Club Membership


the club has been affiliated with Cycling Ireland and we’re ready to approve licences for 2015


Existing users (members) should go to the Cycling Ireland Portal and re-order their licence

On the way, they can pay club membership fees by choosing the correct amount.

They should chose E for existing adult members at 30 pounds.   Juniors should choose the 15 pound option. New Members and U16 don’t pay a club membership.

You will need your Cycling Ireland username and password to sign in and then go to the following web link;

If people are having difficulty getting their licence renewed I can help, but the licensing procedure should be straight forward.

You should be prompted for your next of kin when entering your licence details.

No one day licences are to be issued for any competitive events from end of March.
One day licences are still going to be available for Leisure Events.

New Members, – please email me club secretary  lakelandcc  [at]  hotmail [dot] com  first so you are clear what sort of licence you require or should get – eg  leisure, limited competition or full open race licence,  and go to the Cycling Ireland portal. Again start the process as before,  and should you have any trouble I can guide you through the process.

But if there are any questions please contact me, Tom White Club Secretary.

There are 2 comments

  1. Harry Traynor

    Hi folks,
    I am not new to cycling but due to a long niggling medical problem I have been off the bike for 6 months.
    I want to join a club to develop and improve my cycling skill but not necessarily to race.
    I think that at 60 I am past that.
    can lakeland help.

  2. Niall Murphy

    hello Tom may need ur help ta get me sorted with a licence for 2015 , something that let u take part in local lakeland c c road races ! Cheers

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