Lakeland CC Road Race 1 16th April 2014 – Race Report.

Wed April 16h last saw Lakeland CC first evening race in their road race series – a quick blast over a 23 mile course, 3 way inn – Mullan – Kinawley – Derrylin – Belnaleck – finishing by Tipplers inn at Arney. There were four groups on the night, with 2 minutes between each group. Being the first race, there was some debate about who to put in which group, but nevertheless the groupings on the night saw a good race develop. The eventual winner of the race Darren Thompson,was from the first group away and he solo’d of the front of the group to victory – with an amalgamated group of about 8 riders unable to reel him in, even with crosswinds and headwinds to contend with.

The race was very well marshaled by our crew of dedicated volunteers and we thank them for keeping the cyclists safe as they negotiated the course. Well done to all who participated, especially those visiting riders, in what was a good evening’s racing, and hope everyone attained their personal goals, and even if you didn’t had a good time trying.

The following was the result. All riders LakelandCC unless otherwise indicated.
Number in brackets denotes group, with 1 being first away, 2 next.

1. Darren Thompson (1)
2. Raymond Kerr (4)
3. Kenny Donnell (2)
4. Aaron McQuaid (4) Emmyvale
5. Conrad Cadden (3)
6. Patrick Withers (4) West Tyrone
7. Kieran McGrory (4)
8. Barry O’Reilly (2) Clones
9. Brian Gaffney (2) Sheelin flyers
10. Kevin McGlynn (2) Donegal Bay
11. Conor Sprice (3)
12. Fergus mcGirr (3)
13. Roger Monaghan (2)
14. Rachel Withers (1) West Tyrone
15. Julian Dunlop (3)
16. Paul Eccles (3)
17. Raymond Orr (2) Omagh Wheelers
18. Bradley Clements (1) Clogher Valley Wheelers
19. Peter Jones (3)
20. Darren Tapp (3)
21. Scott Crawford (2) Smugglers
22. Tom White (1)
23. Bryan Haughey (1)
24. Kenny Boylan (4) DNF/Mechanical.


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