join the club/needs to get a licence sorted

Lakeland Mountain Bike Race.

Sunday 25th January seen Lakeland Cycle Club promote their Mountain bike race. A hectic schedule of races from early in the morning with races for kids from Under 6 right up to under 16 on a purpose built course. The prize giving for these races was followed by the senior races  at 1pm with an A group and Junior group tackling 3 laps of a testing course and a B group and Womens group undertaking 2 laps of the same course. A mixture of forest single track, natural ridges, forest lanes and open grass land and a series of tricky technical features tested the riders and luckily the weather held.
Martin Grimley the Ulster Commissaire was complimentary in the manner in which every thing was put together and came together.

The club would like to thank everyone that came out to support the event the riders that came from near and far and particularly the Kids and their parent some of whom came from as far away as Belfast. We would like to thank Martin Grimley the off road commissioner for doing Commissaire for the event and in helping us organise it. And also a big thanks to all those that helped design and build the course over the last couple of months and that completed all the admin, the feedback is that we have improved from last years event.

We would also like to thank all of those that gave up their Sunday to support the event at sign on, with the catering and the marshalling and cheering on the competitiors it is much appreciated.

And last but not least we would like to thank the Colebrook estate for allowing us to run the event they have been very supportive and provided some prizes for their Health Club and Spa

The clubs next event is the Lakeland Reliability a road cycling event on the 8th of February starting out from the Bawnacre in Irvinstown. There will be two groups a touring group that will take in an easier route at a touring pace and the RT group that will be a faster tougher route. More details can be found on the Lakeland Facebook page

Race Results –

kidsraypa race

Lakeland Reliability 2015

Lakeland CC’s reliability tour is back for 2015 – a firm fixture in the early season and well worth attending. Find details at


Lakeland CC Mountain Bike Event

Lakelands Mountain bike race is back for 2015 – join us in Colebrooke estate on Sunday 25th January full series of racing for Kids and Adults alike.

Pre registration page is here plus some other useful information

and further updates can be found on our facebook page


Irish National Cyclocross Championships
Well the dust or should I say MUD has settled on this season’s Irish Cyclocross season. The National Championships took place on Sunday last in Swords Dublin by McNally Swords Cycling Club and they delivered the toughest most brutal course of the season. Only one Lakeland rider made the trip down in Brian Kellett as Cycling Ireland Licensing problems caused others to miss out. Here is his report on the race.I hit the road early on Sunday morning to get a look at the course as I had never ridden the swords course before and wanted to get a practice lap or two in before the early races.
I was in the Elite race at 2pm and with the course already cut up by the non-championship race and then the Junior, elite women’s and various veteran / masters races it would be interesting also the heavy rain during the week would have an impact.
The sprint start in the race resulted in a crash and unfortunately I was held up behind it and in pushing hard to make up some ground crashed twice on the first lap on some off-camber hairpin descents. I dug in over the next few laps and with the help of Lisa Miller and Martin Grimley from Dromara CC in the Pits I was able to change bikes to keep the momentum up. I had a good battle with a few familiar faces from the Ulster series and was able to break away from them but I was struggling to pull back the guys ahead. The hills were OK but the running sections were taking their toll. The race was longer too than I was used to and I emptied the tank on the last lap and unfortunately hit the deck twice more and a tree coming out of one of the bomb-holes. But I managed to hold off the riders from behind and finished 30th but after a puncture last year and broken rear mech the year before I was happy to finish and in one piece, just about. But I will be back next year.
Big thanks to McNally Swords for a great course and to Lisa and Martin for pitting for me and to Raymond Kerr and Lakeland Bikes for the spare bike.
Photos courtesy of Sean Rowe, Toby Watson and Richard Cowan.

irish nationals irish nationals2 irish nationals3 irish nationals4 irish nationals5 irish nationals6

Lakeland Leisure Cycle
Another successful Sunday Morning club run today, a great turnout. And great to see so many new faces, well done everyone. Next week we are going to do the same route as today’s leaving Courtney’s garage in Lisnaskea at 10am – see you all there


Club Kit

Our potential new club kit manufacturer have left samples in Lakeland Bikes for viewing from 6pm-7pm this evening only. Note they are not a sizing kit merely a large sample of the product available from this manufacturer and cannot be taken from the shop. An email has been sent in December explaining the service and ease with which this new manufacturer can supply us and I now look forward to hearing your thoughts on the product quality, we hope to make the final decision in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Lakeland CC Club Spin Sunday 11th January

This weeks leisure cycle is from Courtney’s Garage in Lisnaskea on Sunday morning, the route is the one we had to cancel because of the icy roads over Christmas. There will be 2 groups an “A” group tackling the longer more challenging route at a higher average speed and a “B” group which will take the shorter route.

Sign on will be at 9:45 – 10am and we plan to set off at 10am so please ensure you are on time. As always newcomers are always welcome. So if you are thinking of joining the Club you can come along and see what it is like first. There is no cost for taking part.

A group route is 37.4miles the B group 23.7miles – there will be a coffee stop along the way so bring some money.

jan11th jan11th long

Lakeland Cycle Club 30 years and still going strong.

Why not join us this year as Lakeland CC celebrate 30 years in existence in 2015, and aim to run a  series of coaching groups in their Sunday runs.

The Lakeland cc Leisure section of the club aim to use the knowledge and coaches within the club to build up the leisure/health and
fitness/social aspect of the club. We are setting a target of participation in the Gran Fondo event in Belfast on June 21st this
year.  Club runs with various ability groups, social evenings, targeted sportives and leisure tours are all planned to help riders achieve the
goal of completing this prestigious event.

Youth and off road events are also planned. Lakeland cc will host a Mountain Bike event catering from U8s upwards, Men and Women, on the
Colebrooke estate on January 25th.  A youth cycle skills and training programme is also in the planning stages with the first courses being
kicked off in Spring, and further youth outings in the planning stages.

A full club racing calendar, with the added attraction of an interclub competition is also planned for the season, so why not try your hand at
time trialling, hill climbing or road racing.

This year also sees the return of a stage racing to Fermanagh, with the Lakeland A3 2day event planned for the weekend of 18th 19th of April.

We are accepting members now for 2015 and Membership is free to new members

30 years old, and like some of our member’s waistlines still expanding, we’ve got something for everyone with a bike.  Find out more at , where club contact details and more information  can be found.


Christmas Cycle

There was a good turnout for todays Turkey burner considering the bitterly cold conditions. We were forced to change the route because of the ice. Apologies to those for the short route as all the side roads were impassable.

Next Sunday we are meeting at the Lakeland Forum in Enniskillen at 10am long route heading to belcoo via boho then to florencecourt, bellanaleck and back to enniskilen and the shorter route takes the sligo road from enniskillen to Belcoo and then follows on the same route as the long route from there.

Everyone is welcome (over 18 only) Helmet compulsory, coffee stop in Belcoo. And early indications are that the mercury will be back in the red. There will be two routes see attached maps. So why not get that New Year’s resolution into action and join us.


leisure4janshort leisure4janlong

Ulster Cycling Awards
Lakeland riders to be awarded at cycling ulster awards night.
Kenny Boylan silver medalist in the masters Ulster Road Race Championship and Raymond Kerr taking bronze in the Veteran Ulster XC Championships and also silver in the Ulster XC senior3 league.
Reward for all the hard work – well done guys.

Ulster Cyclocross Championships

Last Sunday seen the last Cyclocross race of 2014 for the Lakeland riders the Ulster Championships hosted by Carn Wheelers in Drumm Manor Cookstown. Raymond Kerr was first lakeland riders out taking place in the Masters 40 race in a very strong field but fresh from 10th overall in the League Raymond was fighting it out near the front of the race and finished a great 7th place.

Brian Kellett was out in the later race as he lined out in the Elite race a big step up from the b league and as it was his first elite race this season he was gridded at the back of grid. After an early attack on the first two climbs he managed to work up through the riders and finished the race in 10th place.

ray ulstercx 2 bk ulster cx 1

Club Kit Order

A new order of club kit is to be progressed in January 2015.
The attached spreadsheet will need to be filled in and sent to Peter Jones at Lakeland Bikes

There’s a deadline of 8th of January as there’s a 7-8 week lead time on the kit and people will be wanting it for start of season.


Cycling Coaching Night

Tomorrow Thursday 4/12/14 @ 7:00pm
All Welcome
Venue Donn Carragh Hotel, Lisnaskea

Dig Deep Coaching :: Maximising Your Winter

The content of the seminar will be-
* Essentials of winter training- Maximizing your time to bring around gains, sessions and examples you can use during your training
* Group riding – How to make the most of group rides, safety, organizing groups & what can be gained from this
* Bike fit- Why bike fit is important, visual information what to look at when setting up a bike, how it can improve performance, injury prevention, aerodynamics
* How to target a goal – How to make an objective, what you need to look at regarding training for that particular goal, taper tips, do’s and don’t when leading to a big goal e.g sportive, time trial, road race etc

dig deep

Final Round of the Ulster Cyclocross Season.
Last round of this years Ulster Cyclocross season took place on Sunday at the Falls Park in Belfast and all the stops were pulled out with an action packed lap with Tarmac, grass, lots of mud, sand, steps and the hill complete with off camber switchbacks a real testing cross course. Lakeland rider Brian Kellett made the trip up unfortunately Raymond Kerr could not make this round. Brian had a bad start but fought his way back up and managed to finish 15th with seconds separating the riders ahead.
The guys have a gap in the season now to prepare for the Ulster championships in December.

falls1 falls2

Youth, Safeguarding and Access NI

With some plans in progress on Youth Development and training, then we need people to become more involved, and that will also mean submitting to Access NI checks.  Cycling Ulster have a good page here on the process

Bann valley 16

Essentially, download the forms from the links provided on the CU page. Download the enhanced form.  Remember to download the ID validation form too, and don’t staple anything !   One of the club officials validates your ID and signs the validation form, and then sends applications off to CU safe guarding co-ordinator.

We need more than the currently 2 access NI checked members.  Remember too, that Access NI is club/sport specific, so even if you’ve had the relevant checks done for your job or another club, you still need to have it done for Lakeland CC too.  [I believe there are plans to change this, but the current situation is thus so we have to deal with it]

Ulster Cyclocross Series Round 7

Last Sunday seen the penultimate round of this years Ulster Cyclocross series take place in Belfasts Ormeau Park. Team lakeland were again in attendance with Brian Kellett despite being ill during the week and lacking the power required of quite a technical course still managed 13th place. Raymond Kerr was back ion action too and narrowly missed out on a top 10 pushed into 12th on the last lap.
Next week sees the last round of this years series in a new venue falls Park in Belfast. Details on

rkerr_ormeaupk bkellett_ormeaupk

Team Lakeland’s Offroad update.

Belated update on last weekends racing, Sunday 9th was round 6 of this years cyclocross series in Seacourt in larne and Brian Kellett despite his major mechanical the previous week was up and running in time to make the trip. The course was a fast power course with plenty of slippery corners from the weeks rain and seen Brian take 8th place on the flag another good result for the season.

Also on Sunday Peter Jones made the trip down to Galway to compete in the Connaught mountain bike autumn series and came home in 4th place in his category on another wet course.


Ulster Cyclocross Rd 5 – Moira
Last Sunday and the Cyclocross league moved on to Moira – A longer lap than the previous week and with the heavy rain during the week conditions were to prove to be very tricky. Brian Kellett off first had a strong start and despite a crash midway through the race was in the top ten and within striking distance of the front runners but with about half a lap to go he suffered a mechanical with his rear mech breaking under the strain of the mud and ending his race. Raymond Kerr in the later race also suffered with the conditions and too was forced to retire early – unlucky day for the guys but the racing continues irregardless with this Sunday seeing the series return to Seacourt in Larne.


Another Sunday and another round of the Ulster Cyclo-Cross league.

The guys travelled to Bangor on Sunday for round 4 of this years cyclocross series. Brian Kellett was the first lakeland rider off in the early race and after last weeks DNF was on the second row of the grid. The race was 6 laps of a shorter than usual course so the pace was breakneck thoughout and after recovering from a bad start a crash caused a loss of some positions – these were clawed back but the gap to the front riders proved just too far as Brian finished in 6th place.
Next Raymond Kerr was off in the A race determined to make up for the positions lost in Dungannon due to a puncture. An aggressive sprint off the line seen Raymond sitting inside the top ten but with some of the big guns massing behind and a crash in the middle of the race he maintained a strong pace and finished in 14th place.

Next week the series moves to Moira for round 5

bk air 15450636699_68fd3a2f4e_o

Cycling Coaching Night – Saturday November 1st (10am)
The coaching seminar has been postponed till the start of December. Lakeland cycle club would like to wish Stephen and his wife a safe delivery to the new addition to their family. We will let you know the details of the new dates when we have them.

Lakeland Dinner Dance

Don’t forget our Annual Dinner Dance on Friday 28th November!!!
Tickets can be purchased at Lakeland Bikes, Tempo Road Enniskillen. Hope to see you all there!

annual dinner dance

Dungannon Cyclocross Rd 3

The Ulster Cyclocross season moved to Windmill Park in Dungannon for the 3rd round hosted by Island Wheelers. First lakeland rider out was Mia McGrory in the Girls Under 12 and in her first race in this age group took a very good 8th place. Next up for Lakeland was Shea McGory and Patrick Curran both in the under 14 race and tackling the same course as the senior riders. Shea came in in 8th place just ahead of Patrick in 9th.
For the senior races Brian Kellett was on the front of the grid after the previous weeks podium but after a good start an early puncture ended his race. Raymond Kerr was in fine form in the A race sitting in 12th place when another puncture cost him at least a minute but he still managed to finish in 18th place.
Another great days racing – thanks to Island Wheelers for a superb race. Next week the series moves to Bangor for round 4.

shea shea2 xdungannon

Lakeland Podium at Ulster Cyclocross Round2
Sunday seen round two of this seasons ulster cyclocross series. After strong performances by Raymond Kerr and Brian Kellett in round one the lads were back in Belfast’s Lady Dixon park for round two. The huge numbers in round one were eclipsed with  well over 300 riders across the various categories.
Brian was up first in the early senior race and after last weeks 6th place was on the front of the starting grid and got a good start getting away in a strong group by the first technical section and was putting in another good performance and was well placed when a rear brake malfunction lost some valuable time on lap 3 but undeterred he fought back to the front end of the race and despite a crash on the final lap was not going to be denied and took 3rd place – great to see the lakeland colours on the podium.
Raymond Kerr was in the later race and after his first elite race last week was prepared for what was to come and had a great battle with some familiar faces and still gunning at the end with his last of 7 laps his fastest as he beat those around him to take 22nd place.
Another great race thanks to Phoenix CC for great organisation and course. Next weeks race is in Windmill Park in Dungannon.


Cyclocross Season off with a bang
Last Sunday seen the first round of this years Ulster Cyclocross season at Lurgan Park and Lakeland CC were represented in both races. With no gridding for the first race of the year and massive numbers across the races, 270 riders pre-registered, a good start would be key. Brian Kellett was off in the early race at 11:45am and got that all important aggressive start and with the dry conditions the pace remained high throughout and a brian crossed the line in 6th place a great start to the season.
Raymond Kerr has upgraded to the a race this season and took to the line against some of the best cross racers in the country. This was another very fast race raymond had a good ride but suffered a dropped chain while jumping the boards and lost some ground and came in 34th in a field of over 60 riders.
A great opening to the season – round 2 is this Sunday 12th Oct in Lady Dixon Park in Belfast. Details can be found at

bk1 bk4 rk2

Lakeland CC club bus run this Sunday 12th Oct

Riders leaving  10:00am prompt from Lakeland Forum.. (so aim to be there for 9.50 or so).
Lough shore rd, turn for Derrygonnelly,  up past Navar to Garrison, (first ones up come back down to pace
everyone else up)…

Tea stop in Garrison…then on to Belcoo and Enniskilen.

The idea is to keep everyone together.  Feel the pace is too slow, turn down a gear and increase
your revs, you’ll soon start moving the Heart Rate.

Can everyone try and wear club kit – even if not of the latest variety.

Mountain Bike Podium for Peter Jones in Sligo.

Well done to Peter Jones on his 3rd place in Sundays mountain bike race at Union Wood, Sligo in the elite category.

pjones sligo

Ulster Cyclocross 2014 – round 1 Lurgan Park

Don’t forget Ulster Cyclocross season starts this weekend – pre-registration for round 1 at lurgan park closes tonight friday 03/10/14

Lakeland TT 2014 League

Final Lakeland TT League standings for 2014 season and separate visitor standings. Well done Kenny Boylan on taking the top podium spot by a massive margin. Second place was Conor Sprice and Kieran McGrory taking third spot. Ian Ritchie from Clogher Valley was top ranked visitor.
Great seasons racing.

2014 Lakeland TT League

2014 Lakeland TT Visitor League table

Lakeland hill climb league final round
This Sunday 21st September sees the final round of this year Hill climb league, it is rescheduled from earlier in the season. The route is the Scenic Lough Navar Climb. The riders will be riding out meeting at the lakeland forum Enniskillen and leaving at 10am

Irish XCM Championships
Sunday past seen the Irish cross country marathon championships in Rostrevor taking in a some of the trail centre and some natural trails and 2 savage climbs on each of the 2 laps. Three lakeland riders took to the start line Peter Jones and Brian Kellett in the Masters race and John Shannon in the non-championship experts category, ready to tackle the 75km route.
A great effort by the guys as riders jostled for position early on before the climb up hordor put everyone in their place. There was a high attrition rate across all the categories with quite a few riders unable to finish unfortunately John was among this group. The race was definitely the toughest off road event of the year and it was great to see the remaining two lakeland riders end the season in style with Peter Jones taking a well earned 10th place and Brian in 16th.
(Photos courtesy of Adrian van der Lee

xcm brian1xcm johnxcm brian2

Causeway Coast Sportive 2014

The Lakeland colours were still flying at the weekend in the Causeway Coast Sportive

jimmohan1 jimmohan2 lesbrown

Lakeland AGM

Please note the clubs AGM date has changed and will take place next wednesday 24th Sept at Lakeland Bikes Tempo road Enniskillen at 7pm. If anyonehas items they want discussed please forward to Tom White.

Final Round of Ulster Mountain Bike XC series
Sunday seen the final cross country race in the Ulster xc series in Craigavon. A very fast course but with added technical features for this year it promised to be another days hard racing. Lakeland rider Brian Kellett was the clubs only rider in this round and despite some bad luck on the first lap finished 17th with seconds separating the riders in front.
Unfortunately Raymond Kerr couldn’t make this round but still finishes the season joint second in Ulster with Brian Kellett finishing 16 overall.
It has been a great season for the off-road team. And next weekend the guys will round off the mountain bike season as they take on the Irish XCM Marathon Championships in Rostrevor.


Raymond Kerr tops the table

Raymond Kerr ended the recent domination of the Lakeland Road Race League won by one of the Dunlops in the last 4 years to win the league title for 2014. Jim Mohan takes second place and Conor Sprice takes 3rd – great racing guys.

Full Table

2014 Final League Road Race

Lakeland Road Race league Round 12 – Wednesday 03 September
Wednesday evening saw the final round of this seasons road race league and with places to play for in the overall standings a good night of racing was in store. The course from the 3 way inn on the Sligo road to Kinawley, Derrylin, Bellanaleck finishing at the Pubs in Arney and although traditionally run as a mass start there was a small front group of three off first.
The perfect weather conditions and aggressive riding set for a very fast pace with the pack setting an average speed in excess of 25.5mph. It was the inform Raymond Kerr that took the line in first place and with it secured top place in the final league standings. Jim Mohan who was in with a chance of taking the title finished second and takes second overall. Julian Dunlop was 3rd on the night but this was only good enough to move him to 8th overall As Conor Sprices 5th place on the night was enough to clinch 3rd place in the league. Kenny Boylan joint on points with Charlie Pincombe took 5th overall on count back of race wins.

1st Raymond Kerr – Lakeland CC
2nd Jim Mohan – Lakeland CC
3rd Julian Dunlop – Lakeland CC
4th Patrick Withers – West Tyrone
5th Conor Sprice – Lakeland CC
6th Kieran McGrory – Lakeland CC
7th Kenny Boylan – Lakeland CC
8th Les Brown – Lakeland CC
9th Darren Tapp – Lakeland CC
10th Kenny Donnell – Lakeland CC
11th Charlie Pincombe – Lakeland CC
12th Paul Carron – Lakeland CC
13th Raymond Pauley – Lakeland CC

It has been a great years racing with the podium positions only decided on the final night of racing and many new faces this year has kept the more seasoned riders on their toes and will no doubt push on next year.

The club would like to thank all the riders that took part in the series and a special thanks to all those that helped with Marshalling and organising at these events.

And don’t forget the clubs AGM is on Wednesday 17th Sept at Lakeland Bikes Enniskillen – 7PM anyone with agenda items email . before Mon 15th Sept. Thanks.


Lakeland Road Race league 2014 standings with 1 round remaining. A very close battle for the podium places behind Raymond Kerr

Lakeland Road Race League 2014 - 1 round remaining

Lakeland Road race round 11 – Wednesday 27th August
Maybe it was the weather or maybe it was the looming climb on the race course but 10 hardy souls took to the start of the penultimate round of this years road race league. The 2 front group riders joined the 3 middle group riders and were off just as the heavens opened. The lead group worked well battling the wind and rain and had the two full laps completed out front and were turning onto the marble arch road towards the marlbank climb when a powerful scratch group made the catch. Jim Mohan was first to test the waters passing gortatole but it was closed down so it was the climb where the race would be  decided. 6 riders forged a lead towards the fisrt switch back but the pace was too high and the group of 6 fractured Jim Mohan had another hard effort and managed to get a small gap which was to prove decisive and he took the win ahead of Kenny Boylan in second and Raymond Kerr in 3rd.

1st Jim Mohan Lakeland CC (Scratch)
2nd Kenny Boylan Lakeland CC (Scratch)
3rd Raymond Kerr Lakeland CC (Scratch)
4th Charlie PincombeLakeland CC (Group 2)
5th Conor Sprice Lakeland CC (Scratch)
6th Paul Carron Lakeland CC (Group 2)
7th Brian Kellett Lakeland CC (Group 2)
8th Julian Dunlop Lakeland CC (Group 2)
9th Eugene Power Caldwell CC (Scratch)
10th Kenny Donnell Lakeland CC (Group 2)

Thanks to the marshalls tonight particularly tough job in the conditions and much appreciated.


Raymond Kerr takes 3rd in the Ulster Mountain bike XC Championships

Castlewellan Park was the scene for this years cross country mountain bike champs on Sunday hosted by Banbridge cycling club. The Lakeland mountain bikers were on the road early to get some practice on a very technical course with fights of stone steps bomb-holes and step-ups and the steep s-bend descents to master.
Main races were off at 2pm – lakeland had 2 riders in the masters race with Brian Kellett and Peter Jones and Raymond Kerr was in the Vets race amid a very strong field of riders. The start sapping grass hill sprint up to the castle spread the riders before the descent down the stone steps and onto the first climb.
The guys were all positioned quite well in their races and worked hard in what is a longer distance and time than they normally race in s3, an extra lap than normal would test the stamina.
Raymond Kerr was first lakeland rider in taking 3rd place in the ulster champs a great way for Raymond to sign off an impressive mountain bike season. Brian Kellett 13th ulster rider home in the masters with Peter Jones hot on his heels in 16th.
Great results for the guys. Thanks to Banbridge for a really well run event and a great course.

ulster champs 2014

Interclub final round date change.

The final round of the highly successful Interclub series for 2014 will take place on Thursday 21st August (not 28th as had been previously advertised). This is the Omagh Wheelers event and it will start at 7pm sharp from Youth Sport, just beyond the 50mph speed limit on the Cookstown Road, Omagh. Usual rules and regulations apply.
The course can be viewed at

Tuesday 19th August Lakeland 10 mile TT – Round 7
Tuesday night was the final 10 mile time trial in this seasons calendar. Raymond Kerr second last week took the win in 23.46 and in not ideal conditions, joint second in 24.25 was Kenny Boylan and visiting West Tyrone rider Patrick Withers.

1st Raymond Kerr (Lakeland CC) 23.46
2nd Kenny Boylan (Lakeland CC) 24.25
2nd Patrick Withers (West Tyrone) 24.25
4th Conor Sprice (Lakeland CC) 24.45
5th Jim Mohan (Lakeland CC) 25.30
6th Paul Eccles (Lakeland CC) 25.41
7th Julian Dunlop (Lakeland CC) 25.50
8th Brian Kellett (Lakeland CC) 26.28
9th Paul Carron (Lakeland CC) 27.43
10th Charlie Pincombe (Lakeland CC) 27.46

5-Points TT

Da Cooley Thriller Saturday 16-08-14

Well done to Raymond Kerr who took on the cooley mountains yesterday in Da Cooley Thriller 52km of mountain biking – Raymond Finished 4th in the Veterans race and 21st overall in a time of 3hours and 12minutes

dacooley thriller

Lakeland CC Time Trial League – Round 6
Round 6 of this seasons Lakeland Time trial league seen the return of the maguiresbridge course. 12 riders took to the start line and not for the first time it was Kenny Boylan first over the line in a time of 25.05 closely followed by Raymond Kerr 8 seconds back  in 25.13 and Conor Sprice in 3rd in 25.26.

1st Kenny Boylan  – lakeland CC – 25.05
2nd Raymond Kerr  – lakeland CC – 25.13
3rd Conor Sprice  – lakeland CC – 25.26
4th Ian Ritchie   – Clogher V   – 25.29
5th Julian Dunlop – Lakeland CC – 26.50
6th Jim Mohan     – Lakeland CC – 27.01
7th Brian Kellett – Lakeland CC – 27.07
8th Eugene Power  – Caldwell CC – 27.22
9th Charlie Pincombe- Lakeland CC – 27.50
10th Peter Jones – Lakeland CC – 27.58
11th Paul Carron – Lakeland CC – 28.06
12th Raymond Orr – Omagh Wheelers28.56

Great times for everyone – thanks to the riders and the Marshalls. Next week there is a change to the calendar with the Interclub final round in Omagh moving forward a week to Thursday 21st. This means the scheduled race for next wednesday 20th is moved to the 27th. And the 10 mile time trial on the 5 points course is brought forward to next tuesday 19th August.

maguiresbridge 10 mile TT

Lakeland Riders face tough conditions in Ballinrobe and Meath.

Well done to the guys racing at the weekend. Jim Mohan and Kieran McGrory had a strong showing in the ballinrobe 2 day racing in tough conditions, Jim was sitting in 32nd place overall and 7th placed A3 rider when forced to abandon in the final stage. Kieran finished 45th overall and 13th placed A3 in a very tough race.

Also racing in his first open race since being upgraded to A3 Conrad Cadden finished in the bunch in the Beechmount Cup in an A1, A2, A3 combined group.


Kenny Boylan Solos to victory in Lakeland Road Race round 10
Wednesday, 6 August was round 10 of lakelands road race league, due to marshal numbers the route was changed to a single loop of a different circuit running from Derrylin to Kinawley, Swanlinbar, Ballyconnell, Belturbet before turning back to Derrylin finishing at the 30mph signs on the edge of the town.
The front group forged an early lead but the middle group and scratch worked well and the race all came together before Ballyconnell and the attacks off the front began almost immediately but these were all pulled back and the group remained together as they turned at Belturbet. The game of cat and mouse began and as the pressure eased Kenny Boylan seized his opportunity driving off the front of the group and getting a good gap, the reaction didn’t come and Kenny drove home his advantage to take the win by over a minute. Conor Sprice attacked closing Barry McKenna and Paul Carron and passing them to take second place, Barry and Paul held on to take third and forth. The remaining group was led home in the sprint by Charlie Pincombe.

1st  Kenny Boylan  – Lakeland CC   (Scratch)
2nd Conor Sprice  – Lakeland CC   (Scratch)
3rd Barry McKenna  – West Tyrone   (Scratch)
4th Paul Carron   – Lakeland CC   (Group 1)
5th Charlie Pincombe- Lakeland CC (Group 1)
6th Raymond Kerr – Lakeland CC (Scratch)
7th Eugene POwer – Caldwell CC (Scratch)
8th Jim Mohan – Lakeland CC (Scratch)
9th Paul Eccles – Lakeland CC (Group 2)
10th Julian Dunlop – Lakeland CC (Group 2)
11th Brian Kellett – Lakeland CC (Group 2)
12th Kieran McGrory – Lakeland CC (Scratch)
13th Wesley Foster – Lakeland CC (Group 1)
14th Kevin McGlynn – Donegal Bay (Group 2)
15th Aoibheann Bartley Lakeland CC (Group 1)

Thanks to all the riders and marshalls.



Lakeland 10 Mile Time Trial – 5 Points – 29th July 2014
Tuesday evening seen round 5 of the Lakeland CC time trial league as 16 riders turned out to tackle the 5 points course. Conditions were a little cooler with a cross headwind on the way out but the times were all impressive with Emyvales Martin Sheery flying around in a time of 22min 28sec, lakeland rider Kenny Boylan was in second in 24min 17sec and Ian Ritchie of Clogher Valley Wheelers and Kieran McGrory of Lakeland CC joint 3rd with times of 24min 27sec

1 Martin Sherry  Emyvale CC 22.28
2 Kenny Boylan  Lakeland CC 24.17
3= Ian Ritchie  Clogher Valley 24.27
3= Kieran McGrory  Lakeland CC 24.27
5 Patrick Withers  West Tyrone 24.34
6 Conor Sprice  Lakeland CC 24.36
7 Paul Eccles  Lakeland CC 25.32
8 Jim Mohan  Lakeland CC 25.33
9 Julian Dunlop  Lakeland CC 25.57
10 Tommy Downey  Dromara CC 26.09
11 Brian Kellett  Lakeland CC 26.23
12 Charlie Pincombe Lakeland CC 26.39
13 Rachael Withers  West Tyrone 26.59
14 Darren Tapp  Lakeland CC 27.10
15 Paul Carron  Lakeland CC 27.52
16 Seamus McGoldrick Lakeland CC 29.25

Great times by everyone. Thanks to the Marshals and time keepers on the night

5-Points TT

Interclub round 4 – Thursday 31st July
Thursday evening was round 4 of this years inter-club. This round was hosted by Harps but due to road works the course had to be changed at the last minute. Lakeland were present in all of the races – Kieran McGrory was the sole representative in the first group out in the A race with Kenny Boylan in a very small scratch group of 4 and as the other scratch riders withdrew after a lap the gap to the front group proved too much for Kenny to bridge on his own. The A race came down to a sprint with Kieran coming in in the bunch.
The B race was next off with Paul Carron, Wesley Foster and Charlie Pincombe in the front group and Jim Mohan, Kenny Donnell, Conor Sprice and Brian Kellett in the chasing group. Some hard riding over the first 2 laps from the chasing bunch seen the race come together for the second half of the race with Lakeland very much driving the pace on the front with several attacks. A lakeland attack on the last lap was pulled back but it was immediately followed by a lakeland counter attack with Jim and Conor getting a gap on the field and worked well together as the remaining lakeland riders dropped off the front to force the other teams to do the work and the indecision in the bunch was enough for the breakaway to push home their advantage taking the first two places. Jim taking the win just ahead of Conor
The remaining field were meanwhile winding up for a sprint finish with Charlie well to the fore. Brian Kellett was lucky to avoid a crash in the bunch as a rider clipped him and went down, luckily everyone was OK. Kenny Donnell, Paul Carron both finished strongly in the sprint too.
A great nights racing by the team, great teamwork
. Full results and the latest standings in the general classifications in individual and team leagues below.

gc ic_rd4

Ulster Youth Championships
Congratulations to Charlie Pincombe on a great result in the Ulster youth cycling championships at  the weekend in craigavon. Charlie continues to go from strength to strength this season.

cp_youthchamps cpincombe


Congratulations to club member Conrad Cadden on completing the London to Paris Charity sportive! great achievement and all for a good cause.

london - paris

Lakeland road race league – Rd 9
Wednesday evening seen round 9 of the lakeland cc road race league. Starting at Lisnaskea to Donagh the riders faced a headwind to Dernawilt cross before turning onto the climb up through the Knocks in the blistering heat. The scratch group caught a very small middle group at the foot of the climb with Julian Dunlop dropping his chain and having to work hard to try and get back. But the screw was being turned on the climb and riders were being shelled out the back. The descent and very lumpy run to the line saw visiting rider Barry Kellett go off the front in search of the remaining riders on the road from the front group. The front four riders from scratch worked there way back up as the finish at Lisnaskea approached. The 2 riders out front just managed to stay away with just seconds to spare. Darren Tapp taking his first win in Lakeland colours with Charlie pincombe taking a well deserved 2nd place on his birthday. Third place was dromara rider and Fermanagh ex-pat Barry Kellett.

1st Darren Tapp  Lakeland CC  Group1
2nd Charlie Pincombe Lakeland CC  Group1
3rd Barry Kellett  Dromara CC  Scratch
4th Conor Sprice  Lakeland CC  Scratch
5th Barry McKenna  West Tyrone Velo Group2
6th Kenny Boylan  Lakeland CC  Scratch
7th Jim Mohan  Lakeland CC  Scratch
8th Scott Crawford  Smugglers CC  Group1
9th Paul McCarron  Lakeland CC  Group1
10th Kieran McGrory  Lakeland CC  Scratch
11th Julian Dunlop  Lakeland CC  Group2
12th Brian Kellett  Lakeland CC  Group2
13th Aiobheann Bartley Lakeland CC  Group1
14th Wesley Foster  Lakeland CC  Group1

Thanks to all the riders and marshalls – another well run event.
Next weeks event a 10mile TT at the 5 points will be on tuesday as the next round of the interclub is next thursday, details of both events to follow.


London – Paris

Next week Conrad Cadden, David Maxwell and David Thompson will be in London to take part in 4 days of cycling to Paris for the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice

So far they have raised £4,581.63 If you would like to donate to this great cause please click on the link below.

Best of luck Guys

Lakeland road race league round 8
Round 8 of the lakeland road race took place on Wednesday evening, one of the toughest races in the calendar. With nowhere to hide the screw was turned from the outset straight into the Graan Brae climb but the groups were working well on the outbound leg to Derrygonnelly it was the 1.5mile Knockmore climb with gradients of almost 16% in places that would show the first cracks in the groups as a very strong scratch was eating into the time gaps. Some strong riding from West Tyrones Barry McKenna had seen him along with Brian Kellett slip off the front of the middle group, they caught the first of the front group just before cashel cross with the remaining riders just 25 seconds up the road but scratch with the rest of the middle group eventually bridged to them on the road to Belcoo so it was all together as the route turned towards enniskillen and the roads turned increasingly wet. With the wind on the riders backs the pace was blistering but there were separate attacks from Omaghs Paul and Daragh McCarter and Jim Mohan and Raymond Dunlop but these were all closed down. A second attack from Omagh Wheelers Daragh McCarter proved decisive as he took the win ahead of the chasing bunch led by Paul McCarter in second and Jim Mohan in third.

1. Daragh McCarter        scratch     Omagh Wheelers
2. Paul McCarter             scratch     Omagh Wheelers
3. Jim Mohan                   scratch     Lakeland CC
4. Julian Dunlop             group 2     Lakeland CC
5. Kieran McGrory         scratch      Lakeland CC
6. Kenny Boylan             scratch      Lakeland CC
7. Brian Kellett               group 2     Lakeland CC
8. Barry McKenna         group 2     West Tyrone Velo
9. Charlie Pincombe     group 1      Lakeland CC
10.Kevin McGlynn        group 2     Donegal Bay CC
11.Scott Crawford         group 1      Smugglers CC
12.Aiobheann Bartley  group 1      Lakeland CC
13.Raymond Dunlop   scratch      Lakeland CC

As always big thanks to all the marshalls on the night providing a good nights safe racing.


Moynalty Grand Prix
Team Lakeland were in action in todays Moynalty Grand Prix, Raymond Dunlop was in contention for his first win of the year in the sprint finish when disaster struck and his chain came off in the final 100m massively disappointing after a long day in and out of the big ring with hills in excess of 10% gradients. Jim Mohan also in action decided to attack with about 6 miles to go but was caught in the final 2miles. Charlie Pincombe had a better day taking 2nd place just pipped to the win in the under 16 sprint finish.


Mountain Bike Update

Sunday 6th July seen the last round of this years Irish NPS mountain bike series and team lakeland were there in numbers. The course for the final round was bellurgan park outside dundalk and conditions were perfect bone dry dusty trails. First rider out was Derek Fluke in his first cross country race at this level a steady start as he worked his way from the back of the grid. Closing in towards the top ten Derek clipped a tree on the last lap and the crash resulted in losing several places but still fought back to claim 17th place – great result in his first race.
The S3 riders took to the starting grid for 2pm – the club well represented at the front of the grid, unfortunately Raymond Kerr suffered a puncture on the first lap miles from the tech zone so his race was over, Peter Jones was also forced to retire. Brian Kellett had worked well up the field on lap 1 but an over the bars incident and dropped chain lost a lot of ground and having fought back was again off missing a bridge as fatigue kicked in, but he managed to finish in 23rd.

But when the best 5 out of 6 races is calculated Raymond Kerr finishes the NPS series in 4th place over all fantastic result and Brian Kellett finishes in 8th place overall.


Lakeland Club Championships 2014

Wednesday evening seen this years addition of the lakeland cycle clubs club championship on the gortatole circuit. The race was run with a small front group out with a 5 minute gap and all other groups massed together. As the race got underway the heavens opened but the rain and road spray didn’t slow the riders as the small front group was reeled in just over a lap in. On the second lap Raymond Kerr had a solo attack that was closed down by Les Brown before the group turned onto the Gortatole road. Then Kieran McGrory went straight out of the junction with Brian Kellett attempting to bridge across but he was swallowed back into the chasing group and then the usual scratch group  made their move and bridged to Kieran and gapped the rest of the field. The rest of the riders worked hard but could not close down the breakaway. On the run in Kieran McGrory attacked again and went one better than last year to take the win, Raymond Kerr was second and Raymond Dunlop third.

1st Kieran McGrory
2nd Raymond Kerr
3rd Raymond Dunlop
4th  Kenny Boylan
5th  Jim Mohan
6th Les Brown
7th Julian Dunlop
8th Charlie Pincombe
9th Kenny Donnell
10th Brian Kellett
11th Fergal McGirr
12th Wesley Foster


Team Lakeland at the Tour of Omagh

Friday 27th seen the start of this years edition of the tour of Omagh a 3 day stage race for A4 riders and a small but experienced quality team from Lakeland were in attendance. Stage one started at 7pm and it finished in a bunch sprint all lakeland riders finished in the bunch ready for day 2 all in contention.

Day 2 seen the time trial in the morning and Kenny Boylan took 5th place to move into 5th overall just 14 seconds off the yellow jersey. Paul Eccles came in in 26th to move into 25th in the GC only 25 seconds off the top and Julian Dunlop was 42nd but still only 33 seconds off the lead. Stage 3 took place in the afternoon and was to prove more decisive with numerous attacks from the outset and splits on the 2 main climbs of the stage particularly the second climb which caused the peloton to fracture into numerous groups. Paul Eccles and Kenny Boylan found themselves in the lead group and crossed the line in the bunch with the same time as the stage winner. Julian found himself on the wrong side of the split and worked hard to minimize his loss coming in 1 minute 55 seconds down. Kenny remained in 5th overall still only 14 seconds of the lead rider with Paul climbing to 17th in GC 25seconds off the top. Julian dropped back in the rankings after missing the break and was 2 minutes 28seconds back. The team well positioned going into the final stage.

Sunday and the final stage of this years tour of Omagh took place this morning Kenny Boylan in the hunt for the overall was well up on the day coming in 7th place on the same time as the stage winner. Kenny also took combativity win for the stage and finished 2nd over all in this competition and also took second place on the Gortin Glens KOH – A great ride to consolidate 5th place overall and 7th in the king of the hills competition.
Paul Eccles in his first season racing came in a group 34 seconds down on the lead group to finish his first multi stage race in 27th place. Julian Dunlop lost some ground on the final stage and dropped 1 position in the general classification.

The team finished 10th overall despite only having 3 riders in the race – good work all round.

jd1 pe podium kenny climb1

Lakeland Road Race Round 7.

Wednesday night seen round 7 of the clubs road race league on the challenging Belcoo – Garrison – Rossinver -K’clogher – Glenfarne course – Blacklion. Over a Distance of 29miles the riders didn’t let the wet conditions slow them down as all groups maintained impressive average speeds on the outward leg to garrison. From Rossinver the lumpy nature of the course started to test the riders legs as the middle group driven forward by Kenny Donnell picked up the first of the front group and catching all of them on the descent to glenfarne despite some greasy corners most of the riders in the combined front and second groups were together for the final run in to Blacklion but the time gaps were once again judged to perfection as scratch made the catch inside the final 2 miles. With a straight run in to the finish line and only a couple of slight drags  the group wound up for the sprint with Raymond Dunlop taking the win just ahead of Jim Mohan and Julian Dunlop in second and third.

1.Raymond Dunlop  – Lakeland (scratch)
2.Jim Mohan  – Lakeland (scratch)
3.Julian Dunlop – Lakeland (group 2)
4.Charlie Pincombe – Lakeland (group 1)
5.Conor Sprice – Lakeland (scratch)
6.Kenny Donnell – Lakeland (group 2)
7.Raymond Kerr – Lakeland (scratch)
8.Paul Eccles  – Lakeland (group 2)
9.Darren Tapp  – Lakeland (group 1)
10.Brian Kellett – Lakeland (group 2)
11.Kieran McGrory – Lakeland (scratch)
12.Wesley Foster – Lakeland (group 1)
13.Aoibheann Bartley- Lakeland (group 1)
14.Paul Carron – Lakeland (group 1)

Well done to everyone involved and big thanks as always to the Marshalls. Don’t forget next Wednesday is the club championships on the gortatole – florencecourt circuit.

llc roadrace rd7

Mountain bikers in action in Irish NPS/Ulster XC double header.

Sunday 22nd June seen the 5th round of the Irish NPS and Ulster XC series combined in Garvagh forest. Lakeland had 2 riders in the mix in the s3 race Raymond Kerr and Brian Kellett. The guys headed off early and had a couple of practice laps in the morning on probably the driest course this year. The S3 race started at 2pm straight into a killer climb which had the desired effect as the group was blown apart but the lakeland riders were near the front as the race hit the the first of many sections of rooty dusty singletrack. With several technical features any mistakes would be punished in what was a longer than usual race.
The pace remained high throughout with Raymond Kerr taking the lead on the second lap, there was an attack from one of the Dublin riders and he remained away to take the top spot with Raymond taking 2nd place in the Irish Race and 1st in the Ulster and Brian in 14th in Ireland and 12th Ulster rider.
Another successful day for the clubs riders.


Interclub round 3 – Thursday 19th June

Thursday 19th June seen the 3rd round of the Interclub league hosted by East Tyrone on the churchtown circuit near cookstown.
The A race had 3 riders Raymond Kerr and Kieran McGrory group 3 with Kenny Boylan in the chasing group, with a hill added onto the circuit for the finish Kieran finished strongly to take 9th place.
The B race had some riders moved up to group 2 a sign of how well they have been going in previous rounds. Darren Tapp was the only rider out in group 1 with Kenny Donnell, Jim Mohan, Paul Eccles and Brian Kellett in group 2. The B race was a cagey affair from the outset with team tactics very much in evidence with Omagh trying to get a rider up the road. Brian Kellett closed the attacks and then broke with an Omagh rider and they stayed out for a lap catching the front group and joining up with Darren Tapp but the break was reigned in. Omagh then launched a decisive counter attack and took the win, Lakelands Jim Mohan made an attempt to bridge the gap on the final climb and narrowly avoided a tractor to take second on the night. Kenny Donnell and Paul Eccles in their first ride in group 2 took 7th and 10th places respectively. With Brian Kellett just outside the top 10 and Darren tapp not far behind.
A good evenings race.

arace_rd3 brace_rd3

interclub round 3

Lakeland 10 mile TT round 4 – Tuesday 17th June.

Wednesday evening seen 13 riders take part in the latest round of the clubs time trial league. 10 miles over the maguiresbridge to tempo and back circuit. Conditions were very warm and sunny but with a head wind on the outward leg.
First over the line was Raymond Dunlop in 23:56 with Kieran McGrory in secondon 24:32 closely followed by Kenny Boylan on 24:55

Full Results
1. Raymond Dunlop     23:56
2. Kieran McGrory       24:32
3. Kenny Boylan           24:55
4. Roger Monaghan     25:10
5. Ian Ritchie                 25:29
6. Conor Sprice             25:47
7. Jim Mohan                26:20
8. Tommy Downey       26:54
9. Brian Kellett              27:05
10.Paul Eccles                27.19
11.Darren Tapp              28.31
12.Charlie Pincombe    28.52
13.Rodney McCusker    30.17

Thanks to all the riders and also the marshalls

maguiresbridge 10 mile TT

Lakeland Riders compete in the European Marathon Mountain bike Championships.

Sunday seen the Mountain bike Marathon Champs take place in Ireland for the first time. For some of the clubs mountain bikers this was too goo an opportunity to miss.
The guys left fermanagh on friday afternoon or the long trip down to Ballyhouras trails in Limerick county.Saturday morning the 3 guys took their places in a massive starting grid almost 100 riders in the masters race were Peter Jones and Brian Kellett were locted and another 75 in the veterans were Raymond Kerr was preparing to do battle. In all there were well over 200 riders lined up as the race started at 11am.
The course 75km in length with about 2000 metres of climbing was a brutal experience but the atmosphere was incredible and the weather was sunny and dry which allowed the pace to remain fairly fast.
Just over 4 hours later Raymond Kerr was the first lakeland rider home taking 14th place in the Veterans race, Brian Kellett was in 4hours 41 taking 30 place in the masters category and Peter Jones came in inside the top 50 in Masters – great riding by all the team.
A great weekend and it was good to see Euoropes elite riders on the sunday racing on home soil.

Here is some footage of the race with Raymond Kerr appearing at 3min 27sec

















Road Race Round 6 – Wed 11th June.

Round 6 of the road race season took place in sunny and warm conditions starting out from Derrylin – Kinawley – Bawnboy – belturbet – derrylin circuit.
The front group was bigger than in recent races with seven riders and on a circuit where the front group has stayed away over the last couple of seasons spirits were high. Unfortunately Tom White suffered a puncture early on in the race just past Kinawley and Aoibheann Bartley suffered the same fate just outside Ballyconnell. As the middle group of just 5 riders worked hard to get through the lumpy section of road past the Slieve Russell the scratch appeared on the horizon making the catch a couple of miles before the belturbet roundabout. Now a large group of 12 riders set about closing the gap to the remaining 5 riders up the road. Charlie Pincombe had an attack off the front but the chase reigned in the front group including Charlie and the group of 17 riders set about their end game. There were injections of pace from Teemore but the group managed to stay together then Kieran McGrory attacked hard getting a slight gap but the group pulled him back. The race again came down to a sprint finish but with a slight drag to the finish line it was all to play for. Eugene Power of Caldwell cycles was again triumphant and he was followed closely across the line by Charlie Pincombe and Raymond Kerr taking third place.

Full results
1st    Eugene Power(Caldwell Cycles)         – scratch
2nd    Charlie Pincombe (Lakeland CC)     – group 1
3rd    Raymond Kerr (Lakeland CC)           – scratch
4th    Jim Mohan (Lakeland CC)                 – scratch
5th    Brian Kellett (Lakeland CC)               – group 2
6th    Julian Dunlop (Lakeland CC)            – group 2
7th    Conor Sprice (Lakeland CC)               – scratch
8th    Kieran McGrory (Lakeland CC)         – scratch
9th    Paul Eccles (Lakeland CC)                  – group 2
10th    Kenny Boylan (Lakeland CC)           – scratch
11th    Raymond Dunlop (Lakeland CC)    – scratch
12th    Dessie Orr (Lakeland CC)                 – group 1
13th    Darren Thompson (Lakeland CC)    – group 2
14th    Wesley Foster (Lakeland CC)           – group 1
15th    Raymond Pauley (Lakeland CC)     – group 1
16th    Scott Crawford (Smugglers CC)      – group 1
17th    Brian Gaffney (Sheelin Flyers)        – group 2
DNF    Aoibheann Bartley (Lakeland CC)    – group 1
DNF    Tom White (Lakeland CC)               – group 1

Again big thanks to the Marshalls who did a great job to ensure everyones safety and Kenny for yet again getting the time gaps spot on.

roadrace6 belturbet

Mountain Bike – NPS round 4 Ballyhoura

Sunday 8th June seen the latest round of the Irish NPS series in Ballyhoura County Limerick. And club member brian kellett made the long trip down to race the S3 category travelling the day before allowing a more relaxed race morning on sunday and also allowed some practice on the saturday.
Overnight rain affected some of the natural trail sections particularly the “car door” section which was a case of hanging on and hoping for the best. The race was a longer affair than normal in both distance and time. Brian was challenging for a top ten position but 2 crashes on the last lap meant the gap was just too far to bridge but still managing a seasons best 15th place.

Photos courtesy of Adrian VanDer Lee –


Fantastic Weekends Racing from Lakeland riders


Sunday 8th June seen the most successful weekends racing this year from the lakeland team. A large contingent made the trip to south for the Sean Nolan Meath GP and were rewarded with Raymond Kerr taking 3rd place in the A3 sprint to the line. Unfortunately Jim Mohan got held up by a crash in the closing kilometers.

The team had a few riders in the A4 race and Conrad Cadden was again up at the sharp end contesting the sprint finish taking 3rd place and confirming his upgrade to A3. Just behind Conrad in 4th place was Connor Sprice another rider showing very good form. Paul Eccles came in in the chasing bunch in 12th place, a great first season for Paul.

Charlie Pincombe took part in the under 16 race and took 10th place another great addition to the club this year.
Also on Sunday Roger Monaghan made the trip down to the Wicklow 200 – 125miles in Wicklow mountains in the wind and rain – well done Roger.
Sunday also seen the 4th round of the Irish NPS taking place in Ballyhoura Limerick and Brian Kellett made the long trip down to the race and was rewarded with 15th place in the S3 race.
Fantastic to see the club making its mark.


A look back at this years Lakeland Grand Prix in pictures

Lakeland Road Race Round 5 – 4/06/14

Wednesday night seen the resumption of Lakelands road race league with round 5 on the Florencecourt laps circuit. Three groups took to the road with three laps of the course. Conditions were blustery but dry and sunny and each group worked well together with a big scratch group bridging to the second group just after the start of the last lap with the majority of the front group still up the road. The front group was reeled in on the road to florencecourt village with the exception of a solo breakaway – Charlie Pincombe showing a strong turn of speed produced a great display but was within sight of the bunch on the run in. The attacks started to go from the front of the bunch over the last few miles with Kieran McCrory fresh from the Donegal 3 day, Raymond Kerr, Brian Kellett and Raymond Dunlop all having a dig. The race again came down to a bunch sprint with Charlie finally swamped with less than 300 metres to go.

The win was taken by Eugene Power of Caldwell cycles, with Gary Donaldson of Omagh Wheelers a close second; Conrad Cadden was first Lakeland rider across the line in third.

Full results

  1. Eugene Power                 – Caldwell Cycles               (Scratch)
  2. Gary Donaldson              – Omagh Wheelers          (Scratch)
  3. Conrad Cadden               – Lakeland CC                     (Scratch)
  4. Raymond Kerr                – Lakeland CC                     (Scratch)
  5. Julian Dunlop                 – Lakeland CC                     (Group 2)
  6. Jim Mohan                      – Lakeland CC                     (Scratch)
  7. Kenny Boylan                  – Lakeland CC                     (Scratch)
  8. Kieran McCrory              – Lakeland CC                     (Scratch)
  9. Kenny Donnell                – Lakeland CC                     (Group 2)
  10. Fergus McGirr                 – Lakeland CC                     (Group 2)
  11. Raymond Dunlop           – Lakeland CC                     (Scratch)
  12. Scott Crawford                – Smugglers CC                  (Group 1)
  13. Brian Kellett                    – Lakeland CC                     (Group 2)
  14. Charlie Pincombe           – Lakeland CC                     (Group 1)
  15. Dessie Orr                        – Lakeland CC                     (Group 1)
  16. Brian Haughey                – Lakeland CC                     (Group 1)

DNF       David McCall                – Omagh Wheelers          (Scratch)


road race rd5

May 27th TT 5 Points- Gortatole and back

This was our second outing on the 5 points course this year. The weather was a lot kinder and warmer than had been on
the previous occasion although a sudden shower just before racing started left some surface water on the road.

We had 11 competitors for the event, which was moved out of its traditional Wednesday evening slot to accommodate the Inter club road race scheduled for the Thursday evening.

The times on the night were very quick – the slowest time still being under 27 minutes. It was Kenny Boylan who finished with the fastest time – the only person under 24 minutes on the evening.

Full result below.

1. Kenny Boylan – 23.49
2. Les Brown – 24.32
3. Ian Ritchie (Clogher V) 24.46
4. Patrick Withers (West Tyrone) 25.04
5. Conor Sprice 25.36
6. Jim Mohan 24.38
7. Tommy Downey (Dromara) 25.47
8. Julian Dunlop 26.06
9. Paul Eccles 26.36
10. Brian Kellett 26.38

Also on the night Cian White did a 5 mile TT and completed it in 19.38.

Interclub Round 2 – Island Wheelers.

Thursday night 29th May saw round two of the Interclub series take place on the Island Wheelers circuit at Annaghmore. Team lakeland were well represented in the B race with no fewer than 5 riders setting off in group 1 with a 3 minute gap to the chasing group 2 which had 3 Lakeland representatives. With the donegal 3 day looming there were a few absences and Raymond Kerr was the sole lakeland rider in the A race.
The course comprised of laps of the annaghmore circuit which was largely flat so the pace remained high from the start. Cahrlie Pincomb and Kenny Donnell had one effort attacking off the front but no break was being let go and the groups in each race inevitably came together and the new finish of the race was to be decisive with a couple of small sharp inclines that finally broke the groups up to provide the final results. Lakeland riders were to the fore of the B race, Brian Kellett taking 9th, Jim Mohan 4th and you guessed it Conrad Cadden taking the win.
Thats two wins in the first two rounds in the B race and has the team sitting in second place. And plenty of lakeland riders contesting the individual rankings too


Mountain Bikers brave Muddy conditions in Belfast.

Sunday 25th May saw the latest mountain bike race of the season at Lady Dixon Park Belfast. The race doubled up as round 3 of the Irish national points series and also the third round of the ulster XC league. Xmtb’s course took a bit of a battering with the weather and mud tyres seemed to be the order of the day to try and remain upright. Conditions worsened just before the race to such an extent that part of the course was closed but there was still plenty of sideways action and running up sections that became mud slicks.

Lakeland were once again represented in the S3 race with 3 riders battling the elements and oposition in what became a great days craic – raymond kerr again put in a savage performance and yet again just missed out on the podium in 4th place for both the ulster placings and the irish, but consistent performances has raymond placed in joint 1st over all for the ulster series. Brian Kellett put in his best performance offroad  this season and finished 17th taking one more oposition rider in a sprint on the line. Julian Dunlop made his long awaited comeback but suffered in the tough conditions and had to retire with a lap remaining.


Lakeland 10 Mile Time Trial – 5 Points – 27th May 2014

Please remember this weeks Time trial takes place on tuesday evening at 7pm this is to allow for the second round of the Interclub league on Thursday. It is the 10 mile 5 points course sign on at 7pm from the 3 way Inn on the sligo road.

Marshall on the night is Brian Kellett

5-Points TT

Lakeland CC road race round 4

Wednesday night seen the resumption of the lakeland cycle clubs road race league and the racers were treated with ideal dry and sunny conditions. The course was the challenging Glenashaver course and the small front group set off with an 8 minute gap to a hard working second group and a further 4 minutes to a large scratch group now including the recent Emyvale GP a4 winner Conrad Cadden.

The race set off into the wind along the shore road all groups working well together, scratch made the catch to the second group near the start of the climb and the pressure ramped up as the remaining 2 riders from the front group were still up the road. Unfortunately Les Browns return to lakeland was marred by a puncture on the start of the descent but a quick wheel change from the broom wagon saw him fully commit to the chase, Rodney McCusker suffered a puncture too on the descent after hitting a stone and while Les managed to reach the second group on the road Rodney could not make contact, meanwhile the 2 leaders were finally closed down on the flat run in and after his stellar performance on Sunday in Monaghan it was again Conrad Cadden who showed his sprinting prowess taking his second win of the week closely followed by Raymond Kerr in second and Raymond Dunlop in 3rd.

Big thanks to all the Marshalls on the night in what was a great nights racing.

1st          Conrad Cadden – Lakeland           (scratch)

2nd        Raymond Kerr- Lakeland              (scratch)

3rd         Raymond Dunlop – Lakeland       (scratch)

4th         Connor Sprice – Lakeland              (group 2)

5th         Kieran McCrory – Lakeland           (scratch)

6th         Charlie Pincombe – Lakeland       (group 1)

7th         Kenny Boylan – Lakeland               (scratch)

8th         Eugene Power – Caldwells            (scratch)

9th         Jim Mohan – Lakeland                    (scratch)

10th       Dessie Orr – Lakeland                     (group 1)

11th       Brian Kellett – Lakeland                  (group 2)

12th       Julian Dunlop – Lakeland               (group 2)

13th       Kenny Donnell – Lakeland             (group 2)

14th       Les Brown – Lakeland                     (scratch)

15th       Rodney McCusker – Lakeland     (group 1)

Next weeks event is a 10 mile time trial on the 5 points course, and please note it is on Tuesday evening as the second round of the interclub league is on Thursday evening – details to follow on these events.
llcc rr4 2014 glenashaver

Strong Lakeland Team at the Emyvale GP

Team Lakeland CC were out in force at the Emyvale GP on Sunday 18th May braving the wet conditions. Oran Eccles was first out in the under 12’s and after an impressive time trial on Wednesday night was clearly carrying good form, Oran unfortunately crashed out of his race. Next out was Charlie Pincombe in the under 16 race and he finished strong in the bunch. Kieran McCrory and Raymond Kerr finished in the bunch in the A3 race. The A4 race was a frantic affair too unfortunately Paul Eccles crashed out on the last lap but with attacks going off every half mile or so the pace was frantic. Kenny Boylan attacked with a couple of miles to go attempting to bridge across to a break but the race came back together for the inevitable sprint finish and Conrad Cadden powered to the line taking his first win of the season in an impressive display, underlining the form he has been showing this season.

emyvale gp

Mountain Biking – Irish NPS round2 Ticknock Dublin.

Sandwiched between Giro celebrations over the weekend the mountain bikers were out in force at the second round of the Irish national Points series in Ticknock Dublin. The conditions were challenging with wet and windy conditions on top of a new very technical course with some great natural single track both up and down it really did have something for everyone. Raymond Kerr again showing how well he is riding this year with 6th place in a field of over 60 riders and Peter Jones and Brian Kellett finishing in the middle of the pack .

bkellett pjones

Lakeland Point to Point Time Trial – Tamalght to Maguiresbridge.

Feeling inspired by the Giro then join us this Wednesday 14th May – TT – Point 2 Point – Dixons Garage Tamlaght to Dunlop Kitchens Maguiresbridge. Sign on 7pm at Dixons garage Tamlaght.

Lakeland TT tamlaght-maguiresbridge

Lakeland Road Race Round 3 – Wednesday 7th May.

This wednesday sees a quick return to Murley mountain the scene of the recent successful interclub race this time from the other side. Route Fivemiletown – McCaffreys X – Fintona – Mt Finn – FiveMileTown and Finish at Fivemiletown 30mph speed signs. Distance 24miles
Signon 19:00 Fivemiletown Back Car Park
Marshal Adrian Nicholl


Lakeland Club run – Sunday 4th May.
This morning the guys took a ride over to monaghan to check out this years Emyvale GP circuit. Good solid ride with a few sprints for the 30’s and the rain stayed away – all in all a good day out. New riders putting in strong rides no doubt will be keeping us on our toes this season.

Lakeland Road Race league round 2

Lakeland Road Race league round 2 takes place tomorrow night Wednesday 30th April at 7pm – its a new course from Irvinestown to Manoo cross and Trory and back towards Irvinestown. Sign on at the bawnacre in Irvinestown. See you there.

Mountain Bikers put in strong performances in Dublin and Castlewellan.

Well done to the Lakeland mountain bikers at the weekend. Peter Jones took 4th place in the European single speed championships in Castlewellan on Saturday 26th and Raymond Kerr took 4th place in the S3 race in the first round of the Irish NPS on Sunday 27th in slade valley Peter Jones and Brian Kellett also finishing well up in a field of over 80 riders in their category.

slade valley


Wednesday Night 23rd April saw the first round of the inter-club league and being run by Lakeland CC Big well done to all the team involved in the running of the event, the feedback has been positive. And well done to the riders, great riding from the lakeland team in both races and big well done to new club member Paul on his win in the B race.interclub_rd1

interclub round1

Club run this Saturday 19th April

Great run out this morning with the club on what was a race simulation of next weeks Grand Prix circuit. The pace was high from early on and the climb was taken with the same gusto with a lot of the guys putting in personal bests for the climb. After a quick re-group and food at the top the pace remained high back to the finish line. Big well done to the new club members who were in attendance all rode strongly considering that the pace was so high. A good workout that is sure to bring everyone along in their racing for the season.

Lakeland CC Road Race Round 1 – Wednesday 16th April.

Wed April 16h last saw Lakeland CC first evening race in their road race series – a quick blast over a 23 mile course, 3 way inn – Mullan – Kinawley – Derrylin – Belnaleck – finishing by Tipplers inn at Arney. There were four groups on the night, with 2 minutes between each group. Being the first race, there was some debate about who to put in which group, but nevertheless the groupings on the night saw a good race develop. The eventual winner of the race Darren Thompson,was from the first group away and he soloed of the front of the group to victory – with an amalgamated group of about 8 riders unable to reel him in, even with crosswinds and headwinds to contend with.

The race was very well marshaled by our crew of dedicated volunteers and we thank them for keeping the cyclists safe as they negotiated the course. Well done to all who participated, especially those visiting riders, in what was a good evening’s racing, and hope everyone attained their personal goals, and even if you didn’t had a good time trying.

The following was the result. All riders Lakeland CC unless otherwise indicated.
Number in brackets denotes group, with 1 being first away, 2 next.

1. Darren Thompson (1)
2. Raymond Kerr (4)
3. Kenny Donnell (2)
4. Aaron McQuaid (4) Emmyvale
5. Conrad Cadden (3)
6. Patrick Withers (4) West Tyrone
7. Kieran McGrory (4)
8. Barry O’Reilly (2) Clones
9. Brian Gaffney (2) Sheelin flyers
10. Kevin McGlynn (2) Donegal Bay
11. Conor Sprice (3)
12. Fergus mcGirr (3)
13. Roger Monaghan (2)
14. Rachel Withers (1) West Tyrone
15. Julian Dunlop (3)
16. Paul Eccles (3)
17. Raymond Orr (2) Omagh Wheelers
18. Bradley Clements (1) Clogher Valley Wheelers
19. Peter Jones (3)
20. Darren Tapp (3)
21. Scott Crawford (2) Smugglers
22. Tom White (1)
23. Bryan Haughey (1)
24. Kenny Boylan (4) DNF/Mechanical.


Lakeland Grand Prix

With the Lakeland Grand Prix fast approaching here is a taster of what to expect – footage taken on the 2012 edition of the race.










Point to Point Time trial – Wednesday 9th April 2014

Lakeland CCs second TT of the season got underway on a gloomy but relatively calm evening on 9th April last.
Thirteen competitors signed on for the quick point-to-point blast, starting from Tempo and finishing at Lakeland Bikes in Enniskillen.

Again some of the times were very quick. The winning time was set by Patrick McKenna at 15:03 with Martin Sherry a close second at 15:20. Best Lakeland performance was by Kenny Boylan who came in third at 16:25.


Full Results
1. Patrick McKenna 15:03
2. Martin Sherry   15:20
3. Kenny Boylan    16:25
4. Raymond Dunlop  16:35
5. Jum Mohan       17:44
6. Kenny Donnell   17:46
7. Conor Sprice    17:58
8. Paul Eccles     18:00
9. Charlie Pincombe 18:39
10. Julian Dunlop   18:43
11. Brian Kellett   18:53
12. Barry O’Reilly  19:05
13. Scott Crawford  19:07

Note: There is an edit to the Lakeland events Calendar. The first Interclub race is on Wed 23rd April not Thursday 24th as advertised. This means the 25 mile TT from Belcoo-Garrison and back on Tue 22nd April is postponed. Please spread the word.


Ulster Cross Country Series Round2 – Ballykelly.

Yesterday Sunday the 6th April saw the second round of this years Ulster cross country series in Ballykelly. Conditions on an already fairly technical course were made worse by the previous days rain evident in the number of buckled wheels in practice.
The lakeland riders were racing in the S3 category in a field of over 40 riders. A few spills on the first lap meant Brian Kellett had to fight his way back up through the riders eventually finishing in 24th place. Peter Jones had a solid ride finishing just outside the points in 21st. But ride of the day for Lakeland was Raymond Kerr who battled all through the race at the front eventually finishing in second place.

ballykelly uxc rd2


Lakeland CC Hill Climb round16th April 2014

This Sunday 6th April sees the first round of the Lakeland Cycle clubs Hill climb league of 2014.
Meeting at the lakeland Forum at 10am and riding out to the climb at Noon’s Hole near Boho. Followed by a spin finishing back at the forum.


Road Race INTERCLUB League 2014

2014 sees the return of the Interclub road race league. Lakeland CC will be running the first round later this month with a round taking place each month. Participating clubs are Lakeland CC, Iland Wheelers, East Tyrone CC, Harps CC and Omagh Wheelers.

Please find details below.



Lakeland TT – 2014 rd1 – 02/04/14 – 5points-gortatole-5points

Lakeland CC held their TT series opener on Wed 2nd April last. Unfortunately after the blazing sun of the day before,
the heavens opened, and it was a dim, misty, wet evening with a course covered in puddles that greeted the competitors.
However that didn’t deter the 13 competitors who turned up, and its clear the turbo trainers have been in solid use over the winter periods as the conditions were nowhere near ideal, but relatively fast times were recorded.
The TT took place on the five points – Gortatole and back ten mile course.  The wind was fairly strong, and in the riders faces on the return journey which wasn’t ideal.

The results are as follows

1. Kenny Boylan  24.14
2. Kieran McGrory 25.25
3. Raymond Dunlop 25.37
4. Roger Monaghan 25.50
5. Jim Mohan      26.15
6. Kenny Donnell  26.08
7. Tommy Downey  26.49
8. Conor Sprice  27.17
9. Brian Kellett  27.49
10. Dessy Orr    28.57
11. Darren Tapp  29.51

Seamus and Lloyd took out a tandem. They gained on Kenny Boylan, but a mechanical failure meant they couldn’t finish unfortunately, as they were on a good time.

Special mention too must go to U10 rider Cian White for the fastest time on the night, as he completed a long 5 mile TT in 24.12. We hope to see Cian back at some of our other TT events working to improve on his times.


Lakeland Cycle Club TTs and Road Race Calendar 2014

Lakeland CC 2014 CalenderCopy1
The Minimum requirement is for a Limited Competition licence (formerly known as a club licence). A Leisure licence can be upgraded on the CI system if need be. A limited competition licence will have LC as part of the licence number. Leisure Licences tend to have LM or IM (Leisure Member or Introductory Member). Open licences will have a racing category or age bracket for under age members.

The assigned Marshal is responsible for collating the finishing positions and writing a short report that can go in the local papers
If you can’t make the day in question or feel you can’t get the report in on time, arrange with someone else beforehand. We appreciate that people may be busy, but we’re not mind readers. The club Marshals will be on hand to help running the event.

I believe current fees are 2.00 per lakeland member / 3.00 per entry for visiting club member.
The results will be collated into a league for both a RR and TT league.

Road races will be handicapped. Promotion through the groups will be used. ie if you are in first group and win a race, then you will be asked to go into the next group for next race. We will attempt to give everyone a fair chance with the time gaps.

All the best for the coming season – first event on Wed 2nd April – Gortatole 5 points TT.
Note slightly earlier time to accommodate evening light. We need to be seeing first person off around 18:30 to allow for light.


2014 License Notice to all Club Members

There are still a number of club members who haven’t taken out a licence this year.
Similarly there are some who have applied but still haven’t completed payment on the system.

For all our club events – even Time Trials,  one needs either a Limited Competition licence (this is the new name for a club licence) £60.00 or a full Open Licence  £114.
One can also pay for ones yearly club membership on the same system by choosing that option.

You will need your Cycling Ireland username and password to sign in and then go to the following web link;

If people are having difficulty getting their licence renewed I can do this for you, and bring it to a state where the club can complete the payment online, on receipt of membership and licence fee.

No one day licences are to be issued for any competitive events from end of March.
One day licences are still going to be available for Leisure Events.

Tom White


Lakeland CC – St Patrick’s day 10 mile TT

Lakeland CC’s annual St Patrick day 10 mile time trial in association with Pubble Tree Nursery this year was run as an open event and attracted riders from near and far. The course was the route from Maguiresbridge to the tempo road junction and back.

The first rider was away at 10am and subsequent riders setting off at 1 minute intervals. John Fitzpatrick set the early time to beat which wasn’t topped until local Lakeland rider Les Brown completed his ride. But with the big guns still to come it wasn’t to be – Martin Sherry was eventually crowned winner the only rider to break the 23min mark on the undulating course with a time of 22min 57seconds with Gary Jeffers of East Tyrone 5 seconds back and James Davenport in third place with 23min 10 seconds. A strong ride seen Eileen Burns from Ballymena road club take the prize for first lady. Local rider Kenny Boylan took first unplaced veteran, Les Brown took first unplaced A4 rider and Kieran McGrory took the first unplaced Lakeland rider.

Full Results,

1              Martin Sherry                    22.57

2              Gary Jeffers                       23.02

3              James Davenport             23.10

4              Patrick McKenna              24.01

5              Gavin Haurberlin           24.45

6              Les Brown                        25.21

7              Kenny Boylan                   25.34

8              Derek Evans                     25.55

9              Kieran McGrory              26.00

10           John Fitzpatrick               26.31

11           Jason Burns                       26.34

12           Tommy Downey               27.09

13           Eileen Burns                      27.55

14           Claire McEntee                 28.14

15           Mark McAleer                   28.26

16           Paul Eccles                        28.28

17           Darren Thompson           28.55

18           Julian Dunlop                   28.59

19           Robin Nelson                    29.17

20           Dessie Orr                         29.21

21           Charlie Pincombe             29.37

22           Lorraine Jeffers                29.39

23           Paul Beaumont                 30.12

24           Rodney McCusker           30.32

25           Andrew Allen                    31.47

26           Trevor Topping                 33.00

Lakeland Mountain Bikers Up and Running for 2014

Sunday the 9th March saw an early return to Action for the Lakeland Mountain bikers for the 2014 series with round 1 of this years Ulster series taking place in Kilbroney forest park in Rostrevor. 3 lakeland riders made the trip down and lined up in the s3 race Peter Jones, Raymond Kerr and Brian Kellett for what was a 59 strong field.

A tough days racing and congratulations to Raymond Kerr  who narrowly missed out on a podium finishing in 4th place.

ulster round1 2014#############################################################

Road Race season gets underway for Lakeland riders

Lakeland CC riders got their road race seasons underway on Sunday 9th March at the McCann cup held in nearby Omagh. Kieran McGrory and Kenny Boylan both took to the starting line and both riders showing good early season form. Congratulations to Kieran on taking 5th place in the A3 race.



Irish National Cyclocross Championship – 12th January 2014

Sunday 12th January saw the curtain fall on this years Cyclocross season with the Irish National Championships  in a very muddy Lady Dixon Park in Belfast. The guys having raced the B league in the series decided to step up to race at the higher level. Though both lakeland riders as a result were on the back of the gridding. Raymond Kerr was first out racing in the Veterans race and fought his way through the field to f