Road Race 3 – fivemiletown- McCaffreys-Fintona-MtFinn -Fivemiletown

Lakeland CC held their third road race of the season on a hilly fivemiletown – McCaffrey’s cross – Fintona – Mt Finn -Fivemiletown circuit. Eighteen brave souls signed on for a windy, dampish evening of racing in gloomy light and cold conditions.

The first group were given a time gap of 6 minutes on the second group, while scratch group was a further 3 minutes back.

The race started to come together shortly after Fintona and the groups merged into one over the climb of Mt Finn. Darren Thompson did a lot of the legwork up the climb setting a steady rhythm, towing Kieran McGrory, Noel Collins, Conor Sprice up with him, with Raymond Kerr,Eugene Power, Kenny Boylan and Kenny Donnell and Brian Kellet all in the mix as they reached the summit with a fast four mile descent to fivemile town. About a mile and a half from the finish Cadden struck for home, opening up a gap of 50Metres only to hit a pothole and double flat about a mile from home. The final mile contained just enough uphill for Collins and Kerr to gap a group containing Power,McGrory and Boylan, with a further small gap to Sprice and Donnell.

The full result is as below. [all Lakeland CC unless otherwise noted]
Grouping in brackets.

1. Noel Collins Caldwell (3)
2. Raymond Kerr (3)
3. Eugene Power Caldwell (3)
4. Kieran McGrory (3)
5. Kenny Boylan (3)
6. Conor Sprice (2)
7. Kenny Donnell (2)
8. Darren Thompson (2)
9. Brian Kellet (2)
10. Paul Eccles (2)
11. Julian Dunlop (2)
12. Charlie Pincombe (1)
13. Dessy Orr (1)
14. Peter Jones (2)
15. Rodney McCusker(1)
16. Brian Haughey (1)

DNF : Conrad Cadden (2), Paul Caldwell (caldwell cycles) (3)

Once again a big thanks to the Marshals and other club members who helped on the night to support the riders and make racing safe.

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