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2017 Club Calendar



2016 Club Calendar

Lakeland Club Calendar 2016 - pt1

lakeland Club Calendar 2016 - pt2

lakeland Club Calendar 2016 - pt3

2015 Club Calendar is now live.

Some More Dates for diaries – Lakelands Club Calendar for 2015. Several Changes this year. We have assigned Marshals to each club event – points will be awarded to the marshal equal to that of the winner, Hill climbs are now moved to Wednesday nights and there will be no club event on the week of the Interclub rounds. The action all kicks off next week – lets make it a season to remember.

club calendar 3 club calendar 2 club calendar 1


llcc_calander2014_1 llcc_calander2014_2 llcc_calander2014_3

Lakeland CC 2014 CalenderCopy1-1

Lakeland CC 2014 CalenderCopy1

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