Lakeland 2Day – Stage 1 : Finish change

Due to unforeseen circumstances the finish to the First stage of the Lakeland 2 day has changed slightly.  Previously the race was to turn right in Belnaleck, come along the A509 towards Derrylin and then turn right onto Dromrooske road and turn left to finish on Stragowna road.

This has now changed,

The race route will continue along the A509 towards Derrylin and turn left on Knockninny road and finish at the junction with Aughakillymaud rd (which despite Google maps saying otherwise is a cul de sac.

Riders and Team cars can continue through the Finish and make their way back down to the A509 and back to Race Head Quarters.

The following show updated map along with the last 3K of the race route.



Fig1:  Stage1 Route and Profile




Stage1 Last 3KM route and profile.


 Race and Signon Schedule Day 1

Saturday 18th April
11:00-12:00 Sign on Stage 1
12:00-12:10 Team Car Draw/Team Manager briefing
12:15-12:40 Marshal Briefing – ALL Marshals/Race Officials
12:45-13:00 Rider Briefing
13:00   Stage 1 Start —   Note Race is neutralised until after second narrow bridge and from there its a rolling start.
15:30 Approx Stage 1 Finish
16:30 Presentation of Jerseys Stage 1


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