Reminder about Licences and Club Racing and Time Trials

Everyone is reminded that to race or time trial or hill climb in the Lakeland leagues ,that a Limited competition licence (or above ie OPEN Licence) is required.   The Limited Competition is the new name for what was once called a club licence, and the annual fee is 60 GBP.  These can be applied for online at the Cycling Ireland portal.  This year this has merged with Mountain biking licence and allows one to compete in off road races too.

This rule will be strictly enforced for the simple reason that even if one person races without a valid licence, everyone’s insurance becomes invalid.  That also affects the Marshals and any others providing support.   I know many may think, but sure we need to get guys interested in racing and giving them a taster and its good for the club,  my answer being that I should think people joining the club would want to know that the club runs things correctly.

Please impress on each other, that inviting people to race but who don’t have the appropriate licence, will result in a refusal.  It has to be so.  We owe it to our own members who have paid for their licences, and for visiting club members who support our races not to invalidate their insurance and not to run races uninsured.

The cost of the licence may seem like a lot to allow one to race, but the reality is that its 5 pounds / month over the course of the year.

To clarify also, while the level of cover afforded by the Leisure licence is the same as that afforded by the Limited Competition Licence, the Leisure licence does not cover one for racing either.  Its a bit like having a travel insurance policy with European cover but not US cover.

I trust club members will take this to heart.  Its unfair to be asking Marshals and other club officials to be making decisions on the spot at sign on, when details about safe Marshalling and other considerations should be taking priority.

Thank You.

Tom White – Club Secretary.






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