LakelandCC Point to Point TT Tamlaght – Dunlop Kitchens

May 14th saw the second of Lakeland CC Point to Point Time Trials. There was a small field for this event, but at the same time we were heartened by two youngsters coming out to take part. With an age gap between the youngest and oldest competitor of four decades or so its proof that Cycling is for all ages.  Kenny Boylan may be giving away a bit in years, but he still manages to chew up the tarmac, completing the course in 15 minutes 23 seconds.  Second was Kieran McGrory the only other rider to go under 16 minutes.  Our Treasurer beat our Chairman and was really close to getting under the 16 minute mark.  Thanks to Trevor and Dane for marshalling while our club marshals enjoy a break.  There are rumours that the club secretary’s bike has actually rolled on tarmac and not just been carried on a rack to club events, but as such they’re unsubstantiated. 

The full result is as follows

1 Kenny Boylan 15:23
2 Kieran McGrory 15:41
3 Roger Monaghan 16:02
4 Raymond Dunlop 16:14
5 Conor Sprice 16:21
6 Julian Dunlop 16:45
7 Paul Eccles 16:55
8 Kenny Donnell 17:02
9 Brian Kellett 17:04
10 Scott Crawford 17:49
11 Oran Eccles 22:24
12 Shea McGrory 28:14

Hats off to both Oran and Shea, and hope to see both of you at future events.

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